Get Creative on Date Night with These Fun Crafts for Couples

Bonus: You'll have a memento to remember the night by.
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Updated Aug 15, 2023
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Setting up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and the remote is a great date night idea—until you realize you've done the same thing for the thousandth time. Infuse some spontaneity (and ignite your creative side) by opting for a craft night, instead. Our list of crafts for couples is full of engaging, hands-on activities that'll get you and your partner talking, working in tandem and perhaps even a bit candoodle-y.

Not only do these fun couples crafts stir up the status quo, but they also give you both a chance to explore each other's personalities a bit more. Maybe you'll learn that your partner has a secret talent for tie-dye—or discover their patience or creativity as they mold a piece of pottery. They're bound to learn a few new things about you, too. And once your couple's art project is complete? You can revel in something special that you two made together and keep it on display for years to come.

From easy craft ideas that anyone can conquer to more advanced crafts for couples, our list has a little something for everyone.

Hand Casting

DIY hand casting kit for couples date night
Photo: Amazon

This couple's craft might just be one of the most romantic on our list, so start here if you're aiming for a lovey-dovey evening. A lover's hand casting involves holding each other's hand within a gelatinous alginate to create a mold.

Next, you pour Plaster of Paris (or another casting material) on top and wait about 30 to 60 minutes for it to dry. After removing the alginate, you'll reveal a beautiful mold of each other's held hands. Pro Tip: Amazon has an affordable kit that includes everything you need.

Shibori Tie Dye

DIY shibori indigo blue tie dye kit for couples date night
Photo: Amazon

Colorful tie-dye is fun—but consider switching things with some Shibori. This Japanese dyeing technique is very similar, only it yields a vibrant indigo design that feels sophisticated and timeless. Rit's Shibori Dye Kit has everything you need, including simple instructions for how to recreate some of those classic Shibori designs. Consider making matching pillow cases or shirts!

Seasonal Decor

DIY wood wreath painting kit for couples date night
Photo: Target

Lean into the magic of whatever season you're in, be it spring, Halloween, Christmas, or beyond. For spring, you could do a little egg dyeing, for Halloween you can paint or carve pumpkins, and for Christmas you could DIY a beautiful wreath to hang at the front door. When you're finished, put it on display to enjoy the season even more. Check out this paint-your-own wooden wreath from Target for a super-affordable (just $5!) spin on the craft

Bob Ross Paint Night

DIY bob ross painting kit for couples date night
Photo: Amazon

Grab two easels, two blank canvases, some paint brushes, and a beginner's assortment of oil paints. Then pop on an old episode of Bob Ross's painting tutorials and see what you can whip up by the end of the evening. You could even have a vote on social media to see who did it best. You can go all out and snag a Bob Ross paint set that comes with the high-quality paints and brushes you'll need to get started. (OFC, wearing a Bob Ross wig is completely optional, but the trees might just look a little happier if you both don one.)

Pottery Project

DIY pottery project kit for couples date night
Photo: Pottery with a Purpose

You've got a few options when diving into this craft idea for couples. One is to visit a pottery studio where you can learn how to throw pottery and then bake it in the on-site kiln. Another is to head to a pottery painting store where you each pick out a finished piece of pottery and then paint it there. If you prefer to stay home, try a pottery craft kit—like this Clay Kit from Pottery with a Purpose. Consider crafting something for each other and tailoring it to the other's tastes.

Mosaic Picture Frames

DIY mosaic picture frame kit for couples date night
Photo: Amazon

Head to the craft store to pick up an assortment of broken glass or tile pieces and a blank wood or glass frame with enough space to create a beautiful mosaic. (Alternatively, pick up some colorful plates or pots from the thrift store and go at them with a hammer. Safety goggles required.)

Configure your design, then use a plastic knife to spread a layer of grout over the frame and begin placing your pieces. Pop a cute picture of you two into the frames when you're finished. You can, of course, score a ready-to-go kit for this project, too. (We especially love the color story of this $30 find!)

Succulent Potting

DIY terrarium kit for couples date night
Photo: The Sill

No green thumbs are required for this couple's craft idea; succulents are arguably one of the easiest plants to care for since they require hardly any water! Pick up a small to medium pot and, depending on the size, three to 10 small succulents. (Consider a rainbow theme or a monochromatic color palette.) You'll also need some cactus or succulent-approved potting mix.

Place your dirt in the pot, then gently plant your succulents. You can add some colorful or earthy rocks on top to cover the soil for a more polished look. Once finished, watch your succulents grow overtime right alongside your love.

Painted Rocks

DIY metallic rock painting kit for couples date night

Collect or purchase small to medium smooth rocks, wash them with soap and water, then wait for them to completely dry. Using an assortment of acrylic paint (you can use paint pens or brushes dipped into the paint), create cute designs and messages on your rocks. Let the paint dry, then coat your design with a light coat of acrylic sealant. Place your creations around your home, in your garden, at your doorstep, or in potted plants as a reminder of your love for each other.

Memory Scrapbook

DIY scrapbook kit for couples date night
Photo: Artifact Uprising

Digital albums are cool, but a tangible book you can flip through together is cooler yet. For this couple's craft, pick up a classic scrapbook along with stickers and other supplies, then print out some of your favorite pictures together. You can create about one to two pages each within an hour. And what's great about this craft for couples is that you can continue adding to it as new memories are made. Consider creating a new page every time you do something special together, like traveling somewhere new, going to a concert or seeing a show.

Have fun with these crafts for couples and consider bookmarking this page for future inspo.

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