Easy Bachelorette Party Food & Drink Ideas You Can Make or Buy

You don't want a hangry bach party.
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Updated Aug 16, 2023
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Planning bachelorette party food and drinks requires some attention to detail, but you'll be grateful once you're enjoying delicious bites and beverages. Standard crowd-pleasers range from cute finger foods to boozy sweets; plus, you'll want to account for a fully-stocked bar and additional meals at home. Whether you want to know what food to serve at a bachelorette party or need cocktail ideas, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn who pays for the bach party treats, how to prepare before the event and how to execute some of our favorite bachelorette party food and drink ideas.

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Who Pays for Bachelorette Party Food?

If you want bachelorette party food and drinks at your accommodation, the host usually buys a few things for the to-be-wed and partygoers. For example, rehydration drinks for hangovers, late-night snacks and alcohol are a few things that may be on your bachelorette shopping list. Some hosts take care of the cost themselves, ask everyone (except the to-be-wed) to help split the bill or tell everyone to bring their own treats and beverages. When it comes to eating out and going to bars, everyone is expected to cover their expenses.

How to Plan Bachelorette Party Food

You'll need to designate at least two people to be in charge of the bachelorette party drinks and food. This helps everyone feel involved and doesn't put too much responsibility on one person. Below are things you need while planning the bach party treats. But if you'd rather hire a pro to feed the group, book a caterer for a more luxurious experience.

Determine your itinerary.

The drinks and food for the bachelorette party don't need to be set in stone until the week of the getaway, which means determining your dates, stay, party theme and daily itinerary should be first. The schedule is essential because you'll know which days you'll be staying in to eat or dining out. It isn't imperative to stick to the timetable, but it helps to loosely outline and plan for snacks, drinks and food at home. Remember, it's always better to be over-prepared––nobody likes a hungry (and drunk) bachelorette party.

Build a bachelorette grocery list.

According to our company data, the average cost of a bachelorette party for one person ranges from $900 to $2,000, depending on the length of stay and means of travel. And the bach party isn't the only prewedding event, so if you want to save some coin, a cost-cutting adjustment groups can make is purchasing bachelorette party snacks and drinks in advance.

Settle on an itinerary and budget to fit all the drinks and food everyone wants to enjoy at the bach accommodation. Then, compile a grocery list and preorder everything from booze to appetizers using delivery sites or apps. Don't feel like running to the store for another bottle of pinot? Try Drizly or Saucey and get your favorite alcoholic beverages delivered without interrupting the pregame festivities. And if you and your crew won't have cars during your bach trip, DoorDash or Mercato are great options, so you don't have to use a rideshare app to get you to the grocery store.

Don't forget the decor.

Highlight your food and drink selections with fun bachelorette party decorations. Shot glasses, personalized charcuterie boards or disco ball cups could be great party favors for the entire group. And don't forget to tap into your bach theme with any food station or table at the party.

Bachelorette Party Food Ideas

Depending on the effort you want to put into prepping food, you'll want store-bought or homemade dips and finger foods to nosh on between partying antics. "You'll want to have daytime foods that can turn into nighttime foods," suggests Jeanette Hurt, award-winning food author and culinary teacher. "In other words, versatile dishes."

Think about what you'd serve to friends if you were hosting a New Year's Eve party: you want these food options to be easy to scarf down and social-proof––that means no spaghetti. Check out these five bachelorette food ideas that can please every partygoer and to-be-wed.

Build your own food bar.

Constructing your own "bachelorette buffet" is a convenient approach to meals at home and caters nicely to groups. If you're planning a dinner, for example, build a taco bar or a spring roll station. You can do the same with sandwiches and have everything laid out and ready for each attendee to build on their own, when they want. Plus, the cleanup process will be way easy.

Serve charcuterie boards.

Another bachelorette party food idea that's 'gram-worthy is charcuterie boards. Consider an alternative medley of charcuterie styles, such as trendy charcuterie cups or a copious grazing table. The latter option involves covering every inch of a kitchen table or island with fruits, cheeses, bread, meats and much more.

"If you're serving a cheeseboard, turn it into a big and bold grazing board that takes over an entire table. It will add an extra decor element and land on guests' Instagrams," says Hurt. "Don't just add a few dried or fresh fruits, crackers and bread. Add dips, honey and jam. Plus, actual dishes and desserts."

Considering having cheese "cakes."

Gather those cheese wheels and assemble a cake the future bride will always remember. Lately, more bridal showers and bach parties are introducing fun twists on the traditional cake with something more savory. You'll want to gather at least three varieties of cheese wheels. Start with a firm base, like cheddar or parmesan. The next tier could be Kunik or a type of brie. Top the masterpiece with a petite cake topper like Vermont Creamery's Bijou, Valencay or Chabichou. Finally, for a festive touch, embellish the cake with ribbons, burlap accents or dried flowers.

Offer a variety of dips.

What takes veggies to the next level more than a divine dip? "Interesting and elevated dips and finger foods are hot," explains Hurt. "I'm seeing more dip books, recipes and articles offering interesting twists on familiar favorites…like beet spreads and hummus-made options. I'm also seeing all kinds of crazy cheese-based dips made with ranch, bacon and cheese, blue cheese and apricot or other creamy, dreamy combinations."

Cook bite-size portions.

Instead of worrying about dishwashing duties, make skewers and bite-size bachelorette party treats. That way, partygoers can easily hold a drink in one hand and a delicious skewer in the other. Options include tortellini salad skewers. "Two ideas I came across and love were from Wisconsin Cheese. The caramelized pineapple picks and Havarti-honeydew stacks are perfect party bites and so easy for any host to make," says Hurt.

Bachelorette Party Drink Ideas

When you're throwing a bach party, it's happy hour all day long. If your crew wants to party with booze, you'll want to prep bachelorette cocktail ideas and stock up on wine, beer, seltzers and more. From grab-and-go to make-it-yourself, read on for well-recommended prepackaged drinks, easy-to-make libations and tasty non-alcoholic beverages.

Have a brunch cocktail station.

After a raucous evening of partying, a delicious Bloody Mary or mimosa is just what the bride-to-be ordered. Since Bloody Mary cocktails are often a meal within itself, this brunch staple could double as a DIY activity as everyone recollects tales from the evening before. "With a Bloody Mary, you can go crazy with freshly pickled vegetables, cheeses, candied bacon," muses Hurt. "For a new spin on the classic, try a Bloody Mary 'cheese board' on top."

For mimosas, a fruit puree and fresh juices could help revive you from a night of hurt. Try cranberry, grapefruit, watermelon, orange juices or lime juices and add your favorite bubbly for the perfect bach drink.

Offer canned cocktails.

One of the biggest cocktail trends is the canned cocktail, which doubles as a durable option when planning bachelorette party food and drinks. Manufacturers and top bars have developed their own versions of fruity or zesty cocktails. "Handcrafted canned cocktails are a great idea for a bachelorette party," explains Hurt. Whether you're the simple canned rosé crew or more selective and in search of a versatile canned mimosa or margarita, prepackaged drinks are here to stay.

Make tasty jello shots.

This college party staple lives on well into adulthood. Elevate the typical jello shot with sparkling and specialty versions for the group. You can add fresh fruit or infuse a standard shot with sparkling wine.

Serve different flavors of margaritas.

You can't have bachelorette cocktails without margaritas. Grab your favorite (blanco, reposado or añejo) tequila and use a blender to make refreshing frozen margs. If you don't have a blender at your bach pad, a shaken margarita on the rocks is the way to go. Margaritas are a simple recipe that is easy to customize. For example, you can make it spicy with jalapeño syrup or sweet with watermelon slices.

Take wine to the next level with sangria.

Before going to the wine aisle, stock up on delicious fresh fruit, brandy, triple sec, citrus juices and more for this beloved mixed drink. You can serve a red or white sangria immediately after making it or allow it to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours for the best flavor.

Create some fresh lemonade.

For a light bachelorette party drink option, make lemonade for the group. Lemonade is easy to make and is perfect for people with busy schedules because it only takes about 15 minutes to make and has minimal ingredients. Infuse the lemonade with blueberries, raspberries, watermelon and much more for a unique twist on a classic.

Look up fun mocktail recipes.

Don't leave your sober friends without something fun to sip on. There are lots of mocktail recipes created over the years that every partygoer will love. Make a delicious alcohol-free Mai Tai party punch, peach Bellini or Tom Collins so non-drinking guests don't feel excluded. Plus, it's best to have some non-alcoholic drinks around to give your liver a break.

Bachelorette Party Dessert Ideas

Having desserts for the bachelorette party isn't a requirement, but it's a sweet treat many people will enjoy. Read below to find out what confections work for any bach theme.

Order a specialty cake.

Is it really a celebration without sweets? Prepare a special moment for the bride-to-be by ordering their favorite cake. Alternatives include petite cupcakes from your local bakery or specialty goodies from a candy store that carries rosé or champagne gummy bears.

Keep in mind: Many brands now deliver nationwide straight to your accommodation, but timing is of the essence for the tastiest dessert. If you're staying in a hotel, ask if there's a pastry chef on-site for a sweet surprise sent straight to your suite. You can also ask the hotel food staff if you can store your items in their fridge. There may be a small fee for this service, but even if there isn't, you should tip the staff for helping you out as a kind gesture and to say thank you.

Serve boozy ice cream.

Boozy ice cream, like rosé, peanut butter or cake-flavored gourmet options, is always a hit. Before you go with this option, double-check that you'll have access to a freezer. As a nod to the big day, try to find wedding cake-flavored ice cream for the event.

Bake cookies resembling the to-be-wed.

If there's someone in the bachelorette party that's a talented baker, ask them to make cookies that look like the soon-to-be bride. This cute idea would surely end up on everyone's social media stories. There's also a simpler option you can turn into a chill group activity. Buy premade sugar cookies, frosting, sprinkles and other cookie-decorating tools and ingredients so everyone can make their own bride cookie look alike or try their best to draw the bride's partner. This will incite tons of laughter and long-lasting memories.

Have a fondue station.

If you want to buy your own fondue machine, do it, especially if you love hosting parties regularly. But if buying one seems a little much, simply heat your favorite sauces like cheese or chocolate in a heavy saucepan for the best sweet and savory experience. Make sure to purchase fondue forks so guests can dip bread, chips, vegetables, meats, fruit or more into the delectable sauce without making a mess.

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