20 Sincere Wedding Wishes for Your Niece

She's like a daughter to you.
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Updated Jun 28, 2023

The big day has come—your special niece is getting married! All you need to celebrate this beautiful event is a great wedding gift and a wedding card message that perfectly sums up your happy feelings as she embarks on this exciting journey. If you're wondering how to compose the perfect wedding wishes for your niece, you've come to the right place! We've touched on a few different types of wedding card messages below, from funny, to sweet, to everything in between. You're sure to reach favorite uncle or aunt status in no time with these kind notes from the heart.

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Wedding Wishes for a Niece and Her Partner

If you have a niece you're not incredibly close to or you'd like to stick with some more simple wedding card messages for a niece and her partner as a couple, check out a few of the ones we've listed below.

  • It makes [me/us] so happy to see the two of you so happy on your wedding day.
  • [I'm/We're] so happy for you both and we wish you a long and happy marriage!
  • Wishing you both a beautiful future ahead, with all the best that marriage has to offer.
  • Here's a toast to you both on your wedding day. Many congrats and warm wedding wishes.

Sweet Wedding Wishes for a Niece

Let your special niece know just how much she means to you when you opt for one of these beautiful niece wedding wishes. Get the tissues ready.

  • [I'm/We're] blessed to have you in [my life/our lives], niece. Wishing you the best today and in the years to come with your new spouse.
  • To a special niece on her wedding day: [my/our] wish for you both is a lifetime of joy and happiness.
  • You'll always be [my/our] sweet little niece and now [I/we] get to watch you start your own family and expand our family tree. Best wishes as you embark on this exciting journey.
  • Nothing could make [me/us] happier than seeing your eyes light up when you see your new spouse. Happy days are ahead.

Funny Wedding Wishes for a Niece

Hoping to keep your wedding card wishes for your niece funny and light? If a funny message suits your personality best (or hers!), consider one of these wedding wishes for a niece. Because giggles are just as welcome as sentimental tears.

  • Here's to welcoming your [husband/wife/spouse] into our crazy family! I wish [him/her/them] much luck.
  • To [my/our] favorite niece: Wishing you the best on this last day of freedom. Just kidding—love you!
  • [I'm/We're] coming with you on the honeymoon, right favorite niece? [I/We] could use some time in the sun!
  • To [my/our] niece, who's not only crazy in love, but maybe just a little bit…well, crazy. Love you and best wishes!

Wedding Wishes From an Aunt to Her Niece

There's a good chance your sibling's daughter has been like a child to you for her entire life. So this is an incredibly special day for you, too! Show her how much you love her and how proud of her you are with these meaningful wedding wishes for your niece you can pair with a lovely bridal shower gift or present to her on her wedding day.

  • Thank you for sharing your special day with me. I'm so glad we got to spend time and bond together before you walked down the aisle. Remember, I'm always here for you, whenever you need me.
  • I'm the world's proudest aunt today! Can't wait to see how beautiful you look as you begin this next chapter of your life.
  • To my special niece: From the moment I first held you in my arms, I've loved being your aunt. I love you like my own and I'm so happy and proud of you today.
  • To my wonderful niece, I'm wishing you the best on your wedding day. It's a joy to see you find such happiness and marry the [man/woman/person] of your dreams. May you bring many blessings to each other as the years pass.

    Wedding Wishes From an Uncle to His Niece

    She's lucky to have you as an uncle and now it's time for you to let her know how proud of your niece you are as she celebrates her wedding day. Stumped for words while writing her wedding card? No worries! Just scribble down one of these wedding wishes from an uncle to a niece.

    • This calls for a celebration. Congratulations on the start of this new phase of your life!
    • To my niece, congratulations on your marriage!
    • I'm proud to call you my niece, and I know your [husband/wife/spouse] is a lucky [man/woman/person] to call you their own.
    • I'm just as lucky to be your uncle as [her spouse's name] is to be your partner. Congratulations!
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