Planning a Budget Bachelorette Bash

Planning a bachelorette party doesn't require cartloads of cash -- all it takes are a few creative ideas!
by The Knot
Mimosa bar at bachelorette party
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You want to throw the bride-to-be a fabulous bachelorette party, but you're working within limited means. No problem! You don't have to drop a lot of dough to throw an unforgettable party. Read on for our best bashing-on-a-budget ideas.

Slumber Party

The Scene:

The ultimate girls-only gathering, a slumber party, is a good way to get in touch with your roots -- especially if you and the bride are childhood friends. Just pick a place to crash -- the maid with the biggest couch wins of course!

Activities: Take this opportunity to not act your age.

  • Stock up on DVDs of the horror movies that scared you senseless in high school, or the latest and greatest chick flicks.
  • Bring along all the necessary supplies and give each other manicures and pedicures during the party.
  • Order a pizza and tease the delivery boy like you did when you were 12.
  • Pick a frozen drink to blend and tell stories (keep them lighthearted) where you each take a big sip every time someone makes the bride blush.

Bar Crawl

The Scene:

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't enjoy a night on the town! Pick a few local bars in the same area of town (they should be within walking distance). Even two bars does the trick -- and remember, the smaller the bar, the more attention your group will get!. Tonight is a good time to set yourselves apart from the crowd -- wear feather boas, matching cowboy hats, tiaras, or leis -- because if everyone knows you're celebrating, your evening is bound to include a few free congratulatory rounds.

Activities: Don't underestimate the hilarity of a bachelorette scavenger hunt. Create a checklist for the bride of tasks to complete, from the simple (get a guy to buy you a Sex on the Beach cocktail) to the creative-and-almost-impossible (find a guy who has your first name tattooed on his body and take a photo). Take photos of the bride's successes and keep them in a scrapbook along with an official sign-off from any participants.

Knot note: Be sure to arrange for a designated driver. You'll probably need it after a long night of barhopping.

Dinner Party

The Scene:

Play hostess and invite the girls over for a gourmet dinner. Look for a tasty recipe (find the perfect recipe on ), stock your kitchen, and get cooking.

Activities: If there are enough of you, break into groups to cook each course -- one group grills the chicken, another assembles the appetizers. And don't forget the wine! Set the table and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You could even invite the groom and his guys over for dessert -- or better yet, include them in the cooking and make it a competition!

-- Kristen Hawley

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