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Chicago's premier designer outlet - up to 75% off

Glamour Closet is a designer outlet for wedding gown samples with discounts up to 75% off every day. Great deals on samples from all of the leading wedding gown designers Every Day! Our gowns come from top designers and bridal salons nationwide.



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209 West Illinois Street, Chicago, IL


Reviewed on 10/17/2013 Alexis K

Amazing place, I was a little leery of the sample dresses but all of the dresses were well kept and the place was clean. They had so many high end designers and were very reasonably priced.

Dream dress at a dream price!

Reviewed on 4/22/2013 Lisa C

I saw Glamour Closet in Chicago Social Bride and had to check it out. It is relatively new to the bridal sample dress scene here in Chicago, but it is fantastic. They don't take appointments, but if you go during the day it was easy to get in. Cecilia (CiCi) helped me so much and I loved searching for my dress with her! I went back about 5 times :) Finally, I found 'the one' at their annual sample sale that takes place in October! I ended up getting a dress that was originally $5,000 for $499. It did need cleaning and of course alterations, (they recommend Davis Couture cleaners and give coupons, etc).but the dress was an almost one of a kind Anna Meier Ulla Maija, and the price of a new dress by that designer was way out of my price range. If you are looking for a unique dress that no one else will have - plus find an amazing deal and don't mind finding something that may need a bit of tweaking - this is the place for you!

Off the Rack Perfection

Reviewed on 10/02/2012 Meegan A

I walked in curious about a new shop and walked out with a gorgeous, well fitting, unworn, designer wedding dress for at least 50% off! AND I'M NOT A SAMPLE SIZE!!! AMAZING!!!

Reviewed on 6/04/2015 Aly H

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Glamour Closet or Judy, the wonderful woman that helped me find my dress! I went to GC not expecting to buy anything, it was my first stop and I was afraid there wasn't going to be anything within my price range. Being a fairly low-key person and not big into making things into a production, I was very intimidated by wedding dress shopping. As a matter of fact, I can't say that I was very excited (*hangs head in shame*). I picked my 8 dresses and started the daunting task of trying them on. Judy was very thorough in explaining the design of the dress and exactly what would happen with alterations and how it would lay on me. She immediately put me at ease and about 2 dresses in, I realized this wasn't going to be a horrible experience, but it was actually kind of fun! Judy was the perfect buffer between me and my mom and nana, who have a very different taste in dresses than I do. She was very encouraging to make sure I was keeping my dreams in mind. I was also surprised by how patient she was as I tried on my 8 dresses, narrowed it down to 4, then 2 and tried them on each time. I didn't feel rushed, hurried or like I was wasting her time, even when I could hear how busy it was getting in the store. I work in retail, so I am a little bit of a customer-service snob. I know how I like to treat my customers and how I like to be treated. I have read so many poor reviews and, working in the industry, heard horror stories about how woman get treated shopping for dresses. I love supporting businesses that have the same philosophy I do! I knew that I wanted to buy a dress from Glamour Closet and Judy helped me find the right one! I couldn't stop smiling the entire way home!

Rude to Plus Sized Brides

Reviewed on 1/23/2015 Andrea C

-1,000,000 stars for this place!!! Why? Let me tell you. My friend is a plus sized bride, and she called ahead of time to see if they carried her sizes. They said yes, that they had tons of things for her. She gets there, tells the salesperson she is looking for size 18, and (wait for it), the salesperson says "OH! We don't have anything THAT big." Yes, that actually happened. My friend promptly went outside and cried in her car. I am furious. I will NEVER shop here, and I will make sure that people I know who plan to shop here are told this story. I don't have the name of the salesperson, but if I did, I would call and request that she be fired.

Great deal

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Elena G

I adored my dress. They have an amazing selection and as everything is a designer sample, everything is 50-75% off! Highly recommended.


Reviewed on 4/21/2014 Nina M

my dress is amazing! the only downside is there is limited quanity

Glamour Clost Review

Reviewed on 10/08/2013 Jessica B

I was very pleased with my experience at Glamour Closet. I was looking for a place that would let me look on my own without being too pushy. The staff was very friendly and acommodating. I was able to pick 7 dresses off the bat, try all of them on and the 3rd dress was it! They recommended a great seamstress because you take the dress as-is. I got an amazing designer wedding gown for half price, I highly recommend Glamour Closet!

Glamour Closet

Reviewed on 12/06/2012 Stephanie V

Overall, this was a good shopping experience. I felt a bit rushed, and I do not think that they were quite correct in what size I should get, but overall a great value for a dress you will only wear once.


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