31 Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Ideas for Your Dancing Queen

Night is young and the music's high.
31 Mamma Mia Bachelorette Ideas for Your Dancing Queen
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Updated May 18, 2023
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If your BFF is a fan of ABBA, Meryl Streep, karaoke or all of the above, chances are you're planning a Mamma Mia bachelorette party. This bachelorette theme is such a fun option for the group who loves to sing, dance and can't resist a good costume opportunity. Before the bride says I do (I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do), we've got everything you need to plan your own Mamma Mia-themed bachelorette party. Shop our picks below, from decorations that will transform your space into a Grecian paradise to T-shirts, feather boas and more.

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Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Shirts

If you can't resist a coordinated group photo, you'll love these matching bachelorette party shirts inspired by all things Mamma Mia.

1. Matching Bride and Dynamos T-Shirts

Dynamos and Bride Mamma Mia t-shirts from ShopEMJane on Etsy
Photo: ShopEMJane

Your crew can wear these matching T-shirts for travel days, daytime group outings or just lounging around in between activities. The tops (pink for bridesmaids, white for the bride) feature the recognizable Mamma Mia font.

2. Disco Ball T-Shirt

Dancing Queen ABBA t-shirts from ShopForeverFriday on Etsy
Photo: ShopForeverFriday

Pair these disco ball T-shirts with Dynamos-inspired bell bottoms for a cute, on-theme look. The matching bride design features a blue disco ball against a white backdrop.

3. The Dynamos Silhouette T-Shirt

Bride and Dynamos ABBA t-shirts from bymarcelladesign on Etsy
Photo: bymarcelladesign

Looking for a little more personalization? These Mamma Mia bachelorette shirts are available in more than 20 colors (we recommend the pink or royal blue), including white for the bride.

4. Mamma Mia Short-Sleeve Tee

Mamma Mia ABBA t-shirt from SydaLouWho on Etsy
Photo: SydaLouWho

We love this option if you want matching T-shirts that are easily rewearable after the party, or if you're celebrating with a mixed-gender group. Instead of wedding-specific labels or phrases, the design features retro-style text that complements the '70s vibe.

Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Decorations

Decorations can make a huge difference in bringing your theme to life, and luckily, the Mamma Mia movies serve up plenty of inspiration. Turn your party into your very own Hotel Bella Donna with these picks.

5. "Voulez-Vous" Ballon Backdrop

Voulez Vous ABBA Mamma Mia backdrop from CherCanDoIt on Etsy
Photo: CherCanDoIt

You'll recognize "Voulez-Vous" as the song from the Mamma Mia bachelorette party scene, which makes this balloon banner a fitting pick for your own bash (hopefully without the anxiety attack or men scaling the walls). Customize the kit to include some or all of the accessories, or keep it simple with just the phrase.

6. Greek Island Backdrop

Greek Island backdrop from Amazon for your Mamma Mia bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

If you can't make it all the way to Kalokairi, bring the Greek islands to you with a scenic backdrop. This realistic polyester banner depicts a quaint cobblestone street, whitewashed buildings and beautiful pops of blue and fuchsia. It's available in eight different sizes to use as a photo backdrop or wall hanging.

7. Hot Pink Balloons

Hot pink balloons from xo, Fetti for your Mamma Mia bachelorette party
Photo: xo, Fetti

Turquoise and pink are two colors you'll definitely want to include in your Mamma Mia bachelorette party decorations. This balloon kit includes three different pink tones that you can cluster together or spread out around the party space.

8. Mediterranean Tile Tablecloth

Mediterranean Tile Tablecloth from Amazon for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Amazon

Dress up an unsightly table at your hotel or rental house by adding a pretty tablecloth. This one is decorated with a Mediterranean-inspired blue and white print—plus, you can add the matching napkins or place mats if you're planning a sit-down meal.

9. Printable Bougainvillea Welcome Sign

Printable Bougainvillea Welcome Sign from Lulloo for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Lulloo

Use this customizable design as a welcome sign, a drink menu or to list the weekend timeline. You can personalize the instant download by changing the text, colors and font size, and then head to a local office supply store to print it out on poster-sized paper.

10. Mamma Mia Hanging Banner

Mamma Mia Hanging Banner for your ABBA bach party
Photo: PartyFlvrs

Hang this banner in the main area of your party space or above the bride's bed for a surprise when she arrives. Choose from 15 holographic colors for the letters.

11. Faux Bougainvillea Stems

Faux Bougainvillea Stems from Amazon for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Amazon

Add pops of color to a tablescape or party space with these faux bougainvillea stems. The hot pink flowers can be found all throughout Greece, which makes them a must for any Mamma Mia-themed bachelorette party. Get creative by taping them above an entryway to recreate how they naturally grow in the Mediterranean.

12. Tinsel Curtain Backdrop

Tinsel Curtain Backdrop from Amazon for your Mamma Mia ABBA bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Add this turquoise tinsel curtain to a blank wall or doorway to liven up your party space. The curtains, which come in a pack of three, have a wavy shape that mimics the clear blue Aegean Sea.

Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Games

Having a couple of bachelorette party games planned is always a good idea. Stir up some friendly competition with these Mamma Mia-inspired activities—and be sure to have a prize or two on hand for the winner who takes it all.

13. "Knowing Me, Knowing You" Trivia Game

"Knowing Me, Knowing You" Trivia Game from MollysPrintCo for your ABBA bachelorette party
Photo: MollysPrintCo

Quiz your guests with this trivia game to find out who really knows the couple. You can totally customize the downloadable template, including the questions and the names.

14. Mamma Mia Bachelorette Game Bundle

Mamma Mia party games from STWPartyDesign for you ABBA bach party
Photo: STWPartyDesign

You can cross another thing off your bachelorette to-do list thanks to this three game bundle. The set includes four activities along with a response card template that you can print at home in minutes.

15. Printable Mamma Mia Bingo

Mamma Mia Bingo from champagneandgames for your ABBA bach party
Photo: champagneandgames

We didn't know we needed to play Mamma Mia bingo until now. These themed cards are filled with cute details from the movies, like Donna's suitcase, ABBA lyrics and the names of Sophie's dads. You'll get 12 assorted bingo sheets and 32 calling cards as part of the set.

16. Mamma Mia Movies (Sing-Along Edition)

Mamma Mia sing-along editions for your ABBA bachelorette party
Photo: Target

No Mamma Mia bachelorette party is complete without watching the movies with your crew. Grab the sing-along versions on DVD and plan a karaoke night where each person chooses one song (costumes highly encouraged) to compete for best performance.

Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Cake Decorations

From cupcake holders to cake toppers, these decorations will help you tie the theme into your dessert spread.

17. Blue Sugar Butterflies

Blue Sugar Butterflies from FlournButter for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: FournButter

Decorate your desserts with these edible sugar butterflies inspired by young Donna's butterfly necklace. The pack of 24 includes a variety of butterfly styles and sizes.

18. Gold Glitter Star Cupcake Toppers

Gold Glitter Star Cupcake Toppers from Amazon for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Amazon

These "Super Trooper"-inspired toothpicks are pre-assembled, so you can quickly decorate a cake, cupcakes or ingredients on a charcuterie board.

19. Mini Disco Ball Cake Topper

Mini Disco Ball Cake Topper from xo, Fetti for your Mamma Mia bachelorette party
Photo: xo, Fetti

Incorporate a few disco-themed party ideas to really nail the theme. Sold in a set of four, these miniature disco balls look so cute on top of a cake or as part of a centerpiece.

20. Turquoise Glitter Cupcake Wrappers

Turquoise Glitter Cupcake Wrappers from Amazon for your Mamma Mia party
Photo: Amazon

No one will know you bought those cupcakes at the store last-minute—just add these sparkly cupcake wrappers to make them look a little more fancy.

Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag Accessories

Your bachelorette welcome bags should be a mix of essentials and fun items that guests can take home after the party. From disco accessories to cute totes, Here's what we'd pick.

21. Knit Tote Bags

Knit Tote Bags from Amazon for your ABBA bach party
Photo: Amazon

Order these bags to hold all of the goodies for your guests. They're more decorative than plain paper gift bags and double as totes for the weekend if you're headed to the pool or beach.

22. Turquoise Blue Feather Boa

Turquoise Blue Feather Boa from Amazon for your Mamma Mia ABBA party
Photo: Amazon

Inspired by Donna's costumes in the movie, blue feather boas are a necessary addition. Wear them for a night out or just for a quick group photo.

23. Welcome Bag Name Tag

Welcome Bag Name Tag from MKayPrints for your Mamma Mia party
Photo: MKayPrints

Finish each bag with an individual name tag to make your guests feel extra welcome. Once you download the template, you can customize and print as many tags as you need.

24. Dancing Queen Vinyl Sticker

Dancing Queen Vinyl Sticker from CopperPennyCoCAN for your ABBA bach party
Photo: CopperPennyCoCAN

Made from waterproof vinyl, these stickers are durable enough to decorate water bottles, laptops, phone cases and more. Plus, the seller offers free shipping within the United States and Canada.

25. Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Heart-shaped sunglasses from xo, Fetti for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: xo, Fetti

Pair your feather boas with heart-shaped sunnies for group costumes that are irresistibly fun. These pink sunglasses conveniently come in a set of eight, with one clear pair for the bride.

26. Body Glitter

Body glitter from Target for your disco groovy ABBA bachelorette party
Photo: Target

If there was ever a time to accessorize with body glitter, it's a Mamma Mia-themed bachelorette party. Add this sparkly gel to hair, cheeks or shoulders before heading out for a night of drinks and dancing.

27. Dancing Queen Bachelorette Sash

Dancing Queen Bachelorette Sash from BrantPointPrep for your bach party
Photo: BrantPointPrep

Include this bachelorette sash in the bride's welcome bag as a little something extra. Customize it by choosing from multiple sash and lettering colors.

Additional Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Supplies

You've got the must-haves covered—now it's time for the nice-to-haves. Add these practical and creative ideas as the finishing touches.

28. Colorful Paper Plates and Napkins

Colorful Paper Plates and Napkins from Amazon for your Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Amazon

Patterned paper plates and napkins make snacks and meals so much cuter (another perk: less time spent washing dishes). The bulk set includes 20 napkins and 12 plates with a colorful geometric design.

29. Edible Glitter for Cocktails

Edible Glitter for Cocktails from Amazon for your disco Mamma Mia bach party
Photo: Amazon

Edible glitter adds a little pizzazz to bubbly, wine or mixed drinks. This mica-based powder is food-safe, tasteless and odorless.

30. "Honey, Honey" Plastic Cups

Mamma Mia tumbler cups from SassyandCoDesigns on Etsy for your bach party
Photo: SassyandCoDesigns

Upgrade from your red cups to these customizable and reusable plastic cups instead. The seller automatically includes one white cup for the bride with each order.

31. Mamma Mia Paper Straws

Mamma Mia Paper Straws from PeppedParties for your bach party
Photo: PeppedParties

If you're making frozen margaritas or daiquiris, don't forget to snag these colorful straws decorated with Mamma Mia-inspired decals.

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