Low-Key Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Laid-Back Bach

A little planning with lots of relaxing? Sign us up.
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Updated Jan 11, 2024

Whether the bride in question doesn't like to spend hours at the club or is hoping to avoid the traditional pomp and circumstance that go along with a bach party, we're glad you found our list of low-key bachelorette party ideas. These suggestions have everything from ways to destress by getting your bodies moving to unique takes on more classic bach party themes. Whatever your favorite bachelorette party ideas are, this unique list will hopefully inspire a soiree that is a magical mix of relaxing, chill and celebratory.

1. Go Cider Tasting

    Beer crawls and wine tastings are a go-to for bach parties, but try switching these classic excursions up a little and take your crew cider tasting. Turn it into a cozy weekend by adding on apple picking and devouring apple cider donuts when fall foliage is in full swing.

    2. Attend a Pottery Class

      Learning a new skill together is one of our favorite easy bachelorette party ideas. A pottery class allows you and your girls to bond over a common goal of creating something beautiful together. You will learn to throw clay, spin the wheels and maybe even take home a keepsake to commemorate your friendship before they say "I do."

      3. Plan a Spa Day

        What is more laid back than actually laying down on your back? Head to your local spa or plan a girls weekend getting pampered from head to toe. Opt for massages, facials and a sauna session or two to make sure everyone is looking good, and fully relaxed for, the big day.

        4. Take a Trip to the Board Game Bar

          The best laid back bachelorette party ideas involve little need to plan and an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to be themselves. A trip to your local board game bar checks both of those boxes. Complete with food, drinks and ample games to choose from, this is a great spot to relax with your squad before the big day.

          5. Go Glamping in a Yurt

            Camping in tents can get a little uncomfortable and unpredictable, two things you don't need at a bachelorette party. So, opt for a bach weekend in a yurt, complete with running water and electricity. You'll enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle without feeling too disconnected from humanity.

            6. Take a Dip in a Hot Spring

              Some of the most relaxing bachelorette party ideas involve nature or hot water, two things that are stress relieving in their own way. If you're anywhere near a natural hot spring, head over for a dip for a truly remarkable but still laid-back affair.

              7. Make Sushi or Dumplings Together

                There are some food and meals that are just meant to be made with others, and a laid-back bach bash is just the right time to do it. Whether you want to break out all the ingredients for a roll-your-own-sushi bar or roll up your sleeves to form dumplings all night, there are plenty of scrumptious dishes you can have fun making together for a memorable night.

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                8. Book a Private Theatre for a Movie Night

                  While we're all for a girl's night in, there's something special about the big screen. Rent a room at your local movie theater to show a favorite rom-com, drama or even a T-Swift documentary. This is one of our favorite chill bachelorette party ideas as you won't even be in charge of cleaning up!

                  9. Rent an Observatory

                    A bachelorette party is the perfect time to step a bit outside the ordinary in terms of activities. Look for a local observatory near you and see if you can rent it out for a few hours. Marveling at the night sky together will set the perfect mood for fun and friendship to grow during this special time together.

                    10. Host a Poker Night

                      Bust out the cigars, whiskey and Texas Hold 'em for a poker night that will go down in bach history. For a fun take on this bach classic, mix in a disco or Barbie to keep it fresh and lighthearted.

                      11. Rent a Houseboat on the Lake

                        It's a boat, but it's also a house. Houseboats are the perfect marriage of amenities and fun, letting everyone spend more time on the water without compromising on comfy beds to sleep in. This is one of the sweetest bachelorette party ideas that keeps things low-key.

                        12. DIY Pizza Night

                          Nothing is quite as easy and delicious as whipping up a huge batch of pizza dough and having all your ladies bring their favorite pizza toppings. Not only is this one of our most budget-friendly ideas for a low-key bachelorette party at home, but it allows you and your friends to express creativity through different flavor combinations without having to spend money out and about. Add in your favorite drinks or an ice cream sundae bar and you're ready to go.

                          13. Go On a Hike

                            While there is a time and a place for a solo hike, mountain summits are often better off with friends. Bond with your bachs by choosing a challenging hike, packing the world's best trail mix and encouraging each other as you make it up the mountain. Just remember to snap group photos at the top.

                            14. Rent a Cabin With a Hot Tub

                              How does a private hot tub in a mountain cabin sound for a low-key bachelorette party? Get some personalized camping mugs and have boozy hot chocolate afterward for the ultimate cozy and comfortable getaway weekend.

                              15. Go to the Local Amusement Park

                                Unless you've been dragged along to ride roller coasters with a little in your life, it's likely you haven't been to an amusement park in a while. Use your fun bachelorette party as an excuse to take a few spins on a roller coaster, soaking up quirky shows and getting your fill of cotton candy for the year. This laidback idea is easy to pull off as it requires little to no planning or setup.

                                16. Visit a Museum

                                  Museums hold a treasure trove of the world's history, from artifacts from ancient love stories to stunning pieces where artists share their thoughts on the world. Take your low-key bachelorette party to visit a few museums to soak in the magic together. Keep in mind that there are plenty of unique museum options too, like one-of-a-kind homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright and other famous American architects.

                                  17. Take a Dance Class Together

                                    If your bachelorette loves to dance, what is a better way to bond than trying out a new form of it? Whether you schedule a private ballet class, try your feet at ballroom dancing or go out to your local swing dancing scene, some time out on the floor is a wonderful way to let loose before the big day.

                                    18. Rent a Room for a Murder Mystery

                                      Rent a private room at your favorite local restaurant, but amp it up a bit by turning it into a murder-mystery dinner. Everyone can dress up as much or as little as they like as you figure out whodunit.

                                      19. Head to Your Local Roller Rink

                                        Retro skating outfits are optional but highly recommended for this low-key bachelorette idea. Head out to the rink for a fun night of disco and skating with your girls. Call ahead to see if you can contribute to the playlist for the night or even get a shoutout from the DJ to make sure everything is just as you want!

                                        20. Go Curling

                                          Even if you're good at ice skating or hockey, odds aren't you haven't tried your hand at curling. Yes, we're talking about the beloved Olympic sport where large rocks are slid across the ice onto a target while two teammates sweep the ice vigorously. If you think you and your squad have what it takes to score, check in with your local curling club to see if they have a group lesson! It promises to be a fun and low-key bachelorette outing.

                                          21. Join In a Trivia Night at a Local Establishment

                                            Plenty of bachelorette parties head out for a night on the town, but adding in a few rounds of trivia gives this traditional outing more fun and purpose. Make sure to give yourself a ridiculous team name so that everyone knows why you're there. You may even get a round or two of drinks out of the deal!

                                            22. Stretch Out With Goat Yoga

                                              Goats and a good stretch, what could be better? But seriously, this is one of our favorite nontraditional bachelorette party ideas. You're sure to laugh and see plenty of cuteness, which is just what a bride needs amidst the craziness of wedding planning.

                                              23. Workout Together

                                                In the past few decades, workout classes have gone from a simple weights class to cycling, rowing, barre, Zumba and everything in between. Exercising is a great way to bond and destress, making it an excellent laid-back and low-key bachelorette option. Add on making some fresh juices or smoothies together and you have a day everyone can feel good about.

                                                24. Do Some Teambuilding

                                                  Getting your best gal married is a big task, and one that it is helpful to have everyone on the same page with. Hire someone to do some team-building activities for the bachelorette attendees so that you can learn more about each other and your goals.

                                                  25. Host a Romance Book Club

                                                    So, a few of the bachelorette attendees are probably already reading the latest Colleen Hoover or Sarah Adams novel, so why not turn that into the theme? Ask your girls to read one of your favorite romance books and get together for a cozy afternoon talking about it, complete with all your favorite snacks.

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