1-Year Anniversary Gifts Worthy of the 1st Marriage Milestone

Here are our top traditional and modern gift ideas for the first wedding anniversary.
Four first anniversary gifts: personalized framed art, gold carnation pendant, record clock, ring dish
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Updated Mar 28, 2024
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Every anniversary is worth celebrating, but few are as uniquely momentous as the first year of marriage. Such a special occasion deserves a truly meaningful one-year anniversary gift. Whether you're celebrating a happy couple or your own wedded bliss, there's something on our list for everyone. We've found traditional and modern first-year anniversary gifts that'll instantly make them feel appreciated, from romantic artwork to keepsake pieces of jewelry. But that's not all—we're also sharing the best alternative presents that any couple or spouse will love. The pressure to find a great present is officially off because we've done all the browsing for you (and not to brag, but we're professionals when it comes to online shopping). Trust us, your next winning gift idea is on this list.

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Traditional One-Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper. Fragile yet substantial, this everyday material represents the newness of a young marriage. If you're searching for a symbolic present, here's our guide to finding the perfect paper anniversary gift. Whether you're shopping for your husband, wife or favorite happy couple, there are so many creative ways to celebrate year one with this classic first anniversary symbol.

Keepsake Anniversary Book

Keepsake anniversary journal from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This classic journal is the ultimate first wedding anniversary gift for any couple. It has a space for every anniversary, from now until the 60th milestone, with room to jot down memories and discoveries from each year together. There are also photo pages to help illustrate the notes, as well as keepsake pockets every decade for other important mementos. Want to go the extra mile? Upgrade to this personalized version to really wow the lucky duo.

Custom Star Map

Custom star map from Twinkle In Time
Photo: Twinkle In Time

A custom map of the stars from the day you both said "I do" is an ultra-romantic gift to give your spouse one year later. You can include a sentimental quote, the date and even the coordinates of where you tied the knot. There are different sizing and design options to suit your partner's style or your home's interior. Whatever you choose will be a romantic one-year anniversary gift for him, her or them.

Sentimental Wall Art

Personalized wall art from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Throw it back to where it all started with a personalized print showing when your paths first crossed. This artwork pictures intersecting street signs representing you and your spouse, plus two important dates in your relationship (like the first time you met or your wedding day). It comes printed with a luxe matte finish and there are a choice of framing options, including black, silver or gold.

Adventure Challenge Journal

Date night activity journal from The Adventure Challenge
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

You've probably had your fair share of date nights after a year of marriage, so it's totally normal if you're starting to run out of ideas. This bestselling book is full of surprise scratch-off activities to do together—from blindfolded baking to painting a masterpiece—and is sure to bring an element of excitement to your weekly ritual. If you lead a busy lifestyle, there's also a genius Mini Dates version that requires 30 minutes or less per date. (Psst: The Knot readers get 20% off sitewide with the code THEKNOT20).

Sheet Music Art

Customized sheet music art from Etsy
Photo: AllThingsCottonPaper

Honoring an important detail from your wedding day is a sweet way to commemorate one year of marriage. The traditional anniversary theme is an ideal time to relive your first dance song, with a framed print of sheet music from a meaningful melody. Add your names and anniversary date and choose from an array of framing options to make this thematic gift even more thoughtful.

Love Letter in a Bottle

Glass bottle printed with text: To My Loving Husband with photo letter to husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

Is there anything more romantic than a heartfelt love letter? We don't think so! With this message in a bottle, you can show your husband or your wife how much you adore him or her. Add your details and choose from a selection of meaningful sentiments and verses, or get creative by writing your own. The letter can be completed with a photo of the two of you before it's printed, rolled and tied with a ribbon. Finally, it's placed in a corked glass vessel alongside decorative silver confetti. It's a sweet and sentimental one-year anniversary gift for your husband or wife that may even provoke a few happy tears.

Personalized Anniversary Material Art

Customized paper anniversary framed art
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This personalized artwork ticks all the right boxes for couples who love the sentiment behind each wedding anniversary theme. Inside a simple frame, an origami heart motif sits above the couple's names and wedding date. A message about the symbolism of the traditional first anniversary material appears underneath, making this unique paper piece all the more meaningful.

Paper Clip Earrings

Gold vermeil paperclip drop earring traditional one-year anniversary gift
Photo: Oak and Luna

While not technically made from the traditional first anniversary material, these unique paper clip earrings are a novel (and still delightfully on-theme) one-year anniversary gift idea. Sleek and simple, the minimalist design is sure to appeal to those who love quirky accessories. They're made from 18K gold vermeil or 925 sterling silver and will definitely stand out in your spouse's jewelry collection.

Custom House Portrait

Custom house portrait from Etsy
Photo: pleasantglenproducts

Here's a thoughtful (and on-theme) gift for the first wedding anniversary: A custom portrait of the couple's house. If they've recently moved into their forever home, this thoughtful gift is especially fitting—and one that the lucky lovebirds will surely appreciate. All you have to do is upload a photo of their home for reference, and the artist will use it to create a unique digital illustration. Choose from a variety of print and framing options for a display-worthy finish.

Partner Appreciation Notes

Partner appreciation notes from BestSelf
Photo: BestSelf

What do you love most about your spouse? Chances are, it's not just one thing but many small elements that add up to the awesome person they are. Take some time to appreciate all the good parts of your relationship with these partner appreciation notes. This thoughtful first-year anniversary gift includes two pocket-sized journals (one for each of you) filled with gratitude prompts to help you focus on the positive aspects of your marriage.

Modern One-Year Anniversary Gifts

In addition to having a traditional symbol, the first wedding anniversary also has a modern gifting theme: a clock. Practical yet stylish, a carefully chosen timepiece makes an incredible token of love and appreciation. Giving your spouse (or a couple) a clock-themed present commemorates the year that has passed—and looks ahead to all the years to come. What could be a greater vote of confidence than that?

Classic Hourglass Timer

Personalized hourglass timer from Personalization Mall
Photo: Personalization Mall

This sophisticated hourglass timer will be a beautiful addition to the couple's coffee or console table. Have it etched with their names, the date of their nuptials and a charming quote for a personalized anniversary gift that's sure to wow. Bonus: You'll save time on gift wrapping as the hourglass arrives in a satin-lined gift box.

Elegant Apple Watch Band

Crystal pavé herringbone Apple watch strap first anniversary gift idea
Photo: Goldenerre

If your other half never leaves home without their Apple watch, they might not be in the market for a traditional timepiece. Instead, why not upgrade the one they already have? With this gorgeous crystal pavé band, they can transform their smartwatch into a completely new statement piece. There are several color and size customizations available to suit your spouse's style and watch model.

Custom Moving Tide Clock

Personalized moving tide clock from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

What better way to celebrate the first wedding anniversary than with a walk by the ocean? Thanks to this handmade sea-themed clock, your favorite couple can track the tide when planning their romantic strolls. On the lower part, a traditional dial counts the hours between high and low tides every day, while a watercolor lighthouse painting at the top brings the nautical theme home. Choose from 60 different designs for a practical and symbolic first anniversary gift that'll make waves.

Musical Anniversary Clock

Musical anniversary clock from Etsy
Photo: TheAnniversaryClock

If you're going to splash out on a fancy clock, make it this one. This sentimental gift counts the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds since the wedding day—but that's just part of its appeal. On top of all that, it automatically plays the couple's song every year on their anniversary (or any time with the push of a button) thanks to a built-in MP3 player. An elegant glass dome and engraved plaque add the finishing touches to this modern first anniversary gift.

Metallic Record Clock

Metallic record clocks from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For a spouse or favorite couple who's passionate about music, this metallic record clock is guaranteed to be a big hit. It's made from a recycled LP vinyl record with a gold or platinum finish and can be personalized with their names, anniversary date and up to five song titles, like their wedding song or a tune they love. It's a thoughtful anniversary gift that nods to the modern theme (and their musical tastes) in an unexpected way.

Light-Powered Watch

Light-powered watch from Citizen
Photo: Citizen

Luxury watches make excellent gifts for any occasion, especially the first-year wedding anniversary. This elegant timepiece is the perfect way to nail the modern anniversary theme and treat your spouse to some new arm candy at the same time. It features a black dial accented with diamond hour markers, along with a two-tone stainless steel bracelet and case—but there's even more to like about it. It's powered by eco-drive light technology, so they'll never need to replace the battery.

Crystal Studded Watch

Crystal-studded Kate Spade watch
Photo: Nordstrom

If your spouse likes to add a little sparkle to every ensemble, they'll adore this crystal studded watch from Kate Spade. The face is decorated with two gold dragonfly motifs and tiny crystals marking each hour, adding a playful element to the overall design. Finished with a cream strap and gold hardware, this elegant timepiece is a great modern anniversary gift for anyone who appreciates subtle glamor.

Photo Wall Clock

Personalized photo wall clock from Etsy
Photo: BellaBriannaCrafts

Modern gifts for the first wedding anniversary come in all shapes and sizes, as this photo wall clock clearly shows. It's a great way to display all the snapshots you've taken over the last year and celebrate your growing love. Choose up to 12 photos (think: your wedding, honeymoon or any other special occasion) for a first anniversary gift that's as unique as you are.

Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized pocket watch from Zazzle
Photo: Zazzle

Looking for a clock-themed gift that's a little more offbeat? A pocket watch is a great way to honor the modern first anniversary theme and surprise your spouse with your creativity. Available in silver or gold, this quirky timepiece can be personalized with your partner's name, your wedding date and a short message for a sweet touch. It's a meaningful modern gift that'll add a whimsical touch to their favorite outfit.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Woman reading next to Hatch Restore 2 alarm light
Photo: Hatch

This amazing piece of tech takes the "alarm" out of alarm clock. Give your spouse the gift of gently re-entering the waking world after a restful night's sleep with a sunrise alarm clock (that doubles as a bedside lamp and sound machine, BTW). It works by letting the body know it's time to wake by gradually lighting up the room. But most importantly, this practical first-anniversary gift allows you both to ditch the habit of taking your smartphones into the bedroom. It's time to reclaim your room as the peaceful, unplugged oasis it was always meant to be.

Unique One-Year Anniversary Gifts

If the traditional and modern themes aren't your thing and you still don't know what to get, you have other options. Yellow and gold are the colors that represent the first year of marriage, while the carnation is the official first anniversary flower. Gold (the metal) is also associated with this precious milestone, offering even more gift inspiration. If you don't want to pay tribute to any of those one-year anniversary symbols, we can still help you find a showstopping anniversary gift for your wife, husband or married friends. Here are our favorite unique present ideas for the first wedding anniversary.

Decorative Travel Map

Decorative travel map from Canvas Vows
Photo: Canvas Vows

One of our favorite first anniversary gift ideas for couples is this personalized map of the world. Ideal for travel lovers, this cool canvas comes with a selection of push pins they can use to track past vacations and all the adventures still to come. You can add their names, wedding date or a happy anniversary quote for a piece of decor they'll proudly display at home.

Cute Kissing Mugs

Cute kissing mugs from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Married to someone who is a romantic at heart? Appeal to their sentimental side with these cute coffee mugs resembling two faces sharing a kiss. They're made from porcelain and come in two different color combinations for a sweet first year anniversary gift that'll make your morning routine feel all the more special. Pair with roasted coffee beans or their favorite hot chocolate if you want to be extra thoughtful.

Luxurious Silk Pajamas

Model wearing light pink silk pajamas great first anniversary gift for wife
Photo: Lunya

Want to really blow your other half away? Two words: silk pajamas. This luxurious set from Lunya will become their go-to loungewear on lazy Sunday mornings at home. Aside from looking seriously chic, they're also thermoregulating, comfy and machine-washable (yes, really!). Choose from a selection of classic colors—like tan, navy and this subtle soft pink hue—and prepare for your spouse's delighted reaction. (Psst: Get 15% off your first order with the code FOR-TK).

Smart Indoor Garden

Smart indoor garden from Click & Grow
Photo: Click & Grow

A compact indoor herb garden will be a dream come true for any pair who doesn't have a lot of outdoor space. This clever device does all the work for them, providing just the right amount of light, nutrients and water for optimal plant growth. It's one of the top first anniversary gift ideas for couples who appreciate good home cooking (or even just a fresh cocktail garnish every now and then).

Crystal Tennis Bracelet

Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet
Photo: Swarovski

Jewelry is a romantic gift you can always rely on, whether it's your first wedding anniversary or your 30th marriage milestone. If you want to splurge on your spouse, this Swarovski tennis bracelet is worth every cent. It's embellished with sparkly crystals and is available in five gorgeous metal finishes. Use Theknot10 code to get 10% off sitewide.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Bucketlist experience voucher from Tinggly
Photo: Tinggly

If your favorite couple is itching to fulfill their destination bucket list, here's an unusual first anniversary gift to help them get started. Tinggly's Bucketlist Experience voucher lets them choose from more than 1,800 exciting two-person experiences all over the US and beyond. From surfing lessons in California to hiking tours in Alaska, they're sure to find something to inspire their wanderlust.

Cute Matching Underwear

Matching couples underwear from MeUndies
Photo: MeUndies

For the spouse who appreciates a good laugh, consider the cheeky gift of matching couples underwear. Choose from playful patterns, bold colors and understated neutrals depending on your personalities. You can even sign up for a subscription if you're committed to coordinating regularly. MeUndies offers a range of inclusive sizes, underwear styles and pairing options for all couples, so you're sure to find something you both love.

Gold Carnation Pendant

Gold carnation pendant from Made by Mary
Photo: Made by Mary

The first anniversary metal is gold, so we couldn't complete our one-year anniversary gift guide without some gorgeous gold jewelry. With this pretty pendant, we've gone one step further and incorporated the first anniversary flower, the carnation, too. Understated yet elegant, it features a hand-drawn bloom at the center of a petite circular disc. Choose from silver, gold or rose gold to compliment your spouse's tastes.

Cozy Bath Robes

Bath robes from Brooklinen
Photo: Brooklinen

If you're celebrating your first anniversary with your spouse, you both deserve some pampering. Treat yourselves to these luxurious bath robes and get ready for a relaxing spa day at home. They're made from 100% Turkish cotton that's divinely soft and super absorbent—ideal for wearing first thing in the morning or just out of the shower. Feeling extra generous? Pair with some soothing face masks and scented candles to help you really unwind.

Yellow Ring Dish

Yellow ring dish from Etsy
Photo: JulietReevesDesigns

After a year of marriage, you and your spouse probably know how important it is to keep your wedding rings safe. If your partner doesn't have a designated space for their jewelry yet, consider a cute ring dish in the first anniversary color (yellow). This handmade dish is made from stoneware clay and decorated with geometric designs for added flair. It's a thoughtful gift that'll help them keep their treasured trinkets safe when they're not wearing them.

Fresh Flower Delivery

Flower delivery from 1-800 Flowers
Photo: 1-800 Flowers

When it comes to a romantic occasion like the first anniversary, a bunch of blooms is an excellent choice. This lavender-hued bouquet includes roses, daisy poms and carnations (the first anniversary flowers) accented with lush greenery. It's available in four different sizes and comes in a purple fluted vase for a thoughtful presentation. We bet your spouse will be thrilled when these pretty flowers arrive on their doorstep.

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