Men's Boho Wedding Attire Fits to Buy Now

Our favorite looks for grooms, groomsmen, and guests.
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Feb 29, 2024
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Are you attending a bohemian-themed wedding? Get ready to dress up in men's boho wedding attire. This style of dress is one of the most creative and unrestricted in the wedding world, allowing a ton of room for self-expression, fashion-forward fits, and unique accessories that might feel out of place at more formal weddings. Whether you're looking to add a boho twist to your wedding suit (we recommend checking out Banana Republic and Suitsupply for some of our favorites) or plan on ditching the suit entirely for something a little more unique, you've come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about men's boho wedding attire.

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What is Men's Boho Wedding Attire?

Men's bohemian wedding attire–and bohemian wedding attire in general–is significantly less formal and defined than traditional wedding dress codes. If you're looking for the closest point of comparison, it's comparable to a semi-formal dress code. This is to say that there's still an expectation that you'll be dressed for a special occasion, but you can safely expect to leave your tuxedo in the closet. Here are some of our favorite boho wedding-style tips.

  • Mismatched Pieces: Boho wedding attire for men is a good time to play with suit separates, mixing pieces and patterns and fabrics for contrast or complementing tones.
  • Let It Flow: A surefire way to pull off a boho wedding look is to wear pieces with more generous drapes. Save a more tailored suit for a formal wedding and take this opportunity to try soft tailoring, flowy linens, or unstructured suiting.
  • Fun Fabrics: Attending a boho wedding in the spring or summer? Go with linen suit pieces. Is it in the fall or winter? Try tweed. These are just two examples you can play with and definitely not hard rules, but the point is that boho weddings are the time to try rustic fabrics, not the sort of traditional wool suiting you've likely worn to more formal weddings in the past. It doesn't stop at suiting, either–you can mix fabrics like denim, chambray, twill, and leather (among others) into your look via shirts, trousers, and accessories.
  • Earthy Tones: Dark browns, breezy beiges, and rich olives are just a few of the colors that make for great men's boho wedding outfits. Stick with earthy tones as the base of your outfit, lighter ones for spring and summer, and darker ones for fall and winter.
  • Floral Print: Boho weddings aren't necessarily the time to show up in a full-on floral suit, but floral print accessories are the perfect move to finish off your fit. A tie, pocket square, or pair of shoes can provide all the boho vibes your suit needs.
  • Quirky Accessories: This one is pretty broad, but it's also one of the most important styling choices you can make for a boho wedding outfit. The way your fit is accessorized should reflect your taste and personality. Add a goofy tie clip or wear a bolo tie. Wear a wide-brim hat (or even a cowboy hat). Find a big (but tasteful) belt buckle or a pair of flashy boots. Bohemian wedding dress codes don't indicate a total lack of formality (you probably shouldn't show up in a tee shirt) but in terms of how you style your outfit, there are no rules.

Boho Groom Attire Ideas

As the groom, you will always be setting the tone for the rest of the wedding party and guests no matter the dress code. If your big day comes with a boho vibe, it's your chance to pull off a big fit. Stick to boho suiting standards (in terms of colors, fabrics, etc.) but make it your own in the way you style it.

Boho Linen Groom Outfit

Boho Linen Groom Outfit
Suit: Todd Snyder,Shirt: J. Crew,Suspenders: KK & Jay S,Boots: Thursday Boot Co.

If you're getting married during the warmer months of the year, linen is always a safe bet. Pair a beige linen suit with a boho-friendly dress shirt, boots, and a pair of sharp suspenders for a surefire wedding day hit.

Brown Boho Groom Outfit

Brown Boho Groom Outfit
Jacket: Dandy Del Mar,Pants: Dandy Del Mar,Shirt: Gap,Shoes: Morjas,Bolo Tie: Folks On the Edge

Shades of brown are right at home for a boho groom outfit. Try this one from Dandy Del Mar in a burnt tone with a chambray shirt and a bolo tie.

Floral Boho Groom Outfit

Floral Boho Groom Outfit
Blazer: Perte D'ego,Shirt: Snaps Clothing,Jeans: Buck Mason,Shoes: Sabah

If you want to lean into the boho vibe of your wedding, do so with an embroidered blazer and some quality denim to match. Accessorize accordingly with a pair of chill Sabahs.

Boho Groomsmen Attire Ideas

For a boho groomsmen outfit, you're going to want to go with something easy to replicate across the wedding party. This means accessible suiting and accessories that are going to be easy to match. Read on for our favorite boho groomsmen looks.

Boho Navy Groomsmen Outfit

Boho Navy Groomsmen Outfit
Jacket: J. Crew,Pants: J. Crew,Shirt: Brooks Brothers,Loafers: Johnston & Murphy

Sometimes a great boho suiting moment comes from bringing the vibes out of a more traditional suit. If you want your groomsmen in navy, try having them wear suits made from a more casual fabric like chino. They can also wear their shirt collars open and slip bandanas in as pocket squares.

Boho Brown Groomsmen Outfit

Boho brown groomsmen outfit
Suit: Express,Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt,Tie: Otaa,Shoes: Bruno Marc

If your boys are dressing in brown, try having them contrast the earthy tone with a floral tie. Finish the fit off with black dress shoes for a great look for your gang.

Boho No-Suit Groomsmen Outfit

Boho Casual No-Suit Groomsmen Outfit
Shirt: Bonobos,Suspenders: Trafalgar,Pants: Banana Republic,Shoes: Beckett Simonon

If your wedding party is ditching suits for the big day, they can still dress to impress. Try pairing a denim shirt with sharp suspenders, dapper dress boots, and some flowy dress pants.

Boho Made-To-Measure Groomsmen Outfit

Boho Made-To-Measure Groomsmen Outfit
Suit: Indochino,Shirt: Express,Tie: Buck Mason,Loafers: DSW

If you want your wedding party to be suited up in custom boho threads, try a made-to-measure service like Indochino, which will get them in custom suits at affordable prices. Something in a light brown or tan and a boho wedding-friendly fabric like cotton will do great, especially when styled with a fun paisley dress shirt, a knit tie, and sturdy loafers (worn sockless, of course).

Bohemian Wedding Attire for Male Guests

The Best Boho Wedding Suit Look for Guests

Tan boho wedding guest suit outfit
Suit: Banana Republic,Pants: Banana Republic,Shirt: Eton,Suspenders: Neiman Marcus,Shoes: Taft

Pull off boho wedding guest attire with style with our favorite suiting look for the occasion. Pair a cotton linen jacket with a denim shirt, suspenders, and flashy dress shoes with a floral accent.

The Best Casual Boho Wedding Guest Outfit

Casual Boho Wedding Guest Outfit
Suit: Bonobos,Shirt: Huckberry,Jeans: Wrangler,Shoes: Thursday Boot Co.

If you aren't going for the full suiting look when you attend a bohemian wedding, here's our advice: wear a relaxed sport coat with a nice flannel. Tuck the shirt into some crisp straight-leg denim and finish it with a pair of wingtip dress boots.

Boho Suit Brands You Oughta Know

Boho suits tend to come together in how you style them rather than the suits themselves. Still, there are certain cuts, fabrics, and suit styles that lean into the boho vibe particularly well. If you're looking to put together a great boho suit for a wedding, these are the places to shop.

  • Banana Republic: This shopping mall staple has leveled up in a big way in recent years, with their suiting utilizing drapey cuts, lovely linen blends, and stylish colors that are tailored perfectly to boho weddings.
  • Percival: Percival's unstructured linen suiting is simple, stylish, and affordable. They make their signature suit in a wide array of colors and patterns as well, making it easy to style the suit your way when it comes time for the wedding.
  • Suitsupply: The best way to ensure a boho-ready fit is to get a suit made to measure. For that, go to Suitsupply. In addition to their customizable suiting service, their ready-to-wear offerings come in flowy fits and fabrics perfect for boho weddings.
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