The Biggest Suit Trends for 2024 Weddings

Suiting up in the new year? You'll want to read this.
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Jan 10, 2024
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Whether you're in or out of the fashion loop, when trying to come up with men's suit ideas for weddings you may have on your calendar in 2024, looking to the trends of the moment is a good place to start. Suiting has come back to the mainstream in a big way post-lockdown and the trends in the space lend themselves incredibly well to pulling off great wedding fits. With the right proportions, a standard black tuxedo can look like it's ripped from a magazine cover and the same suit can be elevated with trending accessories and styling choices. For a wedding outfit that steals the show, try out some of our favorite men's suit trends in 2024.

The ethos behind most of the suiting trends of 2024 stems from making suits more approachable and more fun to wear. Gone are the days of stuffy suiting–today's suits are equal parts accessible and fashion-forward. Much of this comes down to suit trends related to fit and construction. As we move further away from the slim-fit era, suiting is embracing proportions both classic and wide, allowing for timeless looks and flowy fits. "What I see in 2024 is a continuation of what we've been seeing the past few years," explains Brooks Brothers creative director Michael Bastian, "Tailored clothing is becoming looser, lapels a little wider, more pleated pants, and more details like double-vents, side adjusters on pants, and ticket pockets." As fits become looser and lapels become wider, everything else follows suit to keep proportions steady. "If you change the lapel you have to change the tie [and] you have to change the collar. I like a bigger knot on the tie, a wider-width tie. Everything has to balance, even the shoe–go with a longer shoe or a tassel loafer." Bastian also noted that the shifting proportions of the moment have allowed for the single-breasted suit to lose a bit of its dominance. "Double-breasted feels better for this," Bastian notes, "It feels right these days."

We're also seeing a rise in the popularity of "soft tailoring," which is suiting that isn't made with as much structure. It allows for more natural drapes that fit based on the body of the person wearing them less than interior canvassing or shoulder pads. The result is suits that you wear rather than suits that wear you.

When dressing for a wedding, guys are coming around to the idea that their outfits can be just as much venues for self-expression and personal style as womenswear in the space allows. Grooms are far less likely to wear prepackaged looks, finding ways to make their suits their own as they get dressed for their special day. Guests are similarly treating weddings like runway shows, days they can dress their best and show off the looks to their friends and loved ones (without distracting from the couple; obviously everyone's eyes will be on them).

Top Wedding Suit Trends for 2024

1. Soft Tailoring

Soft tailoring men's wedding suit trend
Photo: Jessica Yvonne Photo

Soft tailoring is an increasingly popular form of suit construction. In short, soft tailoring is suiting that doesn't contain the rigorous interior structuring of classic suiting. In most suits, between the exterior fabric and the interior lining of the jacket, there's a layer of material referred to as "canvassing." Canvassing is a woven layer of natural fibers (horse hair is common) that gives the jacket a shape and structure. Over time it conforms to your body, improving your suit's fit and shape. Other suiting elements can provide deliberate shape and structure, shoulder pads being the most common.

In 2024 we're seeing an increased move away from structured tailoring, though. That's where soft tailoring comes in. Shoulder padding is pointedly out, with value placed on a natural fit across the shoulders. Similarly, we're seeing a real move towards half-canvassing, which is a less-structured approach to giving a suit its shape without taking away its structure entirely. There's also a real move towards suits that don't feature canvassing at all, some even having an unlined interior (this is an inherently more casual look, to be clear).

The result is suits that have a natural fit and a lot more movement to them. Natural fits just feel a bit more, well, natural–it allows a suit to be worn in a way that fits uniquely to the person who put it on. Individuality is key to suiting in 2024 and soft tailoring is an elegant step towards achieving it.

Save: Suitsupply Sand Roma Blazer

Suitsupply soft tailored blazer
Photo: Suitsupply

Suitsupply's soft tailoring game is top-notch these days. They offer stylish takes on menswear staples at affordable prices, like this blazer in their killer unstructured Roma cut.

Spend: Todd Snyder Italian Donegal Madison Suit

Todd Snyder gray soft tailored suit
Photo: Todd Snyder

Soft tailoring is a specialty of Todd Snyder, the increasingly popular New York designer who makes everything from sweatshirts to suits. Most of the brand's suits take a soft tailoring approach, with their Madison suit in Donegal wool standing out as a highlight of the selection.

Splurge: Brunello Cucinelli Cotton-Cashmere Corduroy Suit

Brunello Cucinelli cotton-cashmere soft tailored suit
Photo: Neiman Marcus

If there's a name at the head of the soft tailoring pack it's Brunello Cucinelli, the Italian designer whose suits are a favorite of movie stars on red carpets. The looks aren't Hollywood-exclusive, though–you can try out some of his tailoring like this corduroy stunner yourself and look movie premiere-ready.

2. Women's Suiting

Bride wearing suit
Photo: JLB Wedding Photography

Keep in mind that the biggest suiting trends in 2024 aren't gender-exclusive–in fact, women's suiting is very much having a moment. Womenswear brands are leaning into it more and more and we've even seen some of the biggest names in men's suits these days launch suiting collections that aren't for the boys. Women's suiting can work for most any wedding dress code and are a great way to lean into a sartorial swerve in 2024.

Save: SuitShop Women's Black Tuxedo

SuitShop black women's tuxedo
Photo: SuitShop

SuitShop specializes in offering suiting you can own for the price of a rental. Their women's line is a great entryway into the world of suiting, with their simple, chic black tuxedo standing out as one of their best offerings.

Spend: Indochino Northfield Basketweave Brown Suit

Indochino brown women's suit
Photo: Indochino

Made-to-measure titans Indochino recently broke into women's suiting with style. Their custom suiting selections are top-tier, especially this basketweave beauty in brown.

Splurge: Sharpe Suiting Bespoke Suit

Sharpe Suiting bespoke women's suit
Photo: Sharpe Suiting

Want to go big? Go bespoke. Sharpe Tailoring is one of our favorite bespoke suiting services, and they specialize in doing women's suiting better than just about anybody else.

3. Double-Breasted Suits

Not every suiting trend from 2023 is going away in 2024. Double-breasted suits are here to stay. Folks are slowly coming around to the great big secret about double-breasted suits: they're just as versatile as single-breasted ones. They have a leg up on their sibling suit in a sense. For one, the structure of a double-breasted suit plays up the proportions of the person who's wearing it. The natural angles of a double-breasted suit's lapels and the way the buttoned closure draws them together force a perspective that accentuates the upper torso and slims the waist. It's an incredibly flattering fit when worn buttoned. When the suit is worn open, it creates a flowy drape and leans into a vintage vibe, especially when the suit is made from a lighter fabric like linen.

Double-breasted suits are hardly a new trend, but a generation is realizing just how much they have to offer. 2024 is a great time to wear one for the first time or the fortieth.

Save: J. Crew Kenmare Double-Breasted Blazer in Donegal Wool

J. Crew Kenmare wool double breasted blazer
Photo: J. Crew

J. Crew is always a good place to start if you're looking to give a trend a shot. Sure enough, they've got a great selection of double-breasted suits available, with this corduroy Kenmare suit standing out in particular.

Spend: Canali Kei Unstructured Double-Breasted Suit

Canali Kei double-breasted suit
Photo: Mr. Porter

For a cool, unstructured vibe, try on Canali's Kei double-breasted suit. It's got a soft edge and a great drape, making it a suit you can dress up or down for semi-formal or formal weddings.

Splurge: Thom Sweeney Double-Breasted Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket

Thom Sweeney double-breasted shawl collar suit
Photo: Nordstrom

Go luxe with a double-breasted tux. Thom Sweeney's take on the ritzy menswear staple features a stunning shawl collar and a unique subtle double-breasted closure.

4. Boot Scoot Boogie

If you're getting suited, you might as well get booted. Last year we loved watching westernwear wedding trends take over. This year, they aren't going anywhere, but a facet of the trend is expanding. Pairing a suit with cowboy boots is already a pretty top-tier styling choice, but boots in general are going to be a great way to spice up a suit in 2024. Whether you're going with a pair of slick Chelsea boots or a classic dress boot, it's a footwear choice that's going to go a long way in the coming year.

Save: Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boot

Ariat black Western boots
Photo: Ariat

Need boots on a budget? Ariat has you covered with their signature Heritage R Toe boot. It's a classic cowboy boot that'll look great with jeans or with a suit.

Spend: Tecovas 'The Dillon' Caiman Belly Cowboy Boot

Tecovas brown Western boot
Photo: Tecovas

Slip on some boots that'll turn heads with Tecovas's Dillon boot. These are sure to turn heads–make sure your moves on the reception's dance floor can handle the attention.

Splurge: Lucchese Carpincho Boot

Lucchese cowboy boots
Photo: Lucchese

Lucchese is the Ferrari of cowboy boots, each of their select drops marked by impeccable craftsmanship and flashy design. If you're going to walk down the aisle in cowboy boots, this is the wildest way to do it.

Vintage Vibes

We're big advocates of made-to-measure suiting and bespoke fits, sure, but in 2024 there's a different route you can take to rock a unique look at a wedding. More and more we're seeing millennials and Gen-Z grooms-to-be (and guests alike) go with a vintage suit rather than a brand-new one. There are plenty of practical reasons this trend is picking up speed. For one, it's a sustainable alternative to buying new clothes and the generational urge to shop ethically is strong. It's also often a cheaper one. Anecdotally, I have two suits in my closet I'd say are the coolest I own. One is a bespoke one I purchased brand-new. The other is a vintage Ralph Lauren suit I found for all of thirty bucks on eBay and then paid a tailor about twenty more to alter. It fits perfectly, it looks incredible, and it set me back all of fifty bucks. I wore it to a friend's wedding and nailed the semi-formal dress code in doing so. Weddings aren't cheap, whether you're hosting one or attending (flights, gas, and hotel charges add up), and buying a vintage suit can ease the hit on your wallet.

It isn't all about practicality, though–vintage suits also happen to look great. Oftentimes the suiting of the moment has ties to the past, and these days those ties go back to the wide proportions, slouchy drapes, and billowy fabrics of the seventies (and nineties). Why buy a brand-new suit that aims to recreate those silhouettes when you can dig through a consignment shop rack or mess around on Depop and find the original? With some patience, a good eye for what you're looking for, and the phone number of a good tailor, you can make a vintage suit look brand new.

Where to Buy Vintage Suits

Finding a great vintage suit doesn't even require getting up from your couch and heading to a thrift store these days (though getting out and seeing what you're buying in person is always a huge plus. Here are some of our favorite places to buy vintage and consignment suits these days.

  • eBay: You can buy pretty much anything on eBay, including vintage suiting. While there are high-end options available, the real move with eBay is to find options available for under a hundred bucks. You'd be surprised how many recognizable designer names have suits floating around on the site in that price range.

  • Depop: Depop is another great place to find cool vintage suiting for less than you'd pay for dinner for two. While there are recognizable designers and brands available on the site, the real joy of Depop suit shopping is stumbling across anonymous trousers and blazers that lost their tags long ago and somehow fit better than anything you'd find in a store.

  • Grailed: Grailed is the preferred resale platform for serious fashion heads. It's more a consignment store than a thrift shop and the prices reflect that. If you're looking for rare pieces from hot designers like Our Legacy, Rick Owens, and The Row, this is the place to go.

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