How to Host a Flower Bar Bridal Shower That Will Impress Your Guests

Have a blooming good time with your besties.
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Updated Jan 17, 2024

As a bridal shower host, coming up with creative activities for your group isn't always easy. For a unique experience that doubles as a gorgeous guest favor, host a flower bar bridal shower. This shower idea lets family and friends select a combination of blooms to create a stunning bouquet that they'll take home after the celebration. Complement your bouquet bar with a springtime or garden party bridal shower theme. For all the details and tips you need to set up a flower bar for a bridal shower, we consulted Erin Ostreicher, owner of Nectar & Root located in Stowe, Vermont. Plus, check out our photo inspiration for ideas on how to incorporate this bridal shower trend into your gathering.

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What Is a Flower Bar at a Shower?

A flower bar at a bridal shower lets guests create their own flower arrangements for a fun activity that's also a memorable thank you favor. Guests select their favorite flowers from a selection of blooms to make one-of-a-kind bouquets. This collaborative experience brings your group together as they glean inspiration from one another to craft their arrangements.

Flower Bar Bridal Shower Cost

Depending on the blooms you order, flower bar bridal shower costs range anywhere from $250 to $2,500 or more. "As with all flower arrangements, it will completely depend on the size and scale of what is created," Ostreicher said. "It will also depend on guest count." Keep this range in mind as you plan your bridal shower budget.

How to Set Up a Bouquet Bar

Follow these tips to set up a stunning bouquet bar for your bridal shower.

1. Find a Phenomenal Florist

A great flower bar bridal shower starts with stellar flowers. The Knot Vendor Marketplace is the place to find a florist in your area to supply the beautiful blooms you need. They'll also help you create a custom palette of colors and sizes for your flower bar. You can also search for flower arranging classes near you to find an instructor to lead a flower arrangement class during your shower.

2. Pick a Comparable Color Palette

"Choose a color palette of mostly analogous colors and go wild with it," Ostreicher said. "By honing your flower selection into a range of colors that all automatically look good together but still contain a good amount of variety, it will make the final result of arranging fun and easy for everyone, while still looking cohesive. This could be a palette of pinks, blush, lavender, plum, and blues for example. Add some whites and greens too, whatever your color palette."

3. Add Bright and Dark Shades

A variety of light and dark shades in the same color family create visual interest within your bouquet. "Choose some colors that are pastel, some brights, and some darks for range and depth," Ostreicher said. Filler items in contrasting colors also add an unexpected element to flower bar bouquets.

4. Include Flowers in a Range of Sizes

Along with varying colors, an assortment of small, medium and large blooms makes a more interesting bouquet. "When looking at flower choices, try to find a range of sizes and shapes of blooms," Ostreicher said. "Including non-floral elements such as buds, seed pods, and berries is always fun as well."

5. Prep Flowers for Guests

Set up a table of flowers ready to go when your guests arrive. Separate different types and colors of flowers in individual buckets or baskets. Set out filler items as well on the same table or in a separate station. Label the containers or create small flower bar signs for each item. Don't forget to provide multiple sets of any tools guests need, including wire cutters, flower tape and scissors.

6. Provide Easy-To-Use Containers

"The easiest containers to arrange in are those that are taller than they are wide, for beginners," Ostreicher said. "A simple clear glass is always classic. Add some beautiful ribbon for your guests to wrap their blooms in before placing them in water, for an extra touch that will last." If guests prefer to add water to their vessel at home, offer wet cloths to wrap around the base of the flowers so they stay hydrated.

Bridal Shower Flower Bar Ideas

Not sure how to set up your flower bar bridal shower? Find inspiration with these creative ideas.

Spring Pastel Flower Bar Blooms

Spring Pastel Bridal Shower Flower Bar Blooms
Photo: RT Faith Photography

Baskets of pastel bloom fit in perfectly with a springtime shower. Include medium-toned blooms for an interesting contrast.

Flower Bar Group Setup

Bridal Shower Flower Bar Group Setup
Photo: Fusion Studio

A flower bar bridal shower is a great group activity. Set up a large table for guests to arrange their bouquets together.

Dark Blooms Fall Flower Bar

Dark Blooms Fall Bridal Shower Flower Bar
Photo: Emily Wren Photography

Blooms in deep purple and burgundy complement a fall shower theme. Contrasting clear and dark bottles bring a touch of drama to your display table.

Dried Flower Bridal Shower Bouquet

Dried Flower Bridal Shower Bouquet
Photo: Sergey Kolesnikov

Include dried flowers as filler pieces or create a full bouquet with them for an arrangement that lasts long after your shower.

Ladder Bookshelf Flower Display

Ladder Bookshelf Bridal Shower Flower Display
Photo: Fusion Studio

Instead of a table, arrange your flower bar on ladder bookshelves. This s a great option if you have minimal space at your bridal shower venue.

Flower Bar Finishing Ribbon and Chalkboard Signs

Bridal Shower Flower Bar Finishing Ribbon and Chalkboard Signs
Photo: Cristal Veronica Photos

Ste out colorful ribbon to tie each flower bar bouquet together. Cute chalkboard signs guide guests in their flower selection.

Flower Bar Bridal Shower Wreath

Bridal Shower Flower Bar Bridal Shower Wreath
Photo: Tatyana Soares

Along with a bouquet, give guests the option to make a beautiful wreath with fresh or dried flowers.

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