10 Printable Bridal Shower Games You Can DIY

And a bonus hashtag sign for those 'grams.
by Andrea Fowler

Bridal showers are usually when family and friends meet before the wedding, so yes, a couple lulls in conversation while people are getting to know each other is totally normal. The key to fast tracking a good time is to break the ice—with a few group games! Chatting over a word search or bingo game gives everyone some common ground to comment on. Before you know it, your college crew will be giggling with your favorite cousins like they were old friends. 

Here are some of our favorite (printable!) games to break the ice:

  1. 1. Fill-In-The-Blank Advice

    Printable bridal shower advice cards

    Confetti Daydreams Printable bridal shower advice cards, free, ConfettiDaydreams.com

  2. 2. Mad Libs

    Mad Libs rustic printable for a bridal shower game

    Basic Invite Mad Libs rustic printable, $10, BasicInvite.com

  3. 3. "What's In Your Purse?" Game

    'What's In Your Purse' bridal shower printable game

    Bridal Shower Games What's In Your Purse extended verion, free, Bridal-Shower-Games.com

  4. 4. Bridal Shower Bingo

    Printable bridal shower bingo cards

    Celebrate Life Crafts Floral bridal bingo cards, $5 for 30 PDFs ( no duplicate square placement), CelebrateLifeCrafts.com

  5. 5. DIY Bridal Shower Bingo

    DIY printable bridal shower bingo

    Chicfetti free printable bridal shower bingo, free, Chicfetti.com

  6. 6. Disney Love Song Quiz

    Disney love songs bridal shower game

    hellorosepaperie Disney Love Songs bridal shower game, $5, Etsy.com

  7. 7. Emoji Pictionary

    Printable EMOJI Pictionary bridal shower game

    ImageOak EMOJI Pictionary bridal shower game, $4, Etsy.com

  8. 8. Bridal Charades

    Free printable bridal shower charades game

    Top 10 Bridal Shower Ideas Bridal shower charades, free, Top-10-Bridal-Shower-Ideas.com

  9. 9. "Don't Say Bride" Game

    Don't Say Bride game, downloadable template

    hellorosepaperie Don't Say Bride game, $5, Etsy.com

  10. 10. Bridal Shower Word Search

    Bridal shower word search free printable template

    A Bride On a Budget Bridal shower word search, free, ABrideOnABudget.com 

  11. 11. Bonus: Hashtag Sign

    Printable hashtag sign for a bridal shower or wedding

    PaperBearPrintable Oh Snap wedding sign, $5, Etsy.com

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