The Guide to a Bonaire Honeymoon for a Secluded Getaway

Go off the beaten path with a honeymoon in Bonaire.
A couple snorkeling in Bonaire, Caribbean.
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Holly Riddle - The Knot Contributor.
Holly Riddle
Holly Riddle - The Knot Contributor.
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Updated Jan 21, 2023
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A Bonaire honeymoon is an excellent choice for couples who want a secluded escape in a beautiful destination. Bonaire, also known as the "B" in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao), is a Dutch territory known for its idyllic conditions; some of the best and sunniest, in fact, across the Caribbean. While Bonaire may not be as well-known a honeymoon destination to some couples as its sister island Aruba, that's what makes it a worthy choice for those who prefer privacy and less traffic from tourists.

With just a little extra travel effort, couples can escape to a pristine paradise that offers plenty in the way of romance—in addition to adventure and activities. Spend a few days lounging on the beach and go sightseeing across multiple national parks. Snorkeling and scuba diving are world-class in Bonaire given its reef-lined oceanography. Most couples want to take advantage of Bonaire's status as the world's first "Blue Destination." (The eco-label means the destination is committed to sustainability while fueling the growth of the local ocean tourism industry.)

With so much to see and do, Bonaire is a honeymoon island best suited for active travelers over those who prefer lounging by the beach or recovering from the wedding in a spa. Getting to Bonaire is easy if you're coming from the East Coast, thanks to direct routes from Newark, Houston, Atlanta and Miami, as well as connecting services through Aruba and Curaçao. The two sister islands' interconnectivity also makes for convenient travel across the three isles, especially if you fancy a little island-hopping during your honeymoon.

Is Bonaire Good for a Honeymoon?

The Pros of a Bonaire Honeymoon

Along with great weather conditions, there are a few strengths Bonaire brings to couples. "The relaxed vibe and unspoiled nature of Bonaire makes it a perfect honeymoon destination," says Brigitte de Bruin of Bamboo Bonaire for those looking for something off the beaten path. "It's especially appealing to active travelers who love nature, being on the water and the outdoors… Whether you want to explore the stunning Caribbean seas with a snorkeling or scuba-diving tour or you want to easily uncover the island's hidden gems with a rental car, there's so much to see and do."

The Cons of a Bonaire Honeymoon

Of course, what makes Bonaire an excellent honeymoon choice for some couples, makes it less-than-ideal for others. Direct flight options are more limited than what you might find for more popular honeymoon destinations like Hawaii. Additionally, because Bonaire doesn't get the same tourist traffic as other Caribbean islands, you might find the infrastructure lacking in terms of amenities or access to larger, all-inclusive resorts. Likewise, Bonaire's main attractions are nature-focused. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you might be able to find a better fit for your honeymoon.

The Best Times of Year to Go on a Bonaire Honeymoon for Good Weather

The weather is one of the absolute best aspects about Bonaire—or any of the ABC Islands for your honeymoon or otherwise. Because the islands rest in the southernmost portion of the Caribbean, they're outside of the Caribbean's hurricane belt. This means hurricanes are extremely rare here, making intense rainy season one less thing to worry about when planning your honeymoon.

Things to Do During a Bonaire Honeymoon

Book a Rental Car and Explore

A very safe island that's easy to self-navigate, Bonaire is one destination where you'll want to rent a car and explore almost immediately. "Just take it day by day and enjoy all Bonaire has to offer," says Ilona de Bruijne, general manager at Bonaire Tours & Vacations. However, in order to explore on a whim and live in the moment, she does recommend that rental car. "The island is easy to explore by yourself. To know your way around, [though], you could book an island tour at the beginning of your vacation," she adds.

Car on the road in Bonaire.
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Discover Varied Landscapes From Beaches to Salt Flats

Bonaire is not merely beautiful beaches. Its landscapes range from salt flats to lagoons. Visit Washington Slagbaai National Park to view Bonaire's native and endemic wildlife.

Sail boat in Bonaire.
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See Flamingos in Their Natural Habitat

Stop by Gotomeer, a saltwater lagoon home to more than 20,000 wild flamingos, or the Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary, which is one of only four spots in the world where the birds breed. Couples will also see endangered turtles and conch among the mangrove trees at Bonaire's National Marine Park.

Flamingoes in Bonaire.
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Best Hotels and Resorts on Bonaire for a Honeymoon

Bamboo Bonaire

This intimate and romantic boutique resort offers just over a dozen cottages. Designed for couples only (honeymooners and otherwise), the property is child-free. Book the honeymoon suite and enjoy your own private saltwater jacuzzi, an outdoor rain shower and bamboo day bed. When you're ready to leave your retreat, you're within walking distance of a handful of waterfront restaurants.

The Bellafonte

For modern luxury with ocean views, book a suite at the Bellafonte. The boutique hotel's oceanfront location gives you direct access to the national park. Plus, each room features its own private balcony and a fully equipped kitchen.

What to Pack for a Bonaire Honeymoon

Pack all your beachwear and beach gear, but also bring along plenty of clothing and extras you'll need for exploring Bonaire's natural attractions away from the water. Think hiking shoes, sneakers, sunscreen and protective clothing. For more tips, check out our full guide to packing for a tropical honeymoon.

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