5 Awesome Beauty Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

Tresses got you stressed? There’s a gadget for that.
by Catherine Jessee

We’re always looking for the newest and coolest beauty products to amp up your bridal beauty routine. Since companies like L’Oreal and Neutrogena started rolling out groundbreaking technology that makes glowing skin and hair just a battery charge away, we’ve been seriously inspired. From a light therapy mask to a facial buffer, these nifty gadgets may look like they’re from the future, but you’ll wonder what you ever did without them in the past.

  1. Light Therapy Mask

    light face mask

    We know—it looks like a real-life Snapchat filter, but hear us out. Neutrogena’s new acne-fighting mask uses clinically proven light therapy (a unique combination of red and blue light) to zap tricky under-the-surface blemishes. The best part? It’s free of UV light and chemicals.

    Neutrogena Light therapy acne mask, $35, Neutrogena.com

  2. L’Oreal’s Smart Hairbrush

    L’Oreal’s new smart hairbrush will put your smartphone to shame by measuring everything about your brushing routine—from your brush strokes to whether you have wet or dry hair. Using sensors and a microphone, the corresponding app gives you a daily hair breakage breakdown and customized tips for keeping hair healthy and strong.

    Kérastase hair coach, under $200, LOreal.com

  3. Beachwaver

    Beachwaver curling iron

    The Beachwaver is a much needed upgrade to your curling iron, and Victoria’s Secret models swear by it. It rotates on its own, which means less work for you—and no more burns!

    Beachweaver Co. Beachwaver Pro, $199, Beachwaver.com

  4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

    dyson hairdryer

    Most hair dryers get too hot, which can cause damage to your hair. The Dyson Supersonic is uniquely engineered with heat control, which means its airstream can’t go above the optimum temperature. It’s definitely a splurge, but it guarantees strong, shiny hair every time.

    Dyson Supersonic, $400, Dyson.com

  5. Clarisonic Facial Buffer

    clarisonic facial buffer

    Clarisonic debuted its facial cleanser and buffer in 2004 and we still love it. Cleanse and exfoliate with its unique buffer twice daily and your skin will be baby soft and wedding ready before you know it.

    Clarisonic MIA 1, $129, Clarisonic.com

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