25 Must-Have Bachelorette Sashes for Your Bach Party

She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss Fiancée.
Bachelorette party 'bride to be' sashes
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Updated Aug 29, 2023
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When shopping for bachelorette party supplies, bachelorette sashes should be at the top of your list. Although festive balloons, light-up signs and themed banners are key bachelorette party decorations, sashes are tangible and can be worn both when posing for photos and when entertaining guests.

Ready to shop? We've compiled a list of bachelorette sashes that will work regardless of your bachelorette party theme.

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Where to Buy Bachelorette Sashes

Shopping for bachelorette sashes may appear overwhelming with all of the options out there. That's why we've compiled a list of stores that carry a plethora of options to match a variety of budgets and style preferences.

  • Etsy: Etsy is a great resource for purchasing premade (and often handmade) bachelorette party sashes. Many shops also offer customization (via chatting with shop owners), so you can alter your sash as you see fit. There's a good chance that when you purchase a sash on Etsy you'll be supporting a small shop.
  • xo, Fetti: o, Fetti is known for party supplies, which include bachelorette sashes of varying styles at an affordable price.
  • Michaels: Although Michaels is a craft store, it's also home to bachelorette party sashes and sash sets. Although options tend to have higher price tags, their quality shines through.
  • The Knot Shop: In addition to wedding supplies, engagement party centerpieces and other items that can help you prepare for your big day and its surrounding festivities, The Knot Shop offers a variety of wallet-friendly bachelorette sash options that you and your besties can flaunt while celebrating.
  • Party City: This party-supply retailer is a must-visit for all bachelorette party needs. And the Party City bride sash options available to you won't disappoint.

Bride-to-Be Bachelorette Sashes

When it comes to bachelorette sashes, the bride-to-be ones are the most popular. Whether you're a groovy bride or one that's simply striking, these bride-to-be bachelorette sashes are sure to let everyone know what you're celebrating.

Groovy Bride-to-Be Sash

Groovy holographic bride to be bachelorette sash
Photo: CherCanDoIt

For a '70s-themed bachelorette party, make sure this groovy bride-to-be sash is at the top of your bachelorette party planning checklist. With lettering reminiscent of an iridescent disco ball, you'll be shining wherever you celebrate. And, its base is white and sparkly for some added shimmer.

"I Said Yes" Bride-to-Be Sash

'I Said Yes' white bachelorette sash
Photo: Amazon

This sash is a fantastic choice if you're looking to directly let everyone you come into contact with know that you're about to tie the knot. We especially love the ring icon that conveniently follows the sash's text.

"The Bachelorette" Bride-to-Be Sash

'The Bachelorette' White Sash
Photo: VonHartVinyl

If you're a super fan of Bachelor Nation, add this bachelorette sash inspired by the hit television show "The Bachelorette" to your cart. The "o" is made from a graphic of an engagement ring for an extra touch.

Simply Striking Bride-to-Be Sash

Bride to Be White and silver Sash and Heart Pin
Photo: Party City

Strike a pose while wearing this simply striking bride-to-be sash. This white and silver sash will stand out wherever it's worn and can be secured with an adorable heart pin.

Glitter Bachelorette Sash

Glitter 'Bride to Be' Bachelorette Sash
Photo: LLDgiftsbyLaurenLash

This glittery bachelorette sash is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves to shine bright like a diamond. Whether you prefer rose gold, silver, white, or black, you can shimmer wearing whichever color makes you feel best.

Rhinestone Bachelorette Sash

Rhinestone white 'bride to be' bachelorette sash
Photo: xo, Fetti

For an "It" bride-to-be, this sash made of white silk and decorated with rhinestones is a must-have. At 70 inches long and three inches wide, this sash will catch the eyes of those who pass by while you're celebrating.

Blush Pink and Rose Gold Miss to Mrs Bachelorette Sash

'Miss to Mrs' Blush Pink & Rose Gold Satin Bachelorette Party Sash
Photo: The Knot Shop

Show off your new title with this blush pink and rose gold sash. We love this sash's distinct chic look created from its scalloped edges. Since the sash itself is lighter in color, your soon-to-be name will stand out.

Taylor Swift-Inspired Bachelorette Sash

Taylor swift inspired bachelorette party sash
Photo: VonHartVinyl

We can't think of a better way to reveal that you'll soon have a forever lover than with this Taylor Swift-inspired sash, especially at a Taylor Swift-themed bachelorette party. Whether or not your bachelorette party consists of screaming the pop star's songs with your nearest and dearest at the top of your lungs or running a playlist in the background, this sash will make a great addition to your celebration.

Bride-or-Die Bachelorette Sash

Bride or Die black and white bachelorette party sash
Photo: BrantPointPrep

If you're looking for a sash with some edge, consider this one. This six-foot-long sash will pop against any outfit and show how passionate and ready you are for the next chapter in your life.

Barbie Bachelorette Sash and Veil

Barbie Bride - Bachelorette Veil & Sash
Photo: SassySashSashes

Everyone will be saying "Hi bride Barbie" when you have this sash draped around your body. Although you can solely order a sash, you have the option to tag a custom veil with the words "future Mrs. X" onto your purchase as well–just make sure to drop your new last name into the "Notes To Seller" box when checking out.

Wedding Party Bachelorette Sashes

Yes, buying a bachelorette sash for yourself is a fun experience, but getting some for all your friends adds to the experience. These bachelorette sash party sets are perfect whether you're celebrating with a group of five or 10.

Disney Bachelorette Party Sashes

Disney Theme Bachelorette Party Sashes
Photo: VonHartVinyl

If you're headed to a Disney theme park for a bachelorette party or are celebrating a Disney-loving bride, it's hard to go wrong with Disney-inspired bachelorette sashes. With sayings including "bride-to-be," "maid of honor," "mother of the bride," and "bridesmaid," next to a Minnie Mouse icon graphic, you can pick and choose which sashes and sayings best suit your needs for your magical bachelorette party–just make sure to note that $17 is the price of each individual sash and not the total cost of all of the ones pictured.

Romantic Rose Gold Bachelorette Sash Set

Rose gold bridesmaid bachelorette sash
Photo: GemichUS

Involve your whole crew in the sash-wearing experience with this 12-pack of rose gold sashes. With sayings including "wild thing" and "shot queen," you'll be able to playfully label your friends for the night while you wear the classic white "bride-to-be" sash.

Mermaid Bachelorette Sash Set

Mermaid Bachelorette Party Sash
Photo: The Knot Shop

If mermaids are your thing, look no further than these green and purple bachelorette sashes. You can wear the "mermaid bride" sash while your besties wear the "mermaid tribe" pieces. Make a note that each sash is sold separately (although they are photographed together).

Whimsical Geometric Floral Bachelorette Sash Set

Geometric Floral Bachelorette Sash Set
Photo: Michaels

Make a statement when you and your crew wear this six-piece satin sash set. Check out their watercolor floral print!

"Friends" Sassy Bachelorette and Wedding Party Sashes

FRIENDS themed bridesmaid bachelorette sash
Photo: SassySashSashes

If "Friends" is your favorite show, you and your "I Do Crew" can rock these sashes. Whether you're looking only for a "BRIDE" sash or sashes for you and your closest friends, there are a variety of material (fabric or ribbon) and purchase options to select from depending on how many and what kinds of sashes you're looking for. If you want to deviate from the white sash for the bride and the black for your friends, leave a note for the shop so it can do its best to accommodate your request.

Funny Bachelorette Sashes

We like bachelorette sashes, but we like them even more when they have a funny saying written across the front. Whether you're "bridin' dirty," or are a "nauti bride," we've listed sash options for you.

Bridin' Dirty Bachelorette Sash

Bridin' dirty bachelorette sash
Photo: BrantPointPrep

This "Bridin' Dirty" sash will stir up some laughter while you walk around the town, go out to eat, or engage in other activities during your bachelorette party. And, since the satin ribbon is four inches wide, it'll be difficult for most people passing by to miss its wording with the bold letters.

Cowgirl Bachelorette Sash

Bride's last ride Bachelorette Party Sash
Photo: BrantPointPrep

Whether or not you're taking your bachelorette party to Nashville or are simply a cowgirl at heart, this "bride's last ride" is a great choice for those looking for something unique (and, funny). Naturally, there's a cowboy hat graphic next to the writing which adds to its aesthetic.

"Nauti Bride" Bachelorette Party Bride Sash

Nauti bride bachelorette sash
Photo: ShopCalysCloset

If you're headed out to sea for your bachelorette party, this "nauti bride" sash will make waves. If you're not keen on its current sash, font and anchor colors, you can change them by making a note for the shop owner. Once that's all set, you can rest assured that the sash will be ready to sail around your body.

"Feyoncé" Bachelorette Sash

'Feyonce' black and gold bachelorette sash
Photo: ShadesOfPinkBtq

Beyonce fans will love showing off their fiance status with this "Feyoncé" sash. Everyone around you will know they "put a ring on it" when you wear it.

"Mean Girls" Bachelorette Sash

Pink Satin Mean Girls Bachelorette Sash
Photo: LLDgiftsbyLaurenLash

If you're looking for a bachelorette sash inspired by the iconic "Mean Girls" film this is it. This pink sash's exterior looks very similar to the "Burn Book" even down to its lettering. Although we'd recommend sticking to the hot pink to remain true to the film, there are other sash color options available.

Classy Bachelorette Sashes

For those looking to keep things classy, we've gathered some more sophisticated picks including those that are iron-friendly and shimmer with glitter.

Elegant White Satin Bachelorette Sash

White 'bride to be' bachelorette sash
Photo: xo, Fetti

For a classy bachelorette sash for the bride-to-be, this white satin sash with rose gold foil is a solid choice. Since it's iron-friendly, there's no need to worry if you notice a couple of wrinkles before wearing it. And, it comes with a diamond pin to keep it intact.

Dramatic Lace Bachelorette Sash

Black lace 'bride to be' bachelorette sash
Photo: ShadesOfPinkBtq

If you seek elegance, this scalloped lace bachelorette sash will not disappoint. Regardless of which colors you pick to show off that you're the "bride-to-be," these long handmade sashes will adorn your outfit and memory box for years to come.

Personalized Bachelorette Sashes

Although pre-designed bachelorette sashes are great, some can be customized with a personal twist. The way in which you choose to customize can reflect your personality or party theme to create something that's most meaningful to you.

Customizable Bachelorette Sash

'future mrs.' blue bachelorette sash
Photo: AllSeasonCelebration

Personalize your sash with whatever you want (within reason, but you know what we mean). With more than 10 color options to choose from including mauve, turquoise and ivory and six sizing options, you'll be able to create the bachelorette sash of your dreams and do so for under $10.

Glittery Future Mrs. Bachelorette Sash

'Future mrs.' personalized white and pink bachelorette sash
Photo: ImprintandImpress

Flaunt your new (or current) last name with this glitter bachelorette sash. With more than 10 sash and glitter colors to choose from, you have the ability to make this sash truly your own. And, your sash comes with an included gift box where you can keep your new personalized piece for years to come.

"Harry Potter" Bachelorette Sash

Satin Harry Potter Bachelorette Sash
Photo: LLDgiftsbyLaurenLash

Potterheads will appreciate a 72-inch bachelorette sash inspired by this wizardous franchise. The sash can be personalized with various colors and sayings including "I found my keeper," "he's a keeper," "she's a catch," and "I'm a catch." Or, you can embroider the sash with a different phrase by contacting the shop when making your purchase.

Bachelorette Party Sash Sayings

If you're looking to customize your own bachelorette sash, here are some sayings you could have engraved. From those inspired by Taylor Swift to those that showcase some more personality, here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

  • "Pop the Champagne, She's Changing Her Last Name"
  • "She said YASSS"
  • "Hi. It's me. I'm the bride. It's me."
  • "Bach and boujee"
  • "Bach shit crazy"
  • "Wife of the party"
  • "Found my Ken/Barbie"
  • "Let's Go Girls"
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