The Wedding RSVP Questions You Need to Ask Your Guests

Get answers to the essential inquiries and make guests smile with quirky queries.
Wedding RSVP questions to ask guests
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Updated Jan 10, 2024

You've already said "yes" to a life with your love. Now it's time for your friends and fam' to say "I do" to laughing, crying and dancing alongside you on your special day. "Will you be attending our wedding?" is obviously the most important of the wedding RSVP questions. But did you know that this section of your stationery or feature on your wedding website (if you've made one on The Knot) can help you gather even more info from your guests both for practical or pleasure purposes? Now you do. Below, we're breaking down exactly which questions to ask wedding guests on the paper enclosure cards that accompany your invites and which to pose online. We'll list out all of the necessary queries you'll need to cover, plus a few more thoughtful online wedding RSVP questions so you can be sure you're accommodating your loved ones to the best of your ability. What's more: We've also got some fun and funny wedding RSVP questions that'll get your guests extra excited to toss some confetti with you.

Questions to Ask on Your Wedding RSVP Cards

Tucked in the envelope along with your wedding invitation, your paper wedding RSVP cards are there to gather all of the quick-and-dirty details you'll need from your guests to pass along to your vendor team. But before we get into which wedding RSVP questions you should list out on your stationery, remember that the sooner the better is the name of the game when it comes to getting those many "hell yeah"s and those few regretful "no"s from your invitees, so the date you'll need your final headcount by should be displayed front and center.

Modern RSVP cards typically will list the following essential elements and queries:

  • Will you be attending our wedding? Below this question will be an area to accept or decline, whether by checkbox or write-in response, and likely a line for guests to write their name.
  • How many seats should we reserve in your honor? In lieu of an actual question phrased like this, you can also choose to use a fill-in-the-blank phrase where the invitee can indicate how many seats you should save for them. This is mostly necessary if a single invitation was addressed to a couple or a family, or to a single guest given the option to bring a date.
  • What's your meal selection? It's popular to have a spot for your nearest and dearest to check or circle their choice of entree for your big day on your stationery. Consider including an extra line where they can indicate any relevant allergies or dietary restrictions.

RSVP Questions to Put on Your Wedding Website

If you're looking for a little more info from your loved ones, you should definitely consider some wedding website RSVP questions in lieu of or in addition to paper RSVP cards. You'll have ample room to add as many queries as you see fit on an online platform, which is especially important if you want to give guests the chance to fill you in on any special considerations they might need ahead of the event. And it'll give you space to toss in a few fun questions—like if anyone has song requests—to get your loved ones pumped up and feel like a part of the celebration.

Plus, the magic of online responses is that every "yes!" is gathered in one place, making it much easier to see the final tally and refer back to it (no more freaking out if one of your paper cards flutters to the ground and under the couch). And there's only so much you can squeeze onto a little paper rectangle that's about half the size of your wedding invitation, so your digital wedding RSVP form questions can also cover additional wedding-weekend events like welcome parties and farewell brunches.

How to Get Guests to Respond Online

Getting guests to RSVP online is as easy as pie (wedding cake?) if you have a wedding website with us. So, if you don't yet, open up a new tab and create your wedding website on The Knot before you keep scrolling.

All set? Here's how to set up your online wedding RSVP survey questions: From the wedding website tab, navigate to the heading "Your Guests and RSVPs." Then, click "Online RSVP" to set up your RSVP form. You'll have a number of ways to customize this page from here, but it's prefilled with a couple of helpful fields. You'll see two sections for questions, one called "Wedding Day" to collect any queries pertaining to the main event as well as another called "General Questions" to add in additional inquiries, like those pertaining to travel arrangements or some funny wedding RSVP questions. The former section will offer up a couple of prepopulated questions you can choose from that are pretty common and you can hit the text: "Add a Follow-Up Question" below to input as many of your own questions as you'd like. The questions under this heading are those that'll appear first to guests when they begin to fill out their RSVP forms.

Appearing after the day-of inquisitions, the Qs you add under the "General Questions" heading will be asked of all guests regardless of their attendance. For example, even if someone has indicated they can't come to the celebration in the previous section, they can still answer inquiries like, "Do you have any marriage advice for the couple?" if you choose to include them.

As you add questions, you'll have the option to choose a short answer format, which will come in handy for inputting details like the name of a plus-one, or a multiple choice format, where you can list out your meal options and ask your guests to check "yes" or "no" to your wedding weekend events. Once you're all set with your wedding RSVP questions, click the "View Settings" text at the banner at the top of the page. A sidebar will pop up on the right side of the page where you can then toggle the Page Visibility switch to "visible" so your guests can see the finished form and answer all of your thoughtful questions. Now all that's left to do is watch the answers roll in.

One last thing: If you're instructing guests to RSVP to your wedding online (whether you have a mail-in RSVP option or not), don't just assume they'll find their way to the correct page on your wedding website. It's best to print the exact URL to the RSVP form or a QR code that goes straight to the page near the top or bottom of the physical enclosure card in your wedding stationery suite. Simply use some wedding RSVP card wording like: "Kindly RSVP here" or "Join the party here" above the printed link or code to let guests know where to go.

Common Wedding RSVP Questions

These Qs cover all the basics for your big day (and you've probably already answered a few of them yourself for any nuptials you've attended recently). From getting the info you need to pass along to your rockstar wedding vendors to gathering the details required to make everyone comfortable as they toast and dance the night away with you, these inquiries are (and what should be) commonplace wedding RSVP questions.

  • Will you be attending our wedding?
  • What's your meal preference?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies?
  • Will you need transportation to our wedding day?
  • Do you have any accessibility requirements (sensory, physical, mobility or otherwise) we can accommodate?
  • What is the name of your guest?
  • May we have your email address to relay any potential last-minute updates?

Destination Wedding RSVP Questions

For those with nomadic nuptials, your destination wedding online wedding RSVP questions are a great place to gather guest intel regarding accommodations as well as anticipated arrival and departure dates. You'll get a better idea of who'll be around to celebrate with you before and after the big day (whether you have events planned or not) and if you'll need to arrange deets like extra transportation or special wedding welcome bag dropoffs for those staying outside of your hotel block.

  • Will you be staying in our hotel block at X hotel?
  • If not, where will you be staying?
  • What date do you anticipate arriving in X?
  • What date do you anticipate departing X?
  • Do you need accommodation suggestions?
  • Will you be attending our welcome dinner on [date]?
  • Will you be attending our farewell brunch on [date]?

Fun Wedding RSVP Questions

We know, we know—writing out RSVP questions is one of the more logistical wedding planning tasks and doesn't sound as fun as tasting cakes or testing out the dancefloors at potential venues. That said, infusing a little fun and personality into your queries can do wonders to hype your guests up and make them feel like an even more special part of your big day, whether that's knowing they'll have a "this is my jam!!" moment at the reception with an ask for song requests or giving them space to wax poetic on what marriage means to them with a prompt about advice for newlyweds.

  • Do you have any song requests?
  • Any advice for us before we walk down the aisle?
  • What's the signature move you'll be breaking out on our dancefloor?
  • Would you like to leave a note for the couple?
  • Wedding planning is hard—can you tell us a joke?
  • What's your favorite TV or movie wedding?
  • How many hugs should we give you on the big day?
  • Are you ready to party?
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