Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Name Changed in Hawaii

Say "aloha" to a new moniker with this go-to guide.
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Updated Apr 01, 2024
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Have you decided to take a new last name after your wedding? If you're getting a name change in Hawaii, there are a number of steps you need to take to make the surname switch official. In fact, the name change process starts before you even get married! Yep, there are important details you don't want to get wrong.

Because the name change process isn't exactly simple or straightforward, we recommend you consider working with a name change service. Cue HitchSwitch, which simplifies the process of changing your name after marriage in Hawaii—or anywhere in the US. You'll fill out one form, then the team will go to work compiling and auto-filling the rest for you. From there, you'll receive easy-to-follow instructions to help you finalize the remaining steps. When we tried it, we were honestly so relieved to have fewer postwedding to-dos on our list.

Whether you decide to utilize this service or DIY the legal process, you'll want to understand everything that's involved in a postnuptial surname switch. Here's the full scoop on how to change your name in Hawaii after marriage.

How to Get a Hawaii Marriage License

The first step to changing your name after marriage in Hawaii? It's actually filing for a marriage license in the state where you're tying the knot. If that's Hawaii, start by filling out a Hawaii marriage license application online. Then, you and your future spouse should see a local licensing agent to complete the application process. Here's a list of license agents throughout the state.

The section that impacts your name change on the Hawaii application is the "Declared Names" section, where you'll write your desired middle and last name after marriage. If you don't indicate an intended switch here, you'll have to file a petition to change your name postwedding. (More on that in a bit.) So, we advise discussing and deciding on your name change prior to applying for your marriage license. Trust us—it'll make the process way smoother down the road.

What documents do you need?

You'll need your completed application form and a driver's license or official government/state ID as proof of your age.

How much does it cost?

It costs $60 (plus a $5 administrative fee) to apply for a marriage license in Hawaii.

Important things to remember:

Once you tie the knot (and so long as you declared your married name), your certified marriage license will count as your legal name change document throughout the rest of the process. See the full instructions for how to apply for a marriage license in Hawaii at Health.Hawaii.Gov.

How to Petition for a Name Change in Hawaii

If you can't use your marriage certificate to facilitate a legal name change in Hawaii, you'll have to petition for a name change with Hawaii's Office of the Lieutenant Governor. This process can be time-consuming and expensive (there are various fees), so it's best to talk to your licensing agent about your name change options when you apply to wed. You want to make sure a petition is completely necessary before you go down that road.

If it's after the wedding and you're certain you have to petition the court for a name change, you can find the process outlined at NameChange.eHawaii.Gov. The good news is, the site is pretty user-friendly. There's even a video you can watch about the name change petition process.

Once a judge approves your petition and you take all other necessary steps, you'll receive a certified court order that you can use to facilitate your name change elsewhere.

How to Get a Social Security Name Change in Hawaii

Probably the most crucial step of the whole process (after obtaining a legal name change document, that is) is changing your name with the Social Security Administration. Jake Wolff, the founder of HitchSwitch, explains that an updated Social Security card is an easy step to updating your passport and other IDs and accounts, so get on this one stat.

To change your name with the SSA, mail or bring your documents to your local SSA office. (Search for Hawaii locations here.) See the SSA's instructions for getting a corrected card for all the details.

What forms do you need?

Fill out Form SS-5 and submit it alongside:

  • Your legal name change document (your marriage certificate or court order)

  • Proof of identity (such as your current driver's license)

  • Proof of citizenship (such as your birth certificate) if you haven't already established this with the SSA

How much does it cost?

$0. It's totally free to change your name with the SSA.

Important things to remember:

Note that original or certified copies (not photocopies) of your docs are required by the Social Security Administration.

How to Change Your Name on Your Passport in Hawaii

The next stop on your name change journey is updating your passport if you have one. How you complete a US passport name change will depend on the status of your current passport.

What forms do you need?

You'll need one of these three:

1. Form DS-5504

The passport correction form is the one for you if you're requesting a name change within a year of receiving your current passport. Mail in:

  • The completed form

  • Your current passport

  • Your original or certified name change document

  • A color passport photo (HitchSwitch can actually help you get one of these)

2. Form DS-82

Fill out this passport renewal form if your current passport is in good condition, was issued when you were at least 16 years old, and was issued within the last 15 years. Mail in:

  • The completed form

  • Your current passport

  • Your original or certified name change document

  • A color passport photo

3. Form DS-11

If neither of the above applies to you, then you'll have to fill out a standard passport application and make a visit to a Passport Acceptance Facility (or a Department of State Passport Agency for expedited service) to hand-deliver your documents. Bring along:

  • Proof of identity, like a driver's license or military ID, plus a photocopy

  • Proof of citizenship, like your birth certificate, plus a photocopy

  • Your original or certified name change document

  • A color passport photo

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on which form you're filing:

1. Passport correction: $0.
2. Passport renewal: $130 for a passport book and/or $30 for a card, which has more limited travel possibilities.
3. A new passport: $130 for a passport book, $30 for a card and $35 in extra fees.

Learn more about passport fees at Travel.State.Gov.

Important things to remember:

Got upcoming travel plans? Your name on your passport should always match the name on your other travel documents, especially plane tickets. If you need your passport fast, you can expedite your service for an extra $60.

How to Get a Hawaii Driver's License Name Change

In Hawaii, a name change on a driver's license requires a visit to your county's Motor Vehicle and Licensing Office. These are the locations:

What documents do you need?

Bring official or certified documents that are proof of your name change: Your existing driver's license, new Social Security card and marriage certificate should work. Check with the office for other acceptable options. Your county may also require you to fill out a new driver's license application or take an eye test.

How much does it cost?

It costs $6 to $10 to change your name on your Hawaii driver's license, depending on which county you live in.

Important things to remember:

Since each county is slightly different, you should read up on requirements and procedures before you go. For example, in Maui, you can make an appointment in advance online.

How to Complete Your Name Change in Hawaii

Once you've done the major work of changing your name after marriage in Hawaii, you'll feel accomplished—but you won't be totally done. You'll then have to change your name on your bank account, employment records, health insurance, credit cards, and more—even on your email and social media!

Thankfully, services like HitchSwitch can help with this stuff too. HitchSwitch provides customers with checklists and instruction sheets for practically every little detail, so you can rest easy knowing you've checked all the boxes and have completely wrapped up all the name change steps. Cheers to that—and your life as newlyweds!

This article has been fact-checked and reviewed for accuracy in November 2023.

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