24 Wedding Wishes for Your Brother That'll Touch His Heart

Your best bud is going to be a husband!
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Updated Jun 24, 2023

So the day of your brother's wedding is coming up—that means it's time to write down your wedding wishes for your brother and his partner. Whether you opt for something funny or sentimental, written inside of a card, displayed in a picture frame or—well—in the sky if you're extra like that, you want to say just the right thing.

Wondering what to write in a wedding card to your brother? Of course, much of this depends on the relationship you have with him. If you've shared a lifetime of closeness, this is a great time to let your brother know how much he means to you—with a few favorite memories sprinkled in for good measure. But if your relationship thrives on dude humor, you may want to scrawl down some funny wedding wishes for your brother (now's the time for playful roasting and all the inside jokes).

In this article, we've jotted down several options, including emotional wedding wishes for a brother, wedding wishes for a younger brother, big brother wedding wishes and much more to pair with your amazing brother wedding gift. We've even got options for thoughtful notes for a future brother-in-law. Check out our list of the best wedding wishes for a brother and find one that's a perfect match for your sentiments about your brother's big day or simply get some inspiration to create your own special message.

Wedding wishes in this article:

To a Brother and His New Spouse

If you want your wedding wishes to your brother to also address his newly minted spouse, you probably want to keep things heartfelt and focus on their happy future together. Save sentiments directed just toward your brother for a separate card. These brother wedding card messages are short and sweet, but definitely get the job done.

  • Best wishes to you both for a wonderful life together. Love you!
  • I'm so inspired by the love you two share. I know it'll last a lifetime. Congratulations!
  • Congrats to my brother and to the love of his life.
  • May this new chapter bring lots of joy, excitement and love to both of you. Congrats!

For a Little Brother

It's your little bro's big day! Let him know you'll always be there for him when he needs advice and guidance—especially if you've already said your own "I do"s. Here are some of our favorite little brother wedding wishes.

  • You'll always seem like a kid to me, so it's hard to believe your big day has finally come. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness, little brother.
  • Even though you're a grown man now, you will always be my little brother. Best wishes to you and your new [wife/husband/spouse] on your special day.
  • Look at you, getting married before me. How dare you. Just kidding—best wishes on your big day from your big [bro/sis/sibling].
  • Great—now Mom and Dad will really never stop bothering me to get married, especially since my little brother had the nerve to get hitched before me.

For a Big Brother

He's always been the one you've looked up to, pretty much since day one. Now, he's embarking on an exciting new journey with someone new. Let him know how special you think his big day is with these big brother wedding "congratulations" messages. Don't forget to tell him how much of a role model he is for you.

  • To my big brother on his wedding day: Since the day I was born, I've always looked up to you and I won't stop now just because you're married. In fact, the love you two share is just one more example for me to strive for. Congratulations and best wishes.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of love, joy and happiness, big brother!
  • Big brother, I want you to know how much you mean to me—now and always. If anyone can crush this whole marriage thing, it's you! Wishing both of you the best as you embark on this beautiful journey.
  • Raise a toast to my big brother on his wedding day. Best wishes, bro!

From a Sister to Her Brother

Sisters and brothers share a unique bond, since they bring different perspectives and experiences to the relationship. Nevertheless, your brother's wedding day is a chance for you to craft a very special brother wedding card message, reflecting on your unique relationship and sharing in his happiness. Once you've got that down, you can work on your brother-sister wedding dance or sister-of-the-groom speech.

  • As your sister, know that you can always come to me if you want to talk, or need advice on how to keep your [husband/wife/spouse] happy and feeling supported. Congrats to you both!
  • Your [wife/husband/spouse] sure is lucky to have found you! I hope to one day find a partner as amazing as you are, brother! Love you!
  • The bond between a sister and brother is an unbreakable one, just like the bond between a married couple. I can't tell you how excited I am for you two today. Best wishes and many congrats!
  • Mom and dad sure got lucky with us, didn't they? I know they'll welcome your [wife/husband/spouse] and feel lucky to have [him/her/them] in their lives, too. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy future together. I can't wait to be a sister-in-law!

From One Brother to Another

No matter your birth order, these happy wedding wishes for a brother are just right for this special occasion. Whether your relationship feels more like a mentor-mentee one or you're just two peas in a pod, don't hesitate to tell your bro what makes your bond (and him) so special.

  • Brother, you're about to embark on an amazing journey—trust me. May you enjoy every moment of married life.
  • May God bless you and your [wife/husband/spouse], brother, as you both take this next step together. I know you'll love your new life and I wish you both many congratulations!
  • I can only hope I find a partner who makes me as happy as you guys clearly are. I'm so happy to call you my brother and wish you the best in this exciting new chapter of your life.
  • Wishing my brother and his partner all of life's happinesses. Congrats on your wedding day!

To a New Brother-in-Law

If you'll gain a new brother-in-law when your own sibling gets married, these brother-in-law wedding wishes are sure to get things started on the right foot. Tell him how excited you are to welcome him to the family.

  • Brother-in-law: I'm honored to call him my brother. You're honored to call him your spouse. See, we already share a bond! Best wishes.
  • Welcome to the family, brother-in-law! You're amazing. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together.
  • Dear brother-in-law—if my [brother/sister/sibling] makes you half as happy as [she's/he's/they've] made me during our lifetime, then you have a bright future ahead of you. Congrats on your wedding day!
  • All I have to say is, good luck! Haha, just kidding. Wishing you lots of love—I'm so excited to have a brother, finally!
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