The Best Spring Wedding Attire Ideas for Men in 2024

Suit up with some of our favorite seasonal trends.
Men's spring wedding attire ideas
Photos, from left to right: Proper Cloth, Suitsupply, Todd Snyder
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Feb 19, 2024
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Good news, y'all: we made it through the winter, and warmer (wedding)weather is ahead. As such, so is spring wedding attire for men. The thicker wools, flannel blends, and darker colors that shine during the colder months of the year are ready to rotate towards the back of the closet. In their place, it's time to bust out lightweight wools, linens, bright colors, and more expressive patterns–perfect for both the vibe of the season and the weather (this is outdoor wedding time, after all). For some extra insight, we've tapped Simon Goldman, a menswear designer and influencer living in New York, for the best ways to show out at spring weddings in 2024. Read on for tips, tricks, and outfit inspiration.

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What is Spring Wedding Attire for Men?

Spring brings warmer weather, which means more outdoor weddings. It's time to dress accordingly (though you should make sure to still stick to the wedding's dress code). This is the season when we tend to see linens and cottons take the place of thicker corduroys, wools, and flannels. "Always stick to linen!" Goldman advises, "They are the perfect summer suit that can be easily dressed up or down." Goldman also prefers going for a more unstructured suit in the spring (he loves a cotton blend this time of year), telling The Knot, "They bring a sophisticated yet natural take to tailoring that can be worn year-round." Your classic neutrals like navy and gray will still get plenty of play, but darker shades like olive and burgundy may be better fits for fall and winter weddings. Instead, try lighter shades of classic suiting colors like blue and green. Don't be afraid to work in pastels, either–trust me, it's the right time of year for them. In terms of patterns, bold plaids are always a fun pick. You can also try floral print pretty much everywhere–shirts, suits, ties, the whole nine yards.

Goldman notes that fabric doesn't have to dictate color, either–he notes that even a fabric like seersucker with a traditional print (light blue and white stripes) is available in just about any shade you can imagine these days. The same goes for fabrics like linen. "Brands are making incredible spring and summer tailoring in all different stripes," he says, "From navy to olive green, you can have it all."

Speaking of which, accessories get a reboot come springtime as well. Spring is the perfect time to wear a knit tie rather than a silk one, leaning into the vibe of the season. You can try out loud floral patterns, brighter colors, and pastels–and don't be afraid to apply the same fearlessness of expression to other accessories like pocket squares. Dress shoes are still a reliable standby but this is also a great time of year to try the sockless loafers look.

Men's Formal Spring Wedding Attire

Attending a formal spring wedding? It's time to suit up. For spring suiting, the name of the game is lightweight materials like linen and cotton. You can also throw in a light corduroy or seersucker if you want to add some texture to your suit. Spring colors tend to be on the lighter side, and even veer into pastels–we're talking baby blues, brighter greens, and even blushier shades of red and pink. Don't be afraid to go bold with your suit color choice–navy and gray will still work fine but dressing in the colors of the season is always a good call.

Pair your suit with a good spring tie, something with a bright pattern, or a knit material. Dress shoes are largely going to stay the same (blacks and browns never go out of season), though you can also pair your suit with a pair of loafers.

Men's Casual Spring Wedding Attire

For the suiting-averse, spring wedding season brings good news: you may not have to don a coat and tie for your next wedding. The season's warmer weather tends to push couples to have their weddings outdoors, which often brings more relaxed dress codes into play. In place of a suit, this is a good time to wear lightweight, flowy trousers or chinos. You can pair them with knit polos, denim shirts, oxfords, and even light sweaters. If you still want to stick with a suit, a less formal and unstructured one can be worn–just leave your tie at home and consider any of the aforementioned shirts instead of a traditional dress shirt. Dress shoes should stay on the shoe rack for these, too–go with loafers, or even an appropriate pair of "dress" sneakers.

Spring Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

If you're the one walking down the aisle for a wedding this season, I understand if you're feeling the pressure. All eyes are going to be on you for the ceremony. Regardless of your dress code–black tie, formal, or even a dressy-casual destination wedding–we've got you covered with some of our favorite spring wedding outfit ideas for grooms.

You've Got the Blues

Blue spring groom's wedding suit
Suit: Proper Cloth,Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt,Tie: Bonobos,Shoes: Allen Edmonds

A soft baby blue suit is a timeless spring-suiting look for grooms. This one from Proper Cloth comes in a lightweight wool-cotton blend, perfect for the season. Wear it with a dress shirt, a solid tie, and clean dress shoes for a simple, classic groom suit look.

Lean Into Linen

Brown linen spring groom's wedding suit
Suit: Todd Snyder,Shirt: J. Crew,Loafers: Steve Madden

Linen suits are perfect for the warmer months of the year, especially when they're of the soft-tailoring variety (one of our favorite 2024 suiting trends). They're deceptively versatile, too–you can dress them up for a formal affair or style them in a more laid-back fashion for semi-formal or destination weddings. Try a denim or chambray shirt with loafers for the latter.

Seasonal Black Tie

Navy blue black tie spring grooms wedding suit
Tuxedo: Indochino,Shirt: Indochino,Tie: Indochino,Shoes: Ace Marks

Tuxes are a popular option for grooms at formal weddings (and a requirement at black-tie ones) but it doesn't mean your look can't play with seasonal trends. If you're going the tux route for your spring wedding, give it a pop of color. A navy tuxedo can bring the right spring (pun intended) to your step as you're walking down the aisle.

Destination Casual

Casual spring destination wedding grooms outfit idea
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch,Pants: Todd Snyder,Shoes: Del Toro

If you're skipping the whole suiting vibe for a dressy-casual or destination wedding, there are still plenty of great options that spring trends provide for groom style. To beat the heat (and look your best), pair a suave knit polo with lightweight dressy trousers and a pair of lowkey loafers.

Spring Wedding Guest Attire Ideas

Dressing for a spring wedding as a guest is a little different than dressing as a groom. On one hand, there's less pressure as you won't be the one walking down the aisle. On the other, you still need to show up looking your best (just, you know, without showing up the person getting married). Some of our favorite spring wedding outfit ideas for guests will help you strike that balance.

Go Green

Green spring wedding guest mens outfit idea
Suit: Suitsupply,Shirt: Banana Republic,Tie: Otaa,Shoes: Beckett Simon

From the lightweight seasonal linen to the double-breasted closure to the perfect pastel tones, Suitsupply's light green Havana suit is everything you want in a spring wedding guest look. Wear this one with formal staples like a linen shirt, tie, and dress shoes and you'll be the best-dressed of all the guests.

The Perfect Guest Suit

Navy blue spring wedding guest suit
Jacket/Pants: Buck Mason,Shirt: J. Crew,Tie: Otaa,Shoes: Hawes & Curtis

Got a lot of weddings on your calendar this spring? Go the menswear essentials route and get one suit you can style in plenty of different ways. This one from Buck Mason is minimally structured, made from quality lightweight wool, and can be dressed up or down (we're splitting the difference here with a formal/cocktail attire-ready look but to make it semi-formal just remove the tie).

Super Suit Separates

Neutral spring mens wedding guest outfit idea
Jacket: Banana Republic,Shirt: Buck Mason,Pants: Madewell,Shoes: Myrqvist

Semi-formal weddings are a great opportunity to try mixing some trendy spring suit separates. Try a billowy pleated trouser with a lightweight button-down and a flowy jacket made from twill, linen, or hopsack. Leave the tie at home and slide on a favorite pair of loafers to finish the look.

Styling for Spring Travel

Casual destination wedding mens wedding guest outfit idea
Jacket: Dandy Del Mar,Tee: Scott Fraser Collection,Pants: Dandy Del Mar,Shoes: Sabahs

If you're joining the couple on a destination wedding trip, you can pack light without skimping on style. For a more casual destination wedding look, try a quality knit polo or tee with some laid-back linen pants. If you want to add a level of formality you can always throw on a matching jacket.

Tips for Choosing Spring Groomsmen Attire

Are you suiting up as a groomsman this season (or selecting outfits for your wedding party)? Keep a few of our favorite tips in mind as you piece together your groomsmen's suits.

  • Accessibility is key - This isn't seasonal advice but it bears repeating: whatever your groomsmen will be wearing needs to be accessible. This pertains to both price (make sure you keep the full fit in a cost range all of your groomsmen will be able to work with) and availability. Make sure that one tie you'd like to see your guys in isn't right on the verge of selling out.
  • Pick a color - Groomsmen suits tend to skew simple. It's not a hard rule or anything, but you're generally going to have them dressed in a neutral such as gray or navy. The way to make the look pop is to add a pop of color by way of a coordinated accessory like a tie or pocket square. The color can be a seasonal favorite or one that connects to the colors of your wedding.
  • Seasonal accessories - You can also bring a seasonal touch to your groomsmen's suits with the right spring accessories. Maybe this means a knit tie instead of a silk one, or boutonnieres that use spring blooms. Your interpretation of it is what will make it special, so use this as a chance to let your creativity shine.
  • Suits aren't required - If you're having a wedding with a more casual dress code or inviting your groomsmen on a destination trip, it's totally cool to ditch the suits. Instead of that look, you can go with anything you want that feels appropriate to the season, location, and occasion. Matching knit polos? Go for it. Coordinated linen camp collar shirts for a beachfront wedding? They'll look great. This is a great opportunity to think outside of the sartorial box. Take advantage of it.
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