Here Are the Best Pool Floats for Your Summer Bachelorette Party

Rosé, pineapples and llamas, anyone?
by Ivy Jacobson
Mermaid pool float

Countless swan, unicorn and doughnut pool floats have graced your Instagram accounts for the past few summers, but for 2018, it's time to take it to the next level with a fresh, colorful crop of Insta-worthy floats—especially if your bachelorette party's taking place somewhere warm. Just a warning: There may be some fights over who gets the flamingo and giant mojito. Can't get enough bachelorette party pool float inspo? You have to see this magical island made entirely of pool floats.

Llama Pool Float

llama pool float

Llamas (and alpacas) are having a moment, so it's only natural they make their way into your wedding festivities somehow.

Funboy llama pool float, $79,

Disney-Inspired Pool Float

Sebastian pool float

What’s a waterside bachelorette party without The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian to keep you company? Pair with more The Little Mermaid merch for an all-out Disney bash.

shopDisney Sebastian pool float, $60,

Glitter Unicorn Pool Float

giant glitter magical unicorn pool float

The only thing better than a unicorn pool float is a glitter-filled unicorn pool float.

Big Mouth Inc. giant glitter magical unicorn pool float, $33,

Seahorse Pool Float

giant rose gold seahorse pool float

You look like you’re ready to relax on a pink seahorse for an hour or two. Might we suggest this one?

Big Mouth Inc. giant rose gold seahorse pool float, $28,

Rosé Pool Float

rosé bottle pool float

Now you can sip rosé while lounging on an inflatable bottle of rosé.  

Big Mouth Inc. rosé bottle pool float, $25,

Jellyfish Pool Float

jellyfish pool float

You don’t need to worry about getting stung by this cute jelly.

Big Mouth Inc. giant jellyfish pool float, $17,

Drink Pool Floats

“Drinks” Float on drink floaties

How adorable are these mini floats for your cocktails? Never leave the pool to grab a drink again. “Drinks” Float on drink floaties, $12 for set of 2,

Classic Inner Tube Pool Float

“Sink or Swim” Float on giant inner tube

If you’re not into unicorns and rainbows, this cheeky millennial pink inner tube might do the trick. “Sink or Swim” Float on giant inner tube, $24,

Doughtnut Pool Float

chocolate donut pool float

It’s a giant chocolate doughnut. What else is there to say?

The Knot Shop chocolate donut pool float, $25,

Diamond Ring Pool Float

diamond ring inflatable pool float

Ring in your bachelorette party on a couple of these bobbing sparklers.

The Knot Shop diamond ring inflatable pool float, $16,

Watermelon Pool Float

watermelon pool float

Nothing says summer like a nice slice of watermelon—or a watermelon floatie.

The Knot Shop watermelon pool float, $25,

Mojito Pool Float

giant mojito pool float

Say “cheers” to this very realistic-looking inflatable mojito.

AirTime giant mojito pool float, $20,

Pizza Slice Pool Float

pizza slice with inflatable drink holders

Go on, have a slice.

AirTime giant pizza slice with inflatable drink holders, $42,

Pineapple Pool Float

pineapple pool float

Pineapples are so hot right now, which means you need some at your pool party.

AirTime jumbo pineapple pool float, $20,

Pegasus Pool Float

Pegasus pool float

Is this what it feels like to be Meg from Hercules?

Jasonwell giant inflatable Pegasus pool float, $36,

Rainbow Pool Float

giant inflatable rainbow cloud pool float

This rainbow cloud is the perfect backdrop for a group photo in the pool.

Jasonwell giant inflatable rainbow cloud pool float, $47,

Flamingo Pool Float

Flamingo Pool Float

There’s millennial pink, and then there’s flamingo pink. Which one are you?

Pool Central jumbo inflatable pink flamingo pool ring float, $15,

Avocado Pool Float

Avocado pool float

Avocado isn't just for toast anymore.

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Avocado Pool Float, $28,

Peace Sign Pool Float

Peace sign pool float

Nothing but peace and love in the pool. 

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Peace Sign Pool Float, $25,

Margarita Pool Float

Margarita pool float

This will pair perfectly with your "Drinking Margaritas With My Señoritas" bachelorette party shirts.

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Margarita Pool Float, $33,

Mermaid Pool Float

Mermaid pool float

Mermaids are real, and there's nothing anyone can say to change our minds.  

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float, $28,

Cactus Pool Float

Cactus pool float

If you're headed south, you'll arrive in style with this cactus float that's perfect for lounging. 

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Cactus Pool Float, $33,

Peacock Pool Float

Peacock pool float

This super-pretty peacock was just made for social media.

Big Mouth Inc. Giant Peacock Pool Float, $33,

Cotton Candy Pool Float

cotton candy pool float

Hopefully this pretty float doesn’t make you too hungry.

Big Mouth Inc. cotton candy pool float, $33,

Butterfly Pool Float

blue butterfly wings pool float

Float into your bachelorette party on a bright blue butterfly.

Big Mouth Inc. giant blue butterfly wings pool float, $28,

Giant Party Bird Pool Float

6-person giant inflatable bird pool float

This Party Bird is so big, you and five of your besties can fit on it.

Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island, $150,

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