10 Hilarious (and Non-Cheesy) Bachelorette Party Sashes for Every Type of Bride

These are “nacho average” sashes.
by Sophie Ross

We love a good “bride-to-be” sash, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with wearing one that says, “Future Mrs. *insert your partner’s last name here.*” That said, if you want to switch it up for your one-and-only bachelorette party, there are tons of hilarious options on Etsy, below. (And if none of these fit your personality, you can always DIY one too.)

  1. 1. For the Nacho Lover

    Nacho Average Bride bachelorette sash

    GoldAndGlamour Nacho Average Bride bachelorette sash, $9, Etsy.com

  2. 2. For the Wild Child

    wild wild bride custom bachelorette sash

    LePetitMariage custom bachelorette sash, $8, Etsy.com

  3. 3. For the Wannabe Mermaid

    Mermaid to Mrs. glitter sash

    GlitterSashShop Mermaid to Mrs. glitter sash, $25, Etsy.com

  4. 4. For the Southern Bride

    custom Gettin’ Hitched Y’all country bride sash

    SassySashSashes custom Gettin’ Hitched Y’all country bride sash, $19, Etsy.com

  5. 5. For the Beyoncé Fan

    He Put a Ring on It sash

    HopStudio He Put a Ring on It sash, $17, Etsy.com

  6. 6. For the One Who Loves the Water

    nautical bachelorette sash

    MyEverydayParty nautical bachelorette sash, $13, Etsy.com

  7. 7. For the Destination Wedding Bride

    Lei’d for Life sash

    ShadesOfPinkBtq Lei’d for Life sash, $14, Etsy.com

  8. 8. For the Disney Fanatic

    Disney-themed bachelorette party sash

    HoneyDukeDesigns Disney-themed bachelorette party sash, $11, Etsy.com

  9. 9. For the Harry Potter Lover

    Harry Potter bachelorette sash

    GlitterSashShop Harry Potter bachelorette sash, $26, Etsy.com

  10. 10. For the Partier

    Buy me a Shot I'm Trying the Knot bachelorette sash

    HensHQ bachelorette sash, $8, Etsy.com

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