Are You Superstitious About People Trying on Your Engagement Ring?

We know you love your engagement ring and want to show it off to everyone. And it's super likely that while people are oohing and ahhing over your new diamonds, a few of your friends, family members or coworkers may ask if they can try it on. So what will you say?
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jessica zaleski the knot wedding trends expert
Jessica Zaleski
jessica zaleski the knot wedding trends expert
Jessica Zaleski
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We've heard about a lot of brides and grooms being a little superstitious when it comes to letting others test-drive their engagement rings, and there's a pretty heated discussion about it happening right now on our Chit Chat community board. Some brides may feel like their ring is something special between them and their fiance, and letting someone else wear it for a few seconds can bring bad vibes into the relationship. Others feel like it's no big deal (after all, it's not like your sister or BFF is going to run off with it!). Below, a few of our favorite comments from our community board about both sides of the wedding ring superstition argument.

"I had my friend, my sister and my Mom ask to try on my ring. I had no issue with it because it wasn't like they were going to steal it or take a hammer to it or throw it across the room. Now if some rando wanted to try it on then I would say no and quickly walk away, but a close friend or family member? I don't see the issue.

Just remember that the meaning behind the ring is what is important. The ring itself is just a piece of jewelry, but what it signifies to you is the important part. And someone else trying it on does not diminish the significance and it certainly does not have the same significance to the person trying it on. To them it is just a pretty ring." – Maggie0829

"A few of my friends tried it on. I was the first one to get engaged so they were excited and wanted to see what it looked like on their hand. No big deal." – emmaaa

"I think it is really weird to ask to try on someone's e-ring. If they want to see how a ring looks on their finger, they should go to a jewelry store." – littlemushroom

"I understand others are excited and want to see the ring, but they don't need to be trying it on. I was asked once and I said no. It's sorta similar to showing your friend your wedding dress and her asking to try it on. It's something that holds a lot of value to you being the one to wear it. I would just say "I'm not comfortable with that" and move on." – Sugargirl1019

"I can't tell you how many people who have tried on my ring! Not to mention my Fi's grandmother who wore it for 40+ years before it was given to me!" – AzAnnie

What do you think? Do you let anyone try on your ring or just close friends? Or do you think it's better to keep your ring on your fingers only? Tell us here!

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