15 Herb Bouquets (And What They Symbolize!)

by Bridget Clegg
15 Herb Bouquets from The Knot

Not only do fresh and dried herbs both look and smell amazing, but they also can symbolize just the sentiment you need for your upcoming marriage. During the Victorian era, the herbs a bride carried held serious meaning: lavender stood for luck and devotion, rosemary for remembrance, sage for a long life and thyme for courage. Well the trend of carrying herbs on your wedding day is back and prettier than ever. Here, 15 gorgeous examples…

Small Herbal Bridesmaid Bouquet

Simple bridesmaid boquet
Simply Bloom Photography

In this vintage barn wedding, each bridesmaid carried a small bouquet made from different herbs.

Lavender Bridal Bouquet

Lavender bridesmaid bouquet
Lens Cap Productions

A bunch of tall lavender stalks is a pretty (and fragrant) way to do an herb bouquet. Bonus points: it dries really beautifully!

Mint and Floral Bouquet

Mint and dahlia bouquet
W. Scott Chester Photography

Known for its calming effect, bright green mint is an ideal addition to a nervous bride's bouquet.

Clematis with Mint Bouquet

Homemade bouquet of clematis flowers and vines
Nancy Neil

Mint forms the base of this wild homemade bouquet of clematis flowers and vines.

Peony, Rosemary and Sage Bundle

Rosemary, sage and peony wedding flowers
Jemma Kech

Rosemary, sage and a couple of peonies are all you need for a small garden-grown bridesmaid or flower girl bouquet.

Springtime Bouquet with Sage

Sage and mint bridal bouquet
Abby Jiu

Sage and mint are tucked around this full floral bouquet.

Hydrangea and Herb Bouquet

Lush bouquet of hydrangeas, silver leaf and lamb's ears
Allyson Magda Photography

The bride carried a lush bouquet of hydrangeas, silver leaf and lamb's ears accented with herbs like mint, sage and thyme.

Leafy Green Bouquet

Sage, rosemary and lavender bouquet
Christina Bernales

Sage, rosemary and lavender fill out this leafy green bouquet.

Bouquets with Rosemary Accents

Rosemary accented bouquet
Flory Photo

Rosemary accents in the bridesmaids' and bridal bouquets offer a subtle aroma and fun spiky dimension.

Garden Grown Bouquet

Purple and green bridal bouquet
Jocelyn Filley Photography

For Nora and Randy's wedding, the bouquets were made to look like they had been gathered from gardens in and around Martha's Vineyard.

Outdoor Wedding Herb and Fruit Bouquet

Pretty bridal wedding bouquet with greenery
Johnny Jaquez

The right mix of herbs in a bouquet have the added benefit of keeping away insects during an outdoor ceremony. In this bouquet, sage helps ward off flies!

Bright Orange Herbal Bouquet

Tropical bridal boquet
The Memory Journalists

Bright flowers pop next to rosemary, sage and lavender.

Hand-picked Seasonal Herb Bouquet

Photo: Mary Mack // Featured: The Knot Blog
Photo: Mary Mack

The bridesmaids in this wedding carried seasonal hand-tied bouquets of cosmos, autumn ferns, French lavender, solidago, dill seed heads and pampas grass.

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