Affordable and Trendy Bachelorette Party Ideas for Bridesmaids on a Budget

Hanging with your besties doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.
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Updated May 21, 2020
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Throwing a cheap bachelorette party is somewhat of a unicorn these days. But unlike the mythical creature, a bachelorette party on a budget is possible—if you will it. After all, nothing was more FOMO-inducing as a teen than knowing all your best buds were at the mall while you were stuck at home sans allowance that week. Getting older and wiser doesn't necessarily mean the money situation's gotten any easier, and because you now have an even wider circle of amazing women in your life, you've probably attended a bachelorette party (or two or five) and know the expenses can add up really fast.

All this to say that as much as you love your friends, those trips and nights out can really take their toll on your wallet. So it's reassuring to know that if you want to know how to plan a cheap bachelorette party without dropping too much cash, there's hope. And more than that, there are tons of great ways to show your BFF how much she means to you and all the friends and loved ones she's gathered together to celebrate her last days as a "young unmarried woman."

Here, we've rounded up seven affordable (if-not-cheap) bachelorette party ideas that will be a great time for everyone involved and, most importantly, leave your bank account breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Host a Slumber Party

There's a reason why slumber parties are every middle-schooler's go-to party of choice. They're fun, they're low-key, and they usually involve all the key ingredients for a guaranteed great night in. (Not to mention, a cheap bachelorette party idea overall.) Now that everyone's busy doing grown-up things like going to work and raising families, the opportunities to just be together and hang out in one space are fewer and far between. Celebrate your best gal's final fling with a night of wine and cheese boards (or beer and pizza), chick flicks or thought-provoking documentaries, face masks, and, well, life updates (some things never change).

And if throwing that epic slumber party at your or a friend's place isn't an option, consider renting an AirBnB or even the bridal suite at a nearby resort for one night and splitting that daunting cost amongst all the attendees for a cost-efficient way to get away by staying in. An added bonus to the rental option? Not having to clean up the next morning, which is one heckuva step up from the slumber parties of yesteryear.

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Seek Such Great Heights

women bachelorette hiking girls

These days, bachelorette parties have increasingly become focused on self care—and caring for each other. So why not flip the bachelorette party timeline on its head and gather everyone together for an early morning sun salutation or summit set to the backdrop of Mother Nature's majesty?

Start the day at someone's home with some fresh, homemade green juices or DIY acai bowls as a fun ice-breaker for those who don't know one another yet, and then take off into the mountains for a hearty, sweaty hike that's guaranteed to recalibrate your BFF's energies after a stressful few months of wedding planning. Be sure to pack plenty of water and some snacks for an impromptu picnic at the top, where you can play party games, share memories about the to-be-wed, or just enjoy the views together.

If elevation isn't an option where you're at, consider doing a group yoga session or workout class together, which will help get everyone's endorphins going—just in time for the impending wedding. And as an FYI: a fun post-hike or post-workout brunch is a less spendy alternative to a fancy dinner out, and this cheap bachelorette party idea can make for many Instagram-worthy photo opps.

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Try a Tasting or Two

If getting boozy is a big part of what makes your BFF and her friends extra happy, then there are a ton of options for fun alcohol-adjacent activities that won't break the bank. Instead of a spendy night of bar-hopping, maybe consider starting off the evening by pregaming at home before heading to local bars. Decorate a cute bar cart and have your guests build cocktails with fun recipes for a bachelorette party on a budget activity.

Another lively option is to rent out a private room at a karaoke lounge, so everyone can get loosey goosey while enjoying a shared pitcher of beer or cocktails, depending on the mood and taste of the group. Being able to dance it out while belting nostalgic tunes is always a good time, and the split cost amongst all the attendees will be undoubtedly lower than cover charges for exclusive nightclubs or shelling out for shots at a long string of bars throughout the span of an evening.

For those who prefer the atmosphere of a calmer tasting situation, consider hitting up a favorite winery (or a new one!) and then buying a few bottles to go for a picnic either on the winery grounds or at a nearby park. Or for those more interested in whiskey or beer, touring a distillery or a brewery with a tasting can be a fun afternoon activity that's low-maintenance and relatively low-cost, with maximum photo opportunities to remember the day by. Don't forget to toast the bride-to-be.

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Host a Luxe Dinner Party

What's a great party without good food? Going out for an expensive five-course meal may be out of your price range, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the same good taste from the comforts of your own home. Meals and cooking are a great way to bring folks together — especially those who might be meeting for the first time — so what better way to celebrate your friendships than by hiring a gourmet chef to create a custom dinner for your BFF and her gathered pals, possibly with a nod to all of her favorite, eccentric, foods: pickled vegetables, candied yams, and tuna sashimi? Sure, why not? As a fun way to make the meal even more special, consider creating personalized menus for the gathered gals, coordinating with the chef for fun names of dishes that reference different aspects of your BFF's personality or relationship with her soon-to-be partner-for-life.

If the crew you're rollin' with is foodie in nature, an alternative could also be to create a meal together, with friends partnered off in pairs to create different courses of the menu: an appetizer, a salad, a side dish, the main dish, and dessert, for instance. See who has the biggest kitchen (and dining space!), and get ready for some fun cooking shenanigans with friends, old and new. Think of it as Thanksgiving without the family drama, and with all the best recipe swaps.

What You Need: HomeChef Delivery for six meals, $59.70,; Boska Holland choco fondue Marie, $28,

Map Out the Bride's Favorite Spots

Make it an excursion by creating a map of the neighborhood (that can, of course, double as a scavenger hunt of sorts). Encourage members of the bachelorette group to try the bride's go-to milkshake at her favorite burger spot, or to check into someone's home for hors d'oeuvres before all gathering at the final location for drinks.

You can leave clues all throughout town or go digital by dropping hints of where to go next via text; the idea is to help your BFF reconnect with her roots (if you're in her hometown) or favorite haunts (if you're in a bigger city) or just discover new spaces (if you're in a place that's new to everyone).

An alternative here—if a lot of the bachelorette party guests happen to live in the area—is to host a party where everyone's able to get at-home manicures at one spot and partake in an activity like making flower crowns at another home. Culminating, hopefully, in a big get-together at the end (complete with a fun banner and backdrop) to cheers the bride-to-be and share memories from the scheduled events of the day.

What You Need: GlamSquad, $125 an hour per professional,; Etsy Bachelorette party itinerary custom illustration, $22,; Draper James x Coterie make your own banner, $20,

Arrange a Self-Care Spa Day

spa bachelorette party

If self care feels to be a big thing for your BFF, then rounding everyone up to go to a Korean day spa is a fun and affordable alternative to a pricier spa that emphasizes treatments and massages that can quickly rack up in cost. With a standard day pass, most Korean spas provide access to saunas, rest areas, jacuzzis, and plenty of spots for lounging. It's a great way to spend a day (or even an overnight!) with pals, get a chance to fully unwind, and make it an overall inexpensive bachelorette party.

For those who are a bit more adventurous, or want to partake in the spa's more specific offerings, there are of course spa menus for full body scrubs, massages, pedicures, facials—the whole nine yards. The takeaway here is that not everybody at the bachelorette party will have to shell out the same amount, so in case there are guests who are a bit more price-conscious, this will give them more options and an easy way to opt out without feeling left out.

Word to the wise, however: most Korean day spas include areas of the amenities that are separated by gender and completely clothes-free, so if there are members of the bachelorette party tribe who are a little more self-conscious, make sure to give them a heads up on this tiny —but important—detail.

If a full spa day is a tough commitment, host a meditation session instead. Transform a bachelorette party member's backyard into a zen space (think about including a sea of pillows and stringy lights) or hire a professional to lead a meditation in a studio space. Wellness and self-care aren't just trends, they're about taking time to pamper yourself (whether you're a bridesmaid or the bride).

What You Need: Sojo Spa Club day pass, $65 admission weekends;; Carve Designs villa one piece black swimsuit, $90,

Make Your Own Scents and Sips

There are a ton of fun at-home activities that are gaining popularity these days, including activities like make-your-own fragrances, make-your-own CBD tinctures, make-your-own candles, and make-your-own signature cocktails. With minimal spending in mind for cheap bachelorette party ideas, you can acquire all the necessary ingredients to give your guests budget-friendly options with a wide variety of options (scents, herbs, flavors and oils). These days, it's all about putting your personal stamp on the things that you imbibe, inhale and rub into your skin, and what better way to spend time together than to mix and match ingredients to create a custom scent, tincture, candle or drink?

An extra perk of hosting the at-home party, of course, is that everyone can kick off their shoes, show up in their comfiest pants, and not have to worry about getting all dolled up for an easy, affordable night in that'll be memorable for years afterward.

What You Need: Toast CBD cold pressed lemon, $55,; L'or de Seraphine candles, $38,

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