10 Escort Cards You Can Eat (or Drink)

Waste not, want not.
by The Knot
Edible escort card ideas
Dear Wesleyann

There are plenty of creative ways to arrange an escort card display filled with expertly calligraphed cards or name tags, but we have to admit—there’s a special place in our hearts for edible escort cards. For starters, they can double as favors, and they're also good for curbing any hunger pangs that might creep in before dinner.

Look to your wedding theme to inspire your escort cards or tap a seasonal, local treat, like fresh apples from a nearby orchard or hot sauce from a favorite local restaurant. Here are 10 of our favorite ideas to get you started.

1. Macarons

Macaron escort card idea
Drew B Photography

These soft, delicate (not to mention wildly Instagramable) French cookies definitely won't go to waste. 

2. Fresh Olive Oil

Olive oil escort card idea for a creative wedding idea

Guests can place these eye-catching bottles of olive oil in their kitchen to use for cooking or just décor. 

3. Apples

Apple escort card idea for a fun fall wedding

Apples provide a whimsical touch, a bright pop of color and, best of all, they're super affordable. 

4. Cherries

Fresh cherry escort card idea

Perfect for summer weddings, guests can toss a cherry in their drink (or mouth). 

5. Themed Sugar Cookies

Cute sugar cookie escort card idea
Robyn Rachel Photography

Who doesn't love sweet sugar cookies? The sky's the limit with colors, shapes and designs. 

6. Table Number Cookies

Fun table-number shaped sugar cookie escort card
Devon Jarvis

Have dessert before dinner with this fun favor that doubles as a table number. 

7. Peaches

Fresh peach escort card idea

Whether you're in the South or not, fresh peaches are perfect for rustic affairs. 

8. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce escort card idea
Onelove Photography

Turn the heat up at your reception with mini bottles of your favorite hot sauce. 

9. Champagne

Cute champagne flute escort card idea

Get the party started right away with glasses of bubbly for your guests. 

10. Candy

Candy escort card idea
Julia Vandenover

Fill small jars or cute cups with bite-size candy for guests to munch on throughout the evening.

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