10 Bachelorette PowerPoint Ideas for a Night Full of Laughs

Take your PowerPoint skills from the office to the party.
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Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Mar 19, 2024

PowerPoint may not be at the top of your list when you think of fun bachelorette weekend activities, but stay with us. This consultant-approved app has made its way from stuff workday business reviews to hilariously perfect night in fodder, and these bachelorette PowerPoint ideas are exactly what you need to plan an entertaining and low-key night of slide-swiping content.

A PowerPoint night elevates the typical bachelorette party games while keeping the entire event budget-friendly by asking each guest to prepare a PowerPoint on a specific topic. It could be related to the bachelorette theme or each guest's relationship to the bride, to a pop culture topic that the bride can't get enough of, or anything wedding-inspired. Here are 10 bachelorette PowerPoint night ideas to get you started and how to plan it.

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Bachelorette PowerPoint Ideas

To help spark your creativity, get started with these funny and kitschy powerpoint ideas for bachelorette planning. Everyone can present on the same topic, or you can each choose your own path.

The Bachelorette's Past Lives

Bachelorettes bring together friends from childhood, camp, middle school, college, work, adult life and everywhere in between. And the bachelorette has had many lives throughout those years. Everyone presents the version of her that they knew — and brings photographic evidence.

Definitive Ranking of the Selfies the Bachelorette Has Sent Me

Everyone has a friend that can't help but take a selfie. From her fabulous trip to Greece to the time she had jury duty, it's all been documented via selfies sent to the group text. When she gets married, this theme is a no-brainer.

The Eras of the Bachelorette

If you want to walk down memory lane with bad fashion and even worse ex-boyfriends, then it's time to present the eras of the bachelorette. Taylor Swift soundtrack is a requisite for this theme.

Find your kind of venue

From barns to ballrooms, discover reception venues that feel like you.

Personality Pics for the Group

When the entire group is close, you can each take turns presenting the photos you've picked for the personality pics that represent each person.

The Bachelorette as Reality Stars

Who would you pick to represent each person in the squad? Will anyone turn up as the same person over and over again? Only time and PowerPoints will tell.

Unpopular Wedding Opinions

It might be a hot take, but that's the point of this PowerPoint! Have everyone present their unpopular wedding opinions, whether it's that they've never taken a bite of wedding cake or actually they do like hearing the "Electric Slide".

Out of Context Group Chats

Group texts are wild enough in context. Taken out of context, they can spiral quickly. Everyone finds their top texts with the bachelorette or the group at large that can be interpreted a few too many ways when taken out of context.

The Ideal Hallmark Movie

Everyone has an idea of what they think would make up the perfect Hallmark movie—small town bakery, high school sweetheart, stressful job. But let's hear about the nuances. Have everyone make a presentation on the exact plot and locale of their Hallmark movie, plus who would star.

Wedding Weekend Superlative Predictions

Anything can happen on the wedding weekend. Present on exactly who you think is going to get on stage with the band, have a fling with a groomsman or close down the dance floor.

The Burn Book

The bachelorette gets to run this one! To break the ice with a group that's just getting to know each other, the bride creates a Burn Book PowerPoint roasting all of her friends for all the (embarrassing) reasons she loves them.

How to Plan a Bachelorette PowerPoint Night

Once you have your bachelorette party powerpoint ideas in place, planning a bachelorette PowerPoint night is super simple. And, we swear, everyone will thank you when they realize you've planned such an affordable, easy and fun evening in.

1. Distribute and Explain the Topic

Everyone will need ample time to prepare, so distribute the powerpoint night ideas for the bachelorette party with at least a few week's notice. You can choose whether everyone will present on a general topic or whether you'd prefer to leave it open for interpretation.

2. Choose One Person to Run the Show

It's usually easiest to have everyone send a link to their presentation (Google Slides is also great for this!), and one person will run all of the presentations from their computer. This way, you only have to figure out how to connect from the computer to a TV screen once.

3. Select the Order Ahead of Time

Depending on the crowd, people may want to know when to expect their turn. Select the order and distribute it at the same time you request everyone's links for the evening.

4. Make It A Party

PowerPoints alone don't make a bachelorette! Decorate for the theme of the PowerPoint, order a fun menu or make something easy like pizza or tacos, then settle in for a hilariously entertaining evening.

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