17 of the Most Unique Wedding Speech Ideas We Found on TikTok

Gen Z's favorite app is full of wedding inspo.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Jun 20, 2024

Giving a wedding speech is one of the biggest honors you can have as a loved one of the newlyweds. But whether you're a seasoned speechwriter or preparing your first toast, it's hard to find unique wedding speech ideas. Luck for you, we spoke with Alli Kennon, a social media savant and The Knot TikTok Specialist, for the best speeches on the Gen Z-favored video-sharing app. Below, we've rounded up Kennon's and our favorite wedding speech ideas from TikTok that involve everything from singing to tearful toasts. Once you've narrowed down the kind of speech you want to give, use our ultimate guide for how to write a wedding speech to create a script that'll bring the house down.

1. Take a "Humble" Approach

    @bevideography "You're welcome" 🤣🤣 #weddingspeech #bestman #bestmanspeech #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound - BE Videography

    Not sure what to write for your wedding speech? We love this best man speech that involved the honor attendant giving himself a pat on the back for introducing the happy couple. After all, no one would be at the wedding without him, so it's only fair that he gets a round of applause too. This is one of the most unique wedding speech ideas because it allows you to highlight how the couple met and be (tastefully) funny too.

    2. Keep It Lighthearted

      @newenglandcreative Shannon brought the heat for her Maid Of Honor speech 🙌 #weddingtiktok #weddingvibes #weddingvideo #weddingspeech #weddinginspo #weddingvideographer #maidofhonor #maidofhonorspeech #funny #dead ♬ original sound - newenglandcreative

      "A funny speech done well. The opening hooked me right away. The jokes are original and personal to the couple, and anything that's a tease or a barb is toward herself. Any jokes towards the couple are sweet and light," Kennon says. Remember, just because you want to make funny wedding toasts doesn't mean it has to be mean or inappropriate. Take a page out of this maid of honor's speech.

      3. Break Into Song

        @jakemiller Wedding speech of the century 😂 @Brandi Miller @Wild & Roam Wedding Photo/Film ♬ original sound - Jake Miller

        The top wedding speeches are always going to be the ones that are the most memorable. At this outdoor affair, the father of the groom's speech involved his rendition of "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass. The father of the groom sings about how the couple first met and the song works perfectly since the bride's name is Brandi. This is a perfect example of how creative you can get with your wedding speech if public speaking isn't for you.

        4. Plan a Surprise Flash Mob

          @thepreddymommas My sister slayed 💁🏼‍♀️ #fypツ #foryour #foryourpride🏳️‍🌈 #lesbiantikok #lgbtqwedding #weddingideas #flashmob #bestfriendsgoals #mohspeech ♬ original sound - Bailey Preddy

          Wondering what you can do instead of a wedding speech? Then try enlisting the help of your fellow wedding party members to surprise the couple with a flash mob at the wedding reception. Keep the talking to a minimum and let the flash mob take over. We suggest doing this if you know the couple are musical types.

          5. Make the New Spouse Feel Welcomed

            @hirangemedia Such a great speech from the sister of the bride 🤍 #hawaii #wedding ♬ Solas X Interstellar - Gabriel Albuquerqüe

            Some of the best wedding speeches are affectionate ones from a sibling. "Sister speeches always make me emotional, but I especially loved how this one centered around the partner not only making their relationship better but making their sibling better overall. It shows how beautifully the speech-giver can highlight aspects of a relationship guests may not see," Kennon tells us.

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            6. Offer a Sentimental Keepsake

              @itsjoetorres Maid Of honor leaves in tears with her gift to bride and groom #paweddings #weddingspeeches #maidofhonorspeech #emotionalspeech ♬ original sound - Joseph T Torres

              There's no rule saying wedding speech ideas can't involve gift-giving. We love how this maid of honor gave the newlyweds a clock stopped at the time the two became husband and wife. It's a sweet token the couple can look at to remember their big day.

              7. Give Honest Advice

                @yourstorytold.co someone get her a Netflix special #weddingtiktok #singleaf #weddingfails #maidofhonorspeech #livingthedream #funnywomen #funnywomenoftiktok ♬ You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift

                Read any guide on how to write a wedding toast or speech, and you'll probably be encouraged to share a few words of wisdom with the newlyweds. But, being unmarried or not feeling like an expert on love doesn't mean you're out of luck. Take a cue from this maid of honor, who candidly (and hilariously) jokes about being single at the wedding.

                8. End Your Speech With a Secret Voice Recording

                  @speechsavvy This girl has 20/20 future vision 👀 Imagine your sibling doing that to you! #siblinggoals #sisterspeech #weddingvibes #weddingspeeches #speechsavvy #weddingday #weddingprep #fyp ♬ original sound - Speech Savvy

                  If you look up great wedding speeches, we're sure this video will come up. "I love when speeches include an audio clip from the couple or someone important to them. The bride's face says everything," Kennon says. If you have any old photos, videos or audio of the to-be-weds use this as a surprise addition to your speech.

                  9. Speak From the Heart

                    @livingproofproductions Replying to @Bailey Fraccascia we love an honest best man speech #bestmanspeech #groomsmenspeech #wedding #weddingvideo #weddingvideographer #missouriweddingvideographer #midwestweddingvideographer #weddingspeech ♬ original sound - Living Proof Productions

                    The wedding speech is supposed to be thoughtfully written—and while some wedding party members will want to crack jokes the whole time, others might want to write something serious and touching. You'll need a box of tissues to watch this emotional best man speech.

                    10. Honor Those Who Couldn't Be There

                      @herthirdeyeproductions "We watch you and we think we know a little more about you dad" such a beautiful display of love in this moment 🤍 #weddingtoastidea #fatherofthebridetoast #kansascitywedding #kcwedding #kansascityweddingvideographer #kcweddingvideographer #emotionalweddingvideo #weddingtears ♬ Your Hand In Mine - Remastered - Explosions in the Sky

                      There are numerous ways to honor loved ones who aren't at the wedding. During this father of the bride speech, he speaks about how well the groom represents himself and how it lets him know how great the groom's deceased father was. The toast is short but it packs a big emotional punch.

                      11. Write a Special Song

                        @wedding.inspiration4 Maid of honor speech song #weddingtiktok #wedding2024 #usa🇺🇸 #maidofhonor #usa_tiktok #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Wedding Inspiration

                        If you want to elicit lots of laughs throughout your performance, forget the wedding speech order and join forces with other wedding party members for a song. We love how this duo wrote silly lyrics to "Fergalicious" by Fergie. But remember to get two microphones if you're doing a duet so everyone can hear you properly.

                        12. Talk to Your Best Friend's Spouse

                          @ginalouiselove The part of my besties Maid Of Honor speech that conpeltely got me 🥹🥺 #maidofhonor #moh #speech #weddingtiktok #wedding #weddingday #bridesmaidsdresses #bridesmaid #bestie #soulmate ♬ Boundless Worship - Josué Novais Piano Worship

                          If you're the maid of honor, you've probably been friends with the bride for a long time. And, as a result, you've likely seen the progression of the couple's relationship from the start. For a unique wedding speech idea for your best friend, speak directly to their spouse. Talk about how it feels to see them grow together, and share what it's like to watch your friend be loved so genuinely. This creative tactic is a great way to honor their relationship in front of loved ones.

                          13. Send Long Distance Well Wishes

                            @woodellproductions Ally couldnt be at her best friends wedding because she just gave birth, so instead she dropped the greatest toast ever and made everyone sob over facetime #georgiaweddingvideographer #atlantaweddingvideographer #2024wedding #2025wedding #weddingvows #weddingtoast #maidofhonorspeech ♬ original sound - Georgia Wedding Videographer

                            Don't let distance and special circumstances keep you from being at the wedding in spirit. Send audio or a video of your well wishes. "Another great version of an audio clip done well. For the people that can't be there on the big day, an audio clip is the perfect way to do it," Kennon adds.

                            14. Go Down Memory Lane

                              @josephhardinfilms The grooms mom had everyone balling! If you stick around to the end, you'll see why. #weddingspeech #emotionalweddingspeech #motherofgroom ♬ original sound - Florida Wedding Videographer

                              We dare you to watch this mother of the groom speech without shedding a tear. If you have a physical token the to-be-weds have given you, include it in your toast so guests have a better understanding of their love story or your relationship with them. This meaningful gesture will definitely resonate with the crowd.

                              15. Make Time for a Couple's Toast

                                @lovestoriestv 🎥: @imageslifemedia #lovestoriestv #weddingspeech #howtheymet #funnywedding #funnyweddingmoments #HowBizarre ♬ original sound - LoveStoriesTV | Wedding Inspo

                                It's common for the newlyweds to take the floor for a speech. Don't let nerves get the best of you and instead follow this couple's lead. We love this bride's wedding speech (and tasteful roast) to her husband, who originally didn't think they'd be a good match.

                                16. Open With a Joke or Two

                                  @thatawkwardteacher how to make a bride instantly regret making you her maid of honor #moh #mohspeech #weddingtiktok #wedding #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Cassie

                                  There's no better way to break the ice than with a lighthearted joke. You don't have to be a standup comedian to think of a groundbreaking joke either. This maid of honor starts with an apology (and a hair flip) for the guests who don't have the privilege of knowing the speaker personally. She then pretends to give a roast instead of a toast, further solidifying this as one of our favorite wedding speech ideas.

                                  17. Sing Your Thank You Speech

                                    @alyssarafael we turned our thank you speech into a Disney song #wedding ♬ original sound - Alyssa Rafael

                                    Kennon says this is one of the coolest wedding speeches, and we completely agree. The bride and groom combined numerous Disney hits to craft a beautiful and funny thank-you toast for their guests. Don't forget it's your wedding so if you want to have the musical moment of your dreams with your partner go for it.

                                    Sarah Hanlon contributed to the reporting of this piece.

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