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Updated Aug 23, 2023

We've seen hundreds of amazing engagements, but there's something about a restaurant proposal that gets us every time. Whether it's a romantic dinner at your favorite eatery where you had your first date or a reservation at the five-star restaurant you've always dreamed about going to, nothing is sweeter than sharing a meal to celebrate the big moment. But there are some logistics involved with the process. With the help of one of our favorite experts, we break down how to propose in a restaurant, the best proposal ideas and where to find top-notch restaurants to put your partner in the mood for love.

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Seven Expert Tips For Planning A Restaurant Proposal

Proposing at a restaurant doesn't have to be hard. If you're unsure how to plan your proposal dinner, look at these helpful tips.

Choose a beautiful dinner proposal location.

When it comes to choosing the right restaurant, there are a few ways to approach this. You could choose a spot with sentimental value, like a restaurant where you had your first date. Alternatively, if you have a favorite restaurant where you dine regularly, this would also be a good choice, especially if the staff know you and you'd enjoy getting them in on your plans. Plus, your partner might not suspect you're planning to propose, making it a bigger surprise.

You can also make a reservation at an extra special place, like a restaurant with a spectacular view, Michelin-star menu, dazzling decor, formal dress code, private dining room or musicians to serenade you. What's most important is whatever restaurant you choose, you work with the staff to create the perfect way to confidently present the ring so you and your S.O. have a positive and memorable experience.

Think about including loved ones.

Before you make the reservation, you'll need to decide if you want to invite some of your and your partner's loved ones to the proposal. Some people ask their family and friends to act like restaurant patrons so they can secretly watch from a distance, or they have them show up holding "will you marry me" signs. In one of the most memorable restaurant proposals of Conger's career, she says, "A gentleman had friends and family hidden all around the restaurant, and all at once they started to come out from their hiding spots while singing, 'I Say a Little Prayer.'"

No matter how you decide to include them, make sure your loved ones know how to keep a secret, and you tell everyone your plan ahead of time so they can free up their calendars.

Call the restaurant ahead of time.

While making your reservation, speak with the manager about how they can help with your restaurant proposal. "Consult with the restaurant to see what services it provides. Many restaurants have reservations departments that can help with pre-arranging and coordinating extra flourishes, from flowers and champagne to a special dessert to help you to present the engagement ring," advises Wesley Conger, director of operations of BOKA Restaurant Group with other 15 years in the hospitality industry.

Consider a weeknight reservation.

"Weeknights are generally less busy than weekends. Planning your engagement on a less popular evening will make the restaurant's atmosphere feel more intimate, allowing more opportunities to make it special," Conger says. If you're nervous about doing your proposal in a restaurant, a weeknight reservation is definitely for you. Fewer people will be watching, and there won't be as much background noise and conversations happening while you ask the big question.

Schedule your reservation at sunset.

For those wondering how to propose at a restaurant the right way, Conger suggests thinking about what time of day you want to propose. "If the restaurant has windows, or better yet, a view, schedule your reservation around sunset for the ideal ambiance leading up to the surprise," Conger says.

Book a private room or the public dining room.

Just because you've decided to plan a restaurant proposal doesn't mean it has to be in front of other diners. Ask your desired restaurant if they have a private room or patio for you and your partner to enjoy your time together. This allows for more intimacy and the opportunity to add special touches like decorations to the space. If proposing with an audience doesn't concern you, ask the restaurant which areas are the most romantic and cozy.

Decide if you want to propose before or after dinner.

There's debate about whether proposing before or after dinner is the best idea, but we think you should go with what feels right to you. If you propose before chowing down, you can enjoy a celebratory meal and not worry about seeming nervous throughout dinner. There are pros to proposing after dinner too. You have more time to calm your nerves, can propose during dessert as a sweet ending to the night and can immediately share the good news with loved ones since you've finished your meal.

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12 Romantic Restaurant Proposal Ideas

Asking your boo to marry you is daunting, so you might not know the best way to go about it. Here are some cute dinner proposal ideas that'll make your partner say "Yes."

1. Spell it out.

Ask the chef to write "Will You Marry Me" on the plate so your server can place the dish on the table while you drop to one knee. This is a great way to start the meal or during dessert. Just ensure you speak with your server beforehand so they know when to bring the plate over––secret signals are key.

2. Serve up the perfect engagement ring.

Depending on the type of restaurant, you could present the ring as part of the food service. For example, if the restaurant uses plate covers, the waiter could lift the cover to reveal a ring box. If you propose after dinner, you could hide the ring inside a box of truffles.

3. Add some drama.

This restaurant proposal idea works well before or after dinner. Order some bubbly (or your beverage of choice) and slip the engagement ring into your future spouse's glass. Then drop to one knee, propose and make a celebratory toast. Please ensure your partner sees the engagement ring in their glass before they drink from it. You don't want them to accidentally gulp down such an important piece of jewelry before the proposal.

4. Ask for a special menu.

If you'd like to propose before dinner, set up a custom-printed menu card titled "[Insert Your Names] Engagement Dinner." You could even work with the chef to plan the meal and name the courses after various milestones in your relationship to make a personalized dining experience. The menu would also be an adorable keepsake.

5. Leave the table.

You don't need to spend the whole time at your table. If the eatery has a beautiful garden, gorgeous wine cellar or rooftop terrace with a spectacular view, make the special moment even more magical and intimate. Ask your partner if they want to leave the table to check out the views. Work with the restaurant to amp up the area with extra proposal decor such as candles, rose petals, 'Marry Me' marquee lights and champagne.

6. Request a unique song.

One of our favorite proposing at a restaurant ideas involves music––this can be a subtle or grand gesture. Arrange for the restaurant to play "your song" in the background the moment you choose to propose. Or, if there are live musicians, make a special request for them to serenade you at the table when you propose.

7. Hire entertainment.

To make a big splash, bring in your own entertainment. This restaurant proposal idea only works if your boo will appreciate being in the spotlight and the restaurant approves. Hire an Elvis impersonator, mariachi band, flash mob or favorite local artist to set up your proposal with a performance.

8. Order their favorite flowers.

According to Conger, roses are the flower of choice for proposals. But what can make the proposal even more personal is buying arrangements of your partner's favorite blooms. Ensure you get numerous vases to put the fresh flowers into after or look up flower preservation options.

9. Disguise the proposal with a different event.

If you're planning to go to a unique restaurant that could give away the surprise, go on a special date instead of a random weeknight. Valentine's Day, seasonal holidays, a vacation or an anniversary are great times to propose since most couples are already celebrating those moments. This makes it easier to hide your plans.

10. Go to your first restaurant date location.

A sentimental proposal idea is making a reservation at the first restaurant you and your partner went to together. We guarantee once you tell the staff about the proposal, they'll be moved and do anything to help make the moment memorable.

11. Hire a secret proposal photographer.

If you want evidence of your beautiful restaurant engagement, book a secret proposal photographer. Talk with your pro about your proposal plan so they can go to the restaurant early and figure out the best angles to snap pictures.

12. Have an after-dinner plan.

Yes, your restaurant proposal is the main event, but think about what you'll do after dinner. Whether you take a stroll, head home for a romantic night or celebrate with loved ones, have some ideas up your sleeve to make the entire evening one for the books.

Restaurants To Propose at Near You

Use The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find the best venues for your restaurant proposal in your city with the vibe you want. Below are comprehensive lists of the most romantic restaurants for your partner to say "Yes" at.

  • Best Restaurants to Propose in Chicago: The Windy City has dozens upon dozens of intimate eateries for you to propose. You can find gorgeous rooftop patios, tasty cocktails, trendy decor and much more at many of the restaurants in Chicago. And if you're a foodie, you'll be excited to discover a lot of tasty cuisines like Spanish, French, Chinese and New American.
  • Best Restaurants to Propose in Houston: Houston is known for having the most flavor-packed fare made by a diverse population, which means you'll find a huge food variety. Make a reservation and enjoy modern Indian, Viet-Cajun fusion or a bountiful seafood tower. We guarantee no matter what restaurant you choose you'll get some Insta-worthy food pictures.
  • Best Restaurants to Propose in NYC: From luxe to casual, you'll find the proposal restaurant of your dreams in New York City. Dine in the same cozy booths as A-listers, enjoy delicious food from a celebrity chef or chow down while listening to live jazz. There's no doubt whatever mouth-watering place you choose will leave you hungry for more.
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