The Cutest Loungewear for Your Honeymoon Flight

Be comfy and fashionable with our picks.
by Sophie Ross

Picture this: You’ve just married the love of your life, had the best night ever and slipped off the gorgeous wedding dress of your dreams. You weren’t planning on wearing any old sweatpants when you jet off to your honeymoon the next day, were you?

Of course not. That’s why we’ve taken a cue from the Kardashians (private jet, not included) and rounded up loungewear that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable. Find your flight outfit for wherever you’re going—whether it’s Paris or Panama—below.

  1. A cozy, thermal knit hoodie is the perfect layer to have with you when the airplane AC starts blasting.

    LA Made Ellie hoodie honeymoon loungewear

    LA Made Ellie hoodie, $84,

  2. Yes, pajamas for the plane are perfectly acceptable—just pair this chic lace set with sandals and a cardigan, and you’ll be both comfortable and presentable when you check in at your hotel.

    Forever 21 lace trim pajama set honeymoon loungewear

    Forever 21 lace trim pajama set, $23,

  3. This 5-piece travel set has everything you need for a long flight: a breathable bra, undies, leggings, sweatshirt and tank. Yes, please.

    Lunya 5-piece travel kit honeymoon loungewear

    Lunya 5-piece travel kit, $298,

  4. Go for a cheeky graphic tee you can pair with sweats and a jacket.

    Project Social T All Shapes and Sizes tee honeymoon loungewear

    Project Social T All Shapes and Sizes tee, $45,

  5. This matching set is super stylish and super comfortable.

    Wildfox Track Tennis Club pants honeymoon flight loungewear

    Wildfox Track Tennis Club pants, $98,
    Wildfox Blocked baggy beach V, $98,

  6. Two words: cashmere sweatpants.

    Everlane The Cashmere Sweatpant honeymoon flight loungewear

    Everlane The Cashmere Sweatpant, $140,

  7. This sexy, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt screams “newlywed” (but still looks ultra cozy).

    N12H lounge ready flared sleeve top honeymoon flight loungewear

    N12H lounge ready flared sleeve top, $119,

  8. This tee says it all. Pair with leggings and a leather jacket for a look that’s still cool.

    Wildfox Honeymooner No 9 tee honeymoon flight loungewear

    Wildfox Honeymooner No 9 tee, $66,

  9. Throw on these cool, on-trend striped pants with anything.

    Tommy Hilfiger X UO side stripe lounge pants honeymoon flight loungewear

    Tommy Hilfiger X UO side stripe lounge pants, $49,

  10. A ripped jogger set is breathable, layerable and downright adorable.

    Asos Lounge ripped off the shoulder sweatshirt honeymoon flight loungewear

    Asos Lounge ripped off the shoulder sweatshirt, $29,
    Asos Lounge ripped joggers, $32,

  11. This PJ jumpsuit is life changing—you’ll probably never want to take it off, even after you land at your destination.

    Forever 21 sweater-knit PJ jumpsuit honeymoon flight loungewear

    Forever 21 sweater-knit PJ jumpsuit, $20,

  12. If your flight is ridiculously long, you’ll be so, so happy to have loose-fitting, ultra-comfortable sweatpants on. And it doesn’t hurt when they’re cute (and matching) too.

    Asos Design curve lounge star dorm joggers honeymoon flight loungewear

    Asos Design curve lounge star dorm joggers, $32,

  13. Yes, Juicy Couture is back—and this grown-up version of its classic velour hoodie will be just as cozy as you remember.

    Juicy Couture velour ruched sleeve jacket honeymoon flight loungewear

    Juicy Couture velour ruched sleeve jacket, $128,

  14. You can’t go wrong with a cute athleisure set (that can serve as your workout clothes once you arrive at your destination).

    Peach reversible capri pants honeymoon flight loungewear

    Peach reversible capri pants, $79,

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