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sarah hanlon entertainment and celebrity editor the knot
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Updated May 11, 2020

We already know the most popular day to get married—but have you ever wondered about the most popular engagement day? The Knot has long referred to a specific time of year as "proposal season," as it's the most popular time for couples to take the next step in their relationship. With engagements being more personalized than ever, no rules dictate how (or when) you should pop the question; it's simply that some days are inherently more common. So, what's the most popular day to get engaged? We have the answer.

According to our data from an internal study, the most popular engagement day is December 25. Unsurprisingly, this date wraps neatly into proposal season, which begins around Thanksgiving and concludes around Valentine's Day. In fact, nearly 40 percent of all engagements occur between November and February. Since this time frame covers big family holidays, it's easy to see why couples use this time of celebration with their loved ones to pop the question.

In fact, all five of the most popular engagement days fall within proposal season. Christmas Day is the most popular day to propose, followed by December 24. New Year's Day, January 1, is also included in the list, as is December 22 and February 14 (Valentine's Day). Therefore, if you feel like you've seen plenty of engagement announcements on your Instagram feed between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, your observation falls right in line with our data.

As illustrated by our stats, December is the most popular month to get engaged as 19 percent of all proposals happen during this time frame. Remember, though: These results represent a national average, so it's important to remember that your engagement should happen when it's right for you and your S.O.

Our numbers indicate couples are enjoying longer engagements too. In 2019, the average engagement length was 15 months—a one month increase from the 2018 average. It's likely that some couples may enjoy a longer engagement in favor of planning a full wedding experience, rather than just one day of celebration. Our data says 72 percent of couples said guest experience was the most important factor to them while wedding planning. As a result, more weddings included experiential details like interactive food stations, live performance entertainment, fireworks, guest activities and more. So, in order to plan their nuptials—whether it's a three-day celebration, a microwedding or a sequel ceremony—couples are generally taking more time to bring their vision to life.

Some engagement traditions, ultimately, remain as popular as ever. According to additional data from our study, 89 percent of all proposers from last year asked the question with an engagement ring in hand, and 84 percent asked on a bent knee. Getting parents' approval is still important too, as 65 percent of proposers asked permission first.

Considering the importance of a proposal, planning takes a bit of time. Our stats indicate that over 40 percent of proposers started planning the moment one to three months ahead of time. Thirty-five percent of respondents even admitted to discussing proposal preferences ahead of time to make sure the moment was just right. The effort is well worth it, though—over 90 percent of couples spread the happy news on social media shortly after their engagement is official. In fact, 76 percent of couples make the social media announcement within a day or two of the proposal (after they tell their loved ones first, that is).

What matters most, though, isn't where you propose or the date you do it—instead, the most important thing is to make sure your engagement is personal and meaningful to you and your S.O. After all, they'll certainly say "Yes" when the moment is a heartfelt gesture.

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