Make Your Guests Photographers with These 5 Easy Tricks

If you're looking for unique wedding photography ideas, we've got you covered!
by Nicole Piquant
Bride and groom posing with props at their wedding
photo by Chantel Marie Photography
  1. The more interactive a wedding is, the more memorable—and fun!—it'll be. One simple way to get guests involved is to have a wedding hashtag. It combines two things guests already love (your marriage and social media) and gets them pumped to capture all those special once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments.

    But here at The Knot, we like to take ideas we love one step further. Sure, having a wedding hashtag is easy and super fun... but why not get guests in on the action more? While we're definitely not suggesting that you nix having a wedding photographer and videographer (two must-have pros!), we do think that guests will enjoy being behind the lens for a bit. A sweet bonus? With these photo ideas, you can often see the pics right after they've been taken. Hello, insta-gratification.

  2. Make Your Puppy Your Photographer

    Wedding dog wearing a GoPro camera strapped to his stomach
    photo by Yaman Photography

    What better way to get a bird's-eye (or rather, dog's-eye) view of your wedding ceremony than to strap a GoPro to your four-legged family members? This is an especially awesome idea if your pet is walking down the aisle as your flower girl or ring bearer. You'll get hours of candid video with this approach (and probably a ton of National Geographic-style dog-chasing-squirrel footage as well).

  3. Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book

    Vintage polaroids used as guest wedding book
    photo by Clane Gessel Photography

    Before apps and iPhones, there were Polaroid cameras that immediately printed photos as soon as you took them. Set up a couple of these cameras—and a few of rolls of film—at a photo station near your wedding gift table. Ask guests to snap shots of themselves having fun at your wedding, and add them to your wedding guest book with their message. Though the cameras may be vintage, this DIY guest book works with all weddings, no matter the theme!

  4. Add Disposable Cameras

    Disposable camera on wedding guest table
    photo by Grant Watkins Photography

    Wouldn't it be awesome if you could see photos of your wedding immediately after the celebration ends? Hand out disposable cameras at the beginning of your reception and you'll have an entire night's worth of wedding pictures that you can see within an hours of your shindig. Some guests will probably even keep the shots for themselves!

  5. Get a Photo-Sharing App

    Couple posing in front of an iPhone
    photo by Kelsey DeWitt Photography

    Since waiting to get your professional wedding photos back can feel like an eternity, invite your guests to download Veri, the private photo-sharing app that automatically aggregates everyone's iPhone and Android snaps in real time—it's kind of like a hashtag, only 10 times better (think: no uploading, tagging and no separate camera apps). Even if you've never considered yourselves a high-tech couple, this one's super easy and so worth it. Just imagine how hilarious it'll be scrolling through hundreds of wedding photos and videos over brunch the next day.

  6. Make a DIY Selfie Booth

    DIY wedding selfie booth
    photo by Lucky Malone Photography

    Don't leave your iPad at home on your wedding day! Instead of a photo booth, set up a selfie station with your iPad and a bunch of fun props. (Because who doesn't love taking selfies??) Post the pics to social media, or stream them live on a screen at your wedding reception.

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