15 Apps to Make Bachelorette Party Planning a Breeze

Plan smarter, not harder.
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Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jan 16, 2024
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You wake up in the morning and book a barre class before placing a to-go order on your coffee shop app. You tap an app when you get on the subway, then arrive home to a grocery order waiting for you. Apps are a beautiful thing, right? And bachelorette planning apps make the entire process a breeze.

From navigating budgets and availability to coming up with creative ideas to booking hair and makeup for a big night out to managing expenses, you'll wonder how anyone ever planned a party in the pre-internet world. Here are the 15 bachelorette planning apps you need to download today.

The Best Bachelorette Planning Apps:

Inspiration | Travel Planning | Party Planning | Wine Orders | Booking the House | Expenses | Invites | Movie Night | Food Delivery | Regional Treats | Grocery Delivery | Getting Glam | Playlists | Transportation | Game Night

Best App for Inspiration: Pinterest

Pinterest is a longtime favorite of those planning weddings, parties and events, so, of course, it's the go-to when gathering inspiration for a bachelorette. Pin images you find on the internet or use Pinterest as a search engine for ideas for bachelorette party themes from Bravo to Taylor Swift to '70s disco. Organize a board with all of the pins you want to save for later. Shop directly through the Pinterest app for products for the party.

Price: Free

What Users Love:

  • Easy to search for bachelorette-specific ideas
  • Organize ideas within a secret or public board
  • Make sub-boards for games, meals and more
  • Share the board with others

Best App for Travel Planning: Let's Jetty

Anyone who's been through the process of planning a group trip knows things go awry quickly. Expectations differ, people forget to weigh in, and, before you know it, shielding the bride from the behind-the-scenes drama becomes a full time job. Let's Jetty is looking to put an end to that confusion. They just launched its beta version to help coordinate all of the sticky logistics for group travel from budgeting to setting the date to building an itinerary.

Price: Free

What Users Love:

  • Align everyone on expectations early
  • Compile individual preferences on budget, date and more
  • Set RSVP deadlines to keep the party on course
  • Build a shareable itinerary

Best App for Party Planning: Partytrick

Want a party that's perfectly curated and on trend? Partytrick gives you everything you need to put together a polished party that looks like you hired an event planner (because you kind of did?!). Use Partytrick as the app to plan bachelorette party details on everything you need for various party themes, including how to pull together the decor, menus, playlists, invites and more.

Price: Free to download, $25 per party

What Users Love:

  • No need to look up inspiration or decor on your own
  • All the details are provided for you
  • Throw an impressively themed party easily

Best App for Wine Orders: NakedWines

Is the bride a wine connoisseur? Then download the NakedWines app to make sure the red and white you pick for the party are top notch. NakedWines works directly with independent winemakers and delivers the bottles right to your door (or the door of the fabulous house you rented!).

Price: Free to download, varies by wine

What Users Love:

  • Personalized wine selections from independent makers
  • Place a one-time order
  • Lower prices than grocery stores or wine stores

Best App for Booking the House: Airbnb

Airbnb is the name that comes to mind for most people when booking a house for everything from the bachelorette party to the wedding weekend. You can filter by location, size, amenities and more, which means you can make sure to get that infinity pool the bride is dreaming of.

Price: Free to download, varies by property

What Users Love:

  • Easy to filter properties
  • Rent an entire house rather than book multiple hotel rooms
  • Instagrammable locations and modern design

Best App for Bach Expenses: Splitwise

If you've ever been tasked with divvying up the expenses after a group dinner, then you don't even want to think about the hassle of trying to figure out who owes what after an entire weekend of festivities. Annie's pregnant so she didn't drink all weekend. Blair says she didn't come in until Saturday morning so she shouldn't pay for Friday. It's enough to make your head spin. But Splitwise makes it super easy to split expenses down to the nitty gritty details. Then, you'll use an app like Venmo to settle up.

Price: Free

What Users Love:

  • Allows you to split the weekend by who attended which events and more
  • Does the work for you by tallying up who owes what, then coming up with the most seamless settling up solution with the least transactions possible

Best App for Invites: Paperless Post

Whether the bachelorette is just a one night affair or you want to send out invites for specific events throughout the weekend, Paperless Post is the perfect place to send darling invites to attendees and keep all your RSVPs organized.

Price: Free for most cards

What Users Love:

  • Fun templates for every occasion
  • Easy to send out invites en masse
  • Keep track of RSVPs within the app

Best App for Bach Movie Night: Hulu

Sometimes it's nice to have a night in during a bachelorette party and, if your bride is a movie buff, then it's fun to add a Hollywood theme. Fire up Hulu and make a movie night itinerary with your favorite bachelorette and wedding-themed classics.

Price: $8 monthly

What Users Love:

  • Huge library of movies available
  • Significantly lower cost than many of the other streaming apps

Best App For Bach Party Food Delivery: Doordash

Want to make it super easy to feed the party before you go out? Doordash is a go-to for ordering from local restaurants. From pizza to Indian, you're bound to find something available on Doordash, even in smaller towns. Craving fast food after you get home from a night out? Pull up McDonald's or another fast food joint for a greasy craving.

Price: Free, restaurant prices vary

What Users Love:

  • Wide variety of restaurants available
  • Low price point for many options
  • Easy delivery system

Best App For Bach Party Regional Treats: Goldbelly

If you have a bride originally from New Orleans but a February bachelorette in New York, surprise her with a little taste of home. Order a King Cake via Goldbelly to bring that Mardi Gras flavor to the big apple. Goldbelly has gourmet food items from iconic restaurants across the country, including Franklin Barbecue in Nashville and The Grey in Savannah.

Price: free, varies by order

What Users Love:

  • Incredible dishes from beloved restaurants and chefs
  • Order meal kits for a fun at-home experience

Best App For Bach Party Grocery Delivery: Instacart

Whether you plan on cooking at home during the bachelorette or just want some snacks available around the house, having access to groceries is key. But you don't always want to pencil in time to make your way to the store. That's when ordering Instacart comes in clutch. You can order from a local grocery store ahead of time and have it delivered as soon as you arrive.

Price: Free, varies by order

What Users Love:

  • Choose from a variety of grocery stores in the area
  • Order items same-day
  • Quick delivery with shoppers who are in contact with you throughout the process

Best App for Getting Glam: Glamsquad

If your bestie loves to get glammed up before a big night out, bring in Glamsquad for a few hours of primping. Attendees can book appointments for sparkly makeup, voluminous blowouts or anything that will make them feel their best before they hit the town.

Price: Free, varies by service

What Users Love:

  • Wide variety of services from blowouts to updos to makeup
  • Book services directly through the app so individuals can choose what they want
  • Stylists and makeup artists come right to your home

Best App for Playlists: Spotify

Set the tone for the weekend with the perfect playlist, whether that's running through all the Taylor Swift eras or putting together dance party-ready hits. Spotify makes it easy to pull together playlists and share them with others (the best way to keep the memories going long after the party!).

Price: Free or $11 monthly for premium

What Users Love:

  • Practically every song under the sun is available
  • Easy to put together playlists
  • Share playlists before and after the event
  • Play ready-made playlists from other users

Best App for Bach Party Transportation: Uber

Uber has been in the ride sharing game since the beginning, but it's the go-to for bachelorette parties because of the customization available in choosing your ride. Pick an XL vehicle or splurge on a black car, then schedule your ride just in time to get you to your dinner reservation.

Price: Free, varies by ride

What Users Love:

  • Ride-sharing app that many people have
  • Schedule a ride ahead of time
  • Choose a vehicle based on size
  • Tip drivers directly in platform

Best App for Game Night: Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a classic party game that's fun for a cozy bachelorette night in or killing time before you head out for the evening. This twist on charades will have you guessing everything from celebrities to songs. It moves quickly, so everyone will get a turn.

Price: $2

What Users Love:

  • Upbeat, fast-paced game that works for a group
  • Easy-to-guess categories across pop culture and other fun topics
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