15 Rosé Wines You Have to Try This Summer

A new bottle for every weekend and what to pair it with. (Plus our top five favorites!)
by Andrea Fowler

In the name of rosé season, we asked our editors to taste test some wine—okay, a lot of wine. Whether you're looking for the best sparkling variety to pop during your bachelorette bash (like at Pinknic, this rosé-themed festival) or something sweet to sip on while honeymooning, you can't go wrong with one of these picks.

To make sure there wasn't any bottle bias, we had a blind tasting and scored each glass according to color, taste and bouquet. We put in all the leg work, cut zero corners and came out on the other side with the 15 best rosés and what you should be pairing them with. We even highlighted the top five winners!

Why 15, you ask? Well there are 15 weekends between Memorial and Labor Day weekend, which means one bottle for each of your summer Fridays. You're welcome.

  1. Best Rosé for Posting a Trendy Instagram

    Best rosé wine for a trendy Instagram post

    Summer Water
    Tasting notes: Citrus, fresh raspberry (as opposed to watermelon), grapefruit, lighter body and a nice acidity for a crisp finish
    Pair with: Grapefruit salad, sliced grapefruit, shrimp cocktail, tuna, white bean crostini, crudo ceviche, lobster rolls, and ricotta or burrata cheese
    Summer Water rosé, $13, WINC.com

    White Girl Rosé
    Tasting notes: Watermelon, strawberry and floral notes balanced with hints of citrus
    Pair with: BBQ chicken, burgers, grilled shrimp and Asian food
    White Girl Rosé wine, $17, Minibar.com

    Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle*
    Tasting notes: Complex and balanced rosé with loads of flavors and fruit complementing the wine's natural vibrant acidity
    Pair with: Hors d'oeuvres such as smoked salmon, lobster, shrimp, carpaccio and soft cheeses
    Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle rosé, $24, Wolffer.com

    *Editor's pick! We think it tastes like: You're relaxing on a lake-side hammock with your favorite book.

  2. Best Rosé for Feeling Like an A-Lister

    Best celebrity rosé wines

    Barrymore Rosé
    Tasting notes: Flavors of fresh red fruits, along with notes of peach and apricot, complemented by a bright, mouthwatering acidity and a crisp, vibrant finish
    Pair with: Ahi tuna salad, sushi or grown-up grilled cheese
    Barrymore by Carmel Road rosé, $18, CarmelRoad.com

    Miraval Rosé Côtes de Provence
    Tasting notes: A lovely mineral freshness with delicate aromas of citrus, red fruits and white flowers
    Pair with: A tuna tataki, tuna tartare or tuna sushi
    Miraval Rosé Côtes de Provence, $27, Sherry-Lehmann.com

    SAVED Magic Maker*
    Tasting notes: Fruit flavors of grapefruit, ripe strawberry and honeydew, accented by a hint of thyme and grapefruit zest
    Pair with: Arugula salad with grapefruit, shaved parmesan cheese and light balsamic vinaigrette
    SAVED Magic Maker rosé, $20, ExpressionsoftheVine.com

    *Editor's pick! We think it tastes like: a sunshine-filled Sunday morning brunch (with your squad, of course)

  3. Best Rosé for Popping Bottles and Celebrating

    The best sparkling rosés for celebrating

    Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé
    Tasting notes: Like a basket of fresh-picked strawberries on the nose, subtly mixing on the palate with notes of ripe plum, violet, spice and graphite
    Pair with: Chicken and vegetable samosas or a sweet strawberry soufflé tart
    Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte brut rosé, $47, Sherry-Lehmann.com

    Tasting notes: Ripe strawberry, juice watermelon and fresh red cherry fruit aromas and flavors
    Pair with: Grilled salmon and shellfish in paella or gumbo
    Chandon Rosé Limited Edition American Summer bottle, $26, Chandon.com

    *Editor's pick! We think it tastes like: Basking in the sun at an outdoor café, donning the chicest midi skirt and crop top combo.

    Santa Margherita
    Tasting notes: A subtle succession of floral fragrances lifted by white fruits and delicate hints of red berry fruits
    Pair with: Fish-based savory starters or spicy foods
    Santa Margherita sparkling rosé, $23, Wine.com

  4. Best Rosé for Impressing Your Friends

    The best underrated rosé wines

    Fruit and Wine Grapefruit Rosé*
    Tasting notes: A mix of rosé wine and grapefruit juice with fruity and tangy notes
    Pair with: Gruyere, aged Gouda, pound cake
    Fruits and Wine Grapefruit rosé, $10, Saq.com

    *Editor's pick! We think it tastes like: a tropical umbrella-clad cocktail straight from a tiki hut.

    Grand Reserve
    Tasting notes: Aromatics of English Tea roses, gardenias, peaches and orange blossom with white peach and watermelon flavors
    Pair with: Sweet corn risotto, flat-iron steak or a simple ham sandwich
    Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve rosé, $22, KJ.com

    Santa Cristina Cipresseto Toscana
    Tasting notes: A dry rosé with notes of jasmine and raspberry
    Pair with: Cheeses and white meats like light chicken
    Santa Cristina Cipresseto Toscana rosé, $14, FindWine.com

  5. Best Rosé for When You Deserve a Splurge

    The best splurge-worthy rosé wines

    Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage*
    Tasting notes: Floral notes of rose and hawthorn and botanical nuances of boxwood and lime zest followed by fruity, fresh notes of raspberry, cherry and blood orange
    Pair with: Fresh goat cheese, mozzarella, mascarpone, black olives and red onions
    Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial, $56, ReserveBar.com

    *Editor's pick! We think it tastes like: You're hand in hand with Leo Dicaprio strolling on the red carpet—yep, that'll do it.

    Champagne Taittinger Prestige Rosé
    Tasting notes: A deeply expressive bouquet of crushed raspberries, cherries and black currants is paired with a full-bodied flavor of red fruits
    Pair with: Fruit desserts, including fruit tart, fruit salad and red fruit crumble
    Champagne Taittinger Prestige rosé, $84, Sherry-Lehmann.com

    Wolffer Estate Grandioso
    Tasting notes: Balanced by a lovely acidity, hints of soft tannins and a whiff of mature oak followed by great minerality
    Pair with: Smoked salmon, poached or grilled lobster or shrimp, marinated meats and soft cheeses
    Wolffer Estates Grandioso rosé, $29, Wolffer.com

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