The Best Tuxedos for Women and Where to Buy Them

Suit up and slay at your next formal event.
Three women's tuxedos
Photos, left to right: Ralph Lauren, Little Black Tux, L'Agence
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Jan 08, 2024
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Black-tie suiting isn't just for the boys. Tuxedos have long been a mainstay for stylish women from Bianca Jagger to Charlotte Rampling. An increasingly popular choice for formal events and especially weddings, tuxedos for women go hand in hand with one of our favorite suiting trends in 2024. They are a great alternative to more traditional weddingwear and are very much worth diving into (or adding to a wardrobe already full of them) in the coming year. You can go the traditional route or even mix in some of our favorite tuxedo alternatives like jumpsuits, pantsuits, and suit separates. For some of our favorite picks and how to style them, check out our selections below.

What is a Tuxedo for Women?

Tuxedos for women aren't all that different from tuxedos for men. What differentiates them from suits for women is fairly simple: tuxedos contain satin detailing in the lapels and buttons and often a satin stripe down the pant leg. Something like a blazer dress or a women's suit is going to have a bit more flexibility in terms of material and construction, whereas a tuxedo has a more defined style.

The Best Tuxedo Suits for Women

For those looking to suit up with a full tuxedo look at their next black-tie affair, look no further. Here are some of our favorite tuxedos for women.

Indochino Highworth Black Tuxedo

Indochino black velvet women's tuxedo
Photo: Indochino

The masters of made-to-measure suiting recently expanded into womenswear with great success. Their tuxedo selections are top-tier, especially the double-breasted Highworth tux.

Size Range: Made-to-Measure
Material: Wool

Ralph Lauren Silk-Lapel Wool Double-Breasted Suit

Ralph Lauren silk-lapel wool double-breasted women's tuxedo
Photo: Ralph Lauren

You can never go wrong with Ralph. The brand's navy double-breasted tuxedo is a slouchy, drapey showstopper that's sure to impress at a wedding.

Size Range: 00-18
Material: Wool

Her Tuxedo Women's Black Tuxedo Suit

Her Tuxedo women's black tuxedo
Photo: Her Tuxedo

Those looking to go the classic route should try Her Tuxedo's standard black tux. It's got all the makings of an old-school black-tie look, right down to the wide peaked lapels.

Size Range: 4-14
Material: Wool/Polyester

Little Black Tux Black Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Little Black Tux black shawl collar tuxedo
Photo: Little Black Tux

We're huge fans of the shawl collar tuxedo here. The look oozes confidence and laid-back vibes, and Little Black Tux's take on this suiting staple is a can't-miss wedding wardrobe addition.

Size Range: 0-20
Material: Wool

Women's Tuxedo Jackets, Pants, and Shirts

If you're looking to put a unique spin on your wedding look, tuxedo suit separates are a great way to do so. Here are a few of our favorites that can make for a sleek black-tie fit or provide a twist on a formal or semi-formal wedding look.

Madewell Oversize Poplin Tuxedo Shirt

Madewell oversize poplin women's tuxedo shirt
Photo: Nordstrom

Madewell's oversized tuxedo shirt is the best of both worlds. It can be paired with a full tuxedo look or serve as a stylish piece in a semi-formal or dressy casual wedding outfit.

Size Range: XXS-XL
Material: Cotton

Elie Tahari Slim Tuxedo Pant

Elie Tahari slim tuxedo women's pants
Photo: Elie Tahari

Made from a chic satin crepe, Elie Tahari's tuxedo pants are a must-have. They feature a slim taper and can be worn to a wedding and then out for a night with the girls the following weekend.

Size Range: 0-16
Material: Satin Crepe

Reiss Opal Fitted Velvet Suit Blazer

Reiss velvet women's tuxedo blazer
Photo: Reiss

Mix some velvet into your women's tuxedo look for a cool vintage vibe. This option from Reiss comes in a slim cut and can take your outfit to the next level.

Size Range: 0-14
Material: Velvet

Banana Republic Factory Double Breasted Tuxedo Blazer

Banana Republic Factory double breasted women's tuxedo blazer
Photo: Banana Republic Factory

Banana Republic Factory's double-breasted tux blazer comes loaded with vintage vibes, from a slouchy, unstructured fit to the thick peaked lapels. Mix it in with separates or give it a go with a full tux look.

Size Range: 0-20
Material: Polyester and Rayon

Women's Tuxedo Dresses

Can't decide between a dress or a tuxedo for your next wedding? With a tuxedo dress you don't have to. These blend the formal chic of a black-tie dress with the structure and detailing of a tuxedo. It's a unique look, and one sure to garner plenty of compliments.

Sans Faff Amberly Blazer Dress

Retrofete women's blazer dress
Photo: Retrofete

Sans Faff's blazer dress is all business but ready for the after-party. It's a runway-ready look for your next wedding.

Size Range: XS-XL
Material: Acetate and Polyester

Elie Tahari Satin Tuxedo Coat Dress

Elie Tahari women's satin tuxedo coat dress
Photo: Elie Tahari

Satin always makes for a stylish touch in a wedding fit. Elie Tahari's satin tuxedo dress can get you decked out in the luxe material with style.

Size Range: 0-16
Material: Satin

Karen Millen Velvet Longline Double-Breasted Mini Dress

Karen Millen pink velvet double-breasted blazer dress
Photo: Karen Millen

Black-tie doesn't have to mean a black tuxedo (or tuxedo dress). Karen Millen's take on the style brings a pop of fresh color to a look that usually sticks to neutrals.

Size Range: 2-12
Material: Velvet

Eliza J Long Sleeve Tuxedo Gown

Eliza J tuxedo gown with satin waist tie
Photo: Nordstrom

Eliza J's tuxedo gown emphasizes the latter while blending elements of the former. We especially love the satin waist tie.

Size Range: 0-14
Material: Polyester and Satin

Tuxedo Jumpsuits for Women

Jumpsuits are one of our favorite trends in weddingwear this year. There are plenty of great options out there that blend the trendy wardrobe essential with elements of a tuxedo. If you're looking to try out a tuxedo jumpsuit in 2024, here are some of the best available right now.

L'Agence Bora Tux Jumpsuit

L'Agence women's tux jumpsuit
Photo: L'Agence

Our favorite detail in this one? The billowy legs, bring a laissez-faire feel to an elegant piece.

Size Range: 0-18
Material: Rayon

Adrianna Papell Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Adrianna Papell women's tuxedo jumpsuit
Photo: Adrianna Papell

A shawl lapel and an edgy side-tie make this option from Adrianna Papell one of our favorite tuxedo jumpsuits available right now.

Size Range: 2-16
Material: Polyester

Banana Republic Faiza Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Banana Republic women's tuxedo jumpsuit
Photo: Banana Republic

A plunging neckline and unconventional silhouette make Banana Republic's Faiza jumpsuit a standout design. Tradition isn't everything, not even when dressing for a black-tie affair.

Size Range: 0-20
Material: Polyester and Rayon

Reiss Martine Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Reiss champagne sleeveless tuxedo women's jumpsuit
Photo: Reiss

Who needs sleeves? Reiss's Martine tuxedo jumpsuit provides a warm-weather take on the silhouette, stripping away the sleeves but none of the elegance.

Size Range: 0-14
Material: Polyester

Where to Buy a Women's Tuxedo

You may know where to buy women's suits but tuxedos can be a different story. There are plenty of retailers and designers out there who carry great lines of tuxedos for women, as well as tuxedo jumpsuits and tuxedo dresses. There are also made-to-measure and bespoke services that can make one to your exact measurements so if you're looking to buy a women's tuxedo, try some of our favorite places to find them.

  • Indochino: The biggest name in made-to-measure launched a womenswear line last year that we can't get enough of. If you're looking for a custom tuxedo, this is the place to go.
  • Banana Republic: Your favorite mall staple is a pretty great place to buy a tuxedo, as it turns out. Like their men's suiting, their women's tuxedos are full of drapey vintage vibes sure to bring the best out of your next wedding outfit.
  • Reiss: From suit separates to flowy jumpsuits, Reiss takes on just about every type of women's tuxedo blend fashionable looks at affordable prices.
  • Sharpe Suiting: Emily Sharpe's namesake tailoring studio is our favorite place for bespoke women's suiting and her riffs on tuxedos are elegant works of art.

Can You Rent a Women's Tuxedo?

Tuxedo rentals are a reliable sartorial standby for folks getting married or attending weddings. Unfortunately, most major rental services out there today don't offer women's tuxedos for rent. This isn't to say that they don't exist at all, but if you're going to find them you may need to patronize a small or local business rather than rely on larger retailers.

Tips for Choosing a Women's Tuxedo Suit

At a loss as to what to look for when buying a women's tuxedo? Let us help you out. From fit to price, here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying a women's tuxedo.

Keep The Future In Mind

In deciding which tuxedo to buy, ask yourself how often you may find yourself wearing one in the future. Dresses and jumpsuits are a bit easier to get more wear out of down the line, but tuxedos are more limited (that said, you can always sport the separates solo). If you don't foresee regular wear, it's fine to go with a cheaper option and maybe spring for alterations to ensure a great fit. If you'll be suiting up more in the years to come, invest in a pricier one.

Remember to Accessorize

Tuxedo styling is a bit more rigid than suit styling. If you're looking to bring a personal touch to yours, do so in the accessories. A pair of special cufflinks, a silk-fringed scarf or a trendy brooch can take your suit from just another tux in the crowd to the coolest fit of the night.

Color Is Your Friend

Remember, black-tie doesn't just mean a black suit. Take advantage of the array of cool colors tuxedos come in when putting together your outfit. A traditional off-white (though be careful here when it comes to weddings) or burgundy can go over great, as can a rich navy but you can also break out into brighter colors like purples, greens, and dusky pinks.

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