35 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks From Date Night to Galentine's

Nearly three dozen fresh ideas to fall in love with.
Woman wearing pink eyeshadow for Valentine's Day
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Elle Cashin headshot
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Updated Jan 23, 2024

Whether you're celebrating with a first date, longtime love, or your best group of girls, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to be playful and have fun with your beauty look. And just as there are different ways to celebrate, Valentine's Day makeup runs the gamut too: romantic smoky eyes, on-theme heart eyeliner designs, bedazzling face stickers, shimmery shadows, and glossy lips. We scoured the internet and pegged some of our favorite beauty content creators to round up a diverse mix of looks to get the gears turning—and picked up product recommendations for a classic red lip, perfect pink shadow, lash extensions, and more along the way. Scroll through and prepare to fall in love.

Heart Lines

Valentine's makeup look with heart lines on the eyelids
Photo: @bysssarah

If V-day is the time for a romantic makeup look, Galentine's is the perfect occasion to get cheeky and playful with makeup. This bold and creative Valentine's Day makeup look is exactly that. Makeup artist Sarah McGray used a bold fluid eye color—About Face Beauty's matte eye paint in the shade Dionysus—to draw a heart pattern on her lids. But our favorite takeaway from the look is the pop of magenta on the lashes themselves. Look for colored mascara or falsies in a fun hue (McGray used Glamnetic lashes).

A Peachy Lip

Peachy lip Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Acacia C. McBride

Valentine's Day may fall in the dead of winter, but you can still channel spring with a pop of peachy color. Here, model and influencer Acacia C. McBride rocks Nova Beauty lipstick in Reset—a medium orange shade also subtly reflected in her eye shadow; it's an exciting and unexpected hue in a sea of pink and red, and an easy Valentine's Day makeup look.

Pink Smoky Eye

Pink smoky eye Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Megan Maldonado

For a Valentine's Day twist on a classic makeup look, try a smoky eye—but make it pink. Here, artist Megan Maldonado lined the lids with black winged liner and lightened the inner eye, but instead of using brown or gray for the ombre shadow, she turned to bold pink hues from the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette. The lip? Maybelline's Superstay matte ink lipstick in Inspirer.

Paint the Waterline

Pink waterline Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: ClarissaLeighann

We're all for pops of pink, especially when they're unexpected. Try using pink eye shadow as a smudged liner below the eye—and find a pink pencil to apply to the waterline (look for a makeup pencil designed specifically for this area). Top the lids with classic shimmery gold and finish with a bold brow.

Lavender Haze

Valentine's day lavender makeup look
Photo: ColourPop Cosmetics

Pink Valentine's Day makeup is a given, but this year, another hue is on trend: Lavender (you can thank Taylor Swift for giving the shade life). Use an eyeliner brush to smudge the shadow underneath the eye as well as on top, and finish the look with a glossy natural lip; try Colour Pop Cosmetics' Lux lip oil in Dew Drop on top of your favorite natural hue.

Two-Tone Lips

Two-tone lips Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Merry Laney

Goth Valentine's Day makeup doesn't have to be severe—in this case, it's actually quite playful. A super pink blush provides a dramatic effect while bare eyelids ensure the focus remains on the two-tone lips: Deep pink on top, classic red on bottom. Each hue is lined with its darkest tone and lightens toward the middle.

Winged Liner

Winged eyeliner Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Rim Taya Shawki

Channel cupid by adding wings to your eye makeup for Valentine's Day—in the form of classic winged liner, that is. Pro tip: apply a piece of tape—regular old Scotch tape will do—to your cheek right below where you want the liner before you draw it on. Pull the tape up to reveal a perfectly even line. (Psst, the red lip here is MAC Cosmetics' satin lipstick in MAC Red.)

Shadow Liner

Pink shadow liner Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: ColourPop Cosmetics

Another option? Instead of using eyeliner to create a winged accent on the eyes, create the look with shadows. Start with a creamy nude shimmer across the lids (you can use tape or stencils to keep your lines straight) and then ombre pink hues above and below. Makeup artist Whitney Shepherd used ColourPop Cosmetics' Fine Feathers palette of pinks to get this look.

On-Theme Makeup

Valentine's day heart makeup look
Photo: Denise Castillo

Who doesn't love a theme party? For your next cupid event, try cute Valentine's Day makeup that proves you wear your heart on your sleeve. To achieve this painted look, creator Denise Castillo used the aptly named Love and Death Palette by Nomad Cosmetics to create an exaggerated winged eye sprinkled with hearts. (Note that heart makeup looks like this one isn't for the faint of heart, pun intended; you may have to call in a pro.)

A Demure Look

Demure pink Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: ColourPop Cosmetics

Apply the trending coquette aesthetic to Valentine's Day makeup with a demure and feminine beat. Start with flawless foundation, then add pops of pretty pink to the cheekbones, lids, and lips (London makeup artist Fatimah used Lottie London's ombre blush in Red Hot and ColourPop Cosmetics' By The Rosé eye shadow palette for this look). Finish with a dainty bow in your hair.

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All in the Eyes

Peachy pink eyeshadow and hot pink lips Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Lizette Baldeo

This Valentine's Day makeup look proves two things: First, your hues don't have to be completely monochromatic. Content creator Lizette Baldeo went with a peachy pink on the eyelids (Tintark Cosmetics' Peach Please) and hot pink on the lips (NYX's Strawberry Jam lip shine); the common denominator is pink, of course, but the shades are slightly different. And the second thing? Makeup goes beyond skin deep, quite literally: In this case, Baldeo even changed her eye color, opting for colored contacts from Color CL in a warm gray-brown tone that catches light beautifully.

Red & Black

Red and black Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: @whos.katrina

We love this look for an "angels and demons"-themed Valentine's Day party—it's a little bit of both. Use tape to create a sharp geometric double-winged liner (Dulzura Cosmetics makes a neon graphic liner palette that works great for this), then use a black liner pencil to draw a fun heart pattern across the lid. Keep the rest of your look light with a swath of natural blush and pale pink lip.

Match Your Outfit

Pink lipstick with matching outfit Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Megan Maldonado

It's a chicken-or-egg question: Do you pick your lip color first, or your attire first? Either way, a matchy-matchy Valentine's Day-inspired makeup look is always a win. To mirror her hot pink dress (and V-Day balloon bouquet!), beauty creator Megan Maldonado applied Urban Decay's Vice Lip Bond glossy longwear lipstick in Shock Value to her lips; she kept her eyes understated with natural tones from Makeup by Mario's Master Mattes palette. (The finishing touch was a full head of curls. Check out her tutorial on the 'do.)

Lean Into Liner

Bold liner Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Merry Laney

Reminiscent of drag makeup that makes eyes appear larger, this look features two lines of liner: one at the lash line and another dark swipe above the crease. Fill in the middle with a pink shadow a few shades lighter than the liner or in a vibrant hue. Mirror the style on the lips, applying darker liner around the perimeter and lighter lip color to fill in.

Heart Eyes

Heart-shaped Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Nena Silva

Cue all the heart-eye emojis. In this creative Valentine's Day makeup look, creator Nena Silva used Too Faced glitter liner to outline a heart around her eyes and filled it in using a mix of strawberry-hued shadows, functional primers and white liquid liner. Fringed lashes complete the cartoon-inspired look.

Classic Romance

Red lip Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Paola Matute

It doesn't get more classic than a red lip. We love this red Valentine's Day makeup for a date night with your significant other or an extra-special first date; for the perfect red, try Huda Beauty's liquid matte lipstick in Miss America. Keep the eyes low-key with a neutral shadow, a pop of highlight in the inner corners and a quick swipe of mascara.

Pastel & Pearls

Pastel lavender eyeshadow with pearls Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Merry Laney

The '90s are back, and this pretty pastel-and-pearl look is giving us all the nostalgic feels. Channel your inner tween with a liquid swath of light lavender across the lids. Pearl adornments are a fun finish. Look for a set of stick-on face jewels or use makeup glue and tweezers to (carefully!) apply.

Flawless Skin and Pops of Pink

Flawless skin with pops of pink Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Paola Matute

For an easy natural beauty look that still looks oh-so-pretty for the holiday, keep the focus on fresh skin (influencer Paola Matute loves Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless foundation and Givenchy Prisme Libre highlighter). Pops of pink give it Valentine's twist, but don't limit yourself to shadow. Here, Matute swiped Rare Beauty's Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush in Nearly Mauve across her eyelids, cheeks, and the center of her lips before topping with a plumping gloss.

Neon Pink and Red

Neon pink and red Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Rim Taya Shawki

Paint the town—and your eyes—red for a girls' night out. This bold look proves going all out is a good thing: Makeup artist Rim Taya Shawki used Huda Beauty's Neon Obsessions pink palette for a glittery pink eye with a winged red liner outline. Vibrant pink blush applied high on the cheeks and temples and a bold red lip amp up the look.

Lined Creases

Pink crease Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: @rinnvincible

Drawing along the creases with a thick eyeliner (or sturdy crease brush and eye shadow) in a vibrant hue creates a fun and poppy look. Keep the rest of the lid neutral, or add a wing and extra lashes for a bolder look. Finish with your favorite V-Day accessory: cute hair clips, a heart-shaped necklace, or even temporary red highlights in your hair.

A Holiday-Inspired Look

Holiday-inspired Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: @saraovershares

For a V-Day makeup look that you can recreate again and again—be it date night, holiday parties, work events or girls' night out—stick with the classics. In this case, that's winged black liquid liner, neutral shadow with a subtle gold shimmer and, of course, a red lip.

Go Blue

Blue Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Sarah Bee

Red and pink Valentine's Day makeup are not your only options in February. Opt for icy instead to pay homage to the winter weather: Apply a bold blue shadow along the crease lines and fill in below with a shimmery silver.

A Dark Lip

Dark lip Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Merry Laney

Dark Valentine's Day makeup gives the holiday a moody feel, but the key here is balance. Makeup artist Merry Laney used a super sheer blush pink on her cheekbones and eyelids to offset the deep maroon lip. (Note that this exact shade of Kaelidos' Lip Clay has been discontinued, but check out its replacement shade, Siren, for a deep purple that's a near match.)

Soft Pinks and Bold Brows

Soft pink eyeshadow and bold brows Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Saranda Prapaniku

For a simple Valentine's Day makeup look, apply soft pink shadow (check out the New Mod palette by Sigma Beauty, used here) above and below the eye and add a thin line of black eyeliner above. Then give the brows some attention: Fill in if needed before applying a styling wax, like Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Freeze, to brush the brows up into a subtle feather.

Layered Blush

Layered blush Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Satya Linak

Winter fashion is all about layering—and sometimes, makeup is too. At least that's what makeup artist Satya Linak says about this look, created by layering various blush-like products onto the face to create an angelic flushed look. She used mainly Milk Makeup products: Bionic liquid blush (in shade Infinity, a dusty rose hue) on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin; Lip + Cheek cream blush for more dimension on the cheeks; and Face Gloss for a little extra shine on the high points.

A Glittery Finish

Pink Valentine's day makeup look with glitter
Photo: @bysssarah

As if a pretty pink (get this look with cream shadow) isn't enough, this Valentine's Day eye makeup look is finished with every girly girls' favorite accessory: glitter. A sophisticated matte lip lets the eyes shine.

Outlined Eyes

Outlined eyes Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Merry Laney

Put a sinister spin on things with this creative Valentine's Day eye makeup look, which involves using a smudged liner pencil to outline the eyes along the crease. Draw the attention up with a bold hit of highlighter on the cheekbones.

A Glossy Lip

Glossy lip Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Sophia Delvo

Sometimes, less is more. For this cute Valentine's Day makeup look, content creator Sophia Delvo paired a subtle winged eye with her signature natural pink glossy lip. Finish the look by pulling your hair back into a sleek pony or bun to keep the focus on the face, and draw the eye upward with a sparkly earring.

Easy & Angelic

Pink glitter eyeshadow Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: ColourPop Cosmetics

Tess Chung is known for glittery makeup tutorials that prove more is more, but here, she dials it back for a simple Valentine's Day makeup look nearly anyone can recreate. Using hues from ColourPop Cosmetics' 30-shade Smoke 'n Roses shadow palette, she spread pink sparkle across the lids, focusing on the inner eye and continuing into the lower inner eye. A natural pink lip completes the angelic look.

Airbrushed Ombre

Airbrushed ombre Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Nena Silva

Denver-based makeup artist Nena Silva (who, by the way, is self-taught!) used the Beauty Creations x Murillo Twins collab eye palette for this eye makeup for Valentine's Day, creating an ombre so perfectly applied it looks airbrushed. Line the crease and outer eyes with a darker hue and fill the center with a fresh blush pink. A matte neutral lip completes the flawless look.

Lots of Lashes

False lashes Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Saranda Prapaniku

For a simple Valentine's Day makeup look, let your lashes do the talking. Lash extensions and lift treatments are great if you don't want to apply lashes every day, but for a one-night-only look, NYC blogger and beauty content creator Saran Prapaniku loves Ardell Beauty's Faux Mink collection. Create the illusion of even more lashes with a thick line of dark liner at the outer edges of the eyes.

A Colorful Eye

Colorful Valentine's day eye makeup look
Photo: Tatanisha Sankar

OK, we admit: Some of these creative Valentine's Day makeup looks aren't exactly DIY. But how's this for a fun Galentine's activity: Book a makeup artist to give your girl gang some tutorials on over-the-top makeup looks, then hit the town together. (For this candy-coated look, Tatanisha Sankar used the BPerfect Cosmetics x Stacy Marie Carnival V Interstellar eye palette.)

Dark Creases

Dark cut crease Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Tiffany Black

For this flawless eye shadow look, indigenous beauty content creator Tiffany Black lined the eye creases with a deep purple hue, then applied vibrant pink above and an icy, shimmery shade below (all shadows came from Lunar Beauty's Nude Prism palette). To finish the look, she glossed lined lips with a viral favorite: Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb in Hot Chocolit.

Dewy Makeup

Dewy Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Tiffany Yau

Inspired by Hailey Bieber (and using her Rhode strawberry glaze peptide lip treatment), creator Tiffany Yau crafted a fresh, dewy beauty look with a pop of pink. To recreate it, blend blush high on your cheekbones and hit key spots with highlighter: cheekbones, inner eye and right below the brow. Finish with a glossy pout. This look works equally well for date night or girl's night out.

Neon Hearts

Pink neon heart Valentine's day makeup look
Photo: Nena Silva

Nena Silva used a combination of gel and liquid eyeliners to create the look of an airbrushed neon design on her eyelids and filled in with bold shadow hues from a palette by Red Rose Lashes. To recreate a similar Valentine's Day heart makeup look but with a less steady hand, try adhesive heart eye gems or face stickers.

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