20 Engagement Wishes for Your Brother to Mark the Moment

Someone wants to marry your brother—wow.
Celebratory Engagement Wishes for Your Brother
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Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Dec 07, 2023

Whether it be your older or younger brother, it's a big deal when your sibling becomes engaged—and it's certainly worth celebrating. Whether you're bringing a card to a party celebrating his upcoming nuptials or to pair with a congratulatory gift, you'll need some engagement wishes for your brother to toast to him and his spouse-to-be. Your "happy engagement" wishes to your brother can be lengthy or brief, funny or sweet, but regardless of the vibe you choose, we do recommend opting for a handwritten card or letter.

Sure, it's not rocket science, but if you're having writer's block when it comes to penning the perfect engagement card message to your brother, we've got plenty of helpful tips for engagement card wording, typical talking points and phrases, and even a full-length template to help get you started.

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    Brother Engagement Wishes: Template

    There are plenty of ways to word your wishes and congratulations to honor the moment, but there are some traditional phrases and ideas to help make your brother's engagement card feel more personal and touching. Even if you'd prefer to avoid coming across as extra sentimental, you'll still want to express your joy for his choice to spend his life with his special someone and there are a few must-include elements to include as you figure out how to congratulate your brother on his engagement. Also, you can choose to address the engagement card to both your brother and his fiancé or you can keep it just for him—the choice is yours!

    • Tell him how much you love him and his partner.
    • Offer to take the couple out to drinks to celebrate.
    • Include a special memory or moment of when you met his partner/and your first impressions.
    • Tell him how proud you are of him.
    • Compliment him and his future spouse's obvious chemistry and/or compatibility.
    • Share how excited you are to be included in the wedding.
    • Express excitement for gaining a new brother/sister/sibling in your brother's fiancé.
    • Tell him how glad you are to see the family grow with his new partner.
    • Express your confidence in him being a good spouse/partner/husband/etc.

    Brother Engagement Wishes: Short

    Sometimes, short, sweet and to-the-point is the way to go when it comes to writing a memorable engagement congratulations message for your brother. If you do decide to keep your engagement wish and overall card brief, we suggest making sure each word makes an impact to avoid it sounding generic, prewritten or impersonal. This, of course, doesn't apply if you're going to choose a special song lyric, poem or pop-culture quote that's on the short side. As long as your message comes from the heart, he'll love it.

    • Congrats, bro! You couldn't have picked a more lovely future spouse.
    • We thought you'd never settle down, but boy, (spousé's name) was sure worth the wait.
    • Brother, words cannot describe how happy I am about your engagement.
    • Can't wait to take you all out for drinks to celebrate in person. Love you both!
    • Congratulations on your engagement! So happy for you!
    • Congrats on your engagement, brother! Let's toast to your upcoming marriage.
    • Congrats to the happy couple! I could not be happier to celebrate your happily-ever-after.

    Brother Engagement Wishes: Funny

    Sometimes the best engagement wishes for your brother are the ones that don't make him cry happy tears, but that make him laugh. Perhaps you're shocked that your noncommittal brother would ever want to tie the knot or maybe jokes or puns are your love language with your sibling. Either way, you can't go wrong with adding some funny engagement card wishes to help celebrate your brother's new engagement. While you don't want to spew out a paragraph-long roast on your brother (and especially not of your future sibling-in-law!), a few playful jokes can be a fun way to celebrate his engagement. Just be careful not to mention anything that may be considered an insult and you'll be golden.

    • We never thought we'd see the day when you settled down, but after looking at your fiancé, we understand the shift!
    • Brother, we are so happy for you and (fiancé's name)! Don't mess this one up—they've still got time to change their minds. Kidding.
    • You finally put a ring on it! We're surprised they said yes, but we're glad they did.
    • Brother, congrats! You finally found another nerd who gives you a run for your money—and that's quite an accomplishment. Can't wait to celebrate with you next week!
    • We're not sure how you pulled this one off, but we can't wait to have (fiancé's name) as our new favorite sibling.
    • Congrats on your engagement! You finally found someone to put up with you forever—and that's a big deal.

    Brother Engagement Wishes: Sentimental

    Finding a life partner is a big accomplishment and certainly one worthy of celebrating with sentimental words. Wondering what to say in your brother's engagement card that'll tug at his heartstrings? We've got ideas. You don't have to write him an epic poem to express your joy (maybe save that for your wedding wishes for your brother), but you can certainly imbue your card with some extra sentimentality. It's a good opportunity to acknowledge that you're proud of him, love his future spouse (with examples or just generally) and that you're excited that the family is growing. Again, you can keep this short and sweet or offer a few sentences if you feel like it warrants a lengthier note to get all of your mush in.

    • Congratulations, brother! The chemistry between you two is palpable and I cannot wait to help celebrate this major chapter in your life.
    • Ever since you first told me about your spouse-to-be, I knew this day was inevitable. I am so excited to gain a new sibling!
    • Marriage is one of the most incredible journeys one can embark on and I am so excited to watch you become a husband to your love. I am so happy for you!
    • Congrats, my brother. You couldn't have picked a better spouse-to-be. I am so thrilled to see our family expand and celebrate your happily ever after with such a wonderful partner.
    • Brother, I am so excited to celebrate your engagement. I have loved (fiance's name) since you brought them home for the holidays. I already felt they were my sibling and I am thrilled that it will soon be official!
    • I could not be more excited about your engagement! I'm thrilled that you found your forever person—and what a great addition they will make to our family. I feel so blessed!
    • Congrats, brother! You are going to make such a wonderful husband. I am elated that you have found your future spouse and my future extra sibling. You couldn't have picked a more lovely match.
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