The Essential Honeymoon Packing List for Your Carry-On and Luggage

Signed, an editor who compiled this list on a plane.
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Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Deputy Editor
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Updated Sep 29, 2023

There's a saying at The Knot with wedding planning priorities: What are your need-to-haves and your nice-to-haves? The same applies to the honeymoon packing list (and vacation packing lists, in general). I'm writing this as I'm on the plane to Spain. As an editor with a thirst for adventure and a penchant for leveraging credit card points, I enjoy short weekend getaways. Those require one sleek weekender bag, while anything less than one week of travel means I travel with a convenient carry-on and a duffel. However, an extended trip that goes beyond 10 days—typically the honeymoon—requires careful planning with both carry-on bags and checked luggage.

How couples choose to honeymoon is also evolving: many are opting first for a minimoon, followed by a megamoon months down the road–speaking of which, perhaps, a road trip honeymoon is also in the works. (Can The Knot Editors blame you for having great taste?) You'll want to start by reviewing your destination and the excursions you've planned. Then, you'll want to narrow down the honeymoon essentials. Our biggest recommendation for your honeymoon checklist is to utilize the templates below–and to strike or embellish items to your fancy. Just remember: the must-haves, such as the passport, appropriate visas and more, should be prepared well in advance. (Passport turnaround time can take up to one year as of print.) Here's what to include on your honeymoon packing list.

Honeymoon Packing Lists and Tips in this Article:

Honeymoon Essentials for Your Carry-On

While it may seem extensive, you'll thank the transit gods that you followed our honeymoon packing list suggestions. The thought process with these must-haves is centered on logistics and pure function–after all, one cannot get through the TSA line without a passport or an ID card. Certain countries also require a visa, including the European Union Schengen visa starting in 2024. Each item listed below will alleviate the stresses that often arise while traveling from points A to B, making the journey more enjoyable. For additional product recommendations, refer to our full vacation packing list here.

Visa Information
ATM & Credit Cards
Identification Cards
Pen or Stylus
Travel Journal or iPad
Electronic Devices (Phone, Laptop, Kindle)
Charging Devices
Eye Mask
Travel Pillow
Headphone Converter
Universal Adapter/Converter
Entertainment (Shows, Movies, Podcasts and Books)
Breath Mints or Gum
Water Bottle
Extra Tote

Checklist of what to pack in your carry on luggage for your honeymoon
Design: Natalie Romine

Honeymoon Clothing and Accessories for Transit

Sometimes, I'll notice the occasional suited individual on business class–and good for them for looking spiffy in the lounge or cabin. However, the key to long-haul travel (whether in a plane, train or automobile) is comfort. We recommend leaning into materials like cotton, cashmere or Tencel–brands like Jenni Kayne, Spanx and Stripe & Stare make incredible pieces, perfect for in-cabin travel.

A compact and light weekender bag will also help with the experience of travel, especially if you are flying economy. In these instances, I like to use my duffel bag as a footrest to mimic the experience of a lie-flat seat. BEIS has one of the most popular bags on the market, especially for its separate shoe compartment. Newlyweds should also consider Katie Loxton's vegan leather weekender bag for personalization and a luxury feel in transit. Finally, our list excludes extra undergarments and swimwear, but couples should consider including both in the event of luggage issues with the airline.

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Wedding and Engagement Rings
Sleek Carry-On or Backpack
Compression Socks
Slides for Plane
Comfy Loungewear
Small Crossbody or Belt Bag

Checklist of what to wear on the plain for your honeymoon
Design: Natalie Romine

Honeymoon Toiletries to Pack

We recommend you pack select toiletries in your carry-on bag ahead of possible snags like delays or airlines losing your luggage. After all, you wouldn't want to be without medicine or sunscreen when you land. One hack to consider is exploring the use of storage-saving toiletries. (Think: powder cleansers, travel-size beauty products, and mini packages of wipes.) This editor's latest and favorite brands in transit include Onélogy, EvolveTogether and Supergoop! for ease. A good sheet mask on long-haul flights also does the trick.

Makeup Bag
Lip Balm
Hair Brush
Hand Sanitizer
Sanitizing Wipes
Face Wipes
Face Cleansing Powder
Hand Cream or Lotion
Sheet Masks
Hydrating Face Cream
Prescription Medicine
Wellness Items
Travel Size Toothpaste and Brush
Mini Fragrance

Checklist of what toiletries to bring on your honeymoon
Design: Natalie Romine

Honeymoon Must-Haves to Check In Your Luggage

Seasoned travelers will say they won't travel without functional packing cubes (these fit perfectly in larger luggage options), which saves time and space, especially as you pack and unpack. The foundation is a sturdy suitcase, and brands like Travelpro and Paravel are editor-vetted and approved. Also, bear in mind weight restrictions as the 23-kg limit is easier to top than one might think. You'll also want to leave room for gifts. (Psst: One secret, space-saving hack is packing laundry sheets and a slack line. It's how this writer lived out of a carry-on bag for a month while traveling abroad this summer.)

Packing Cubes
AirTag or Tracking Device
Jewelry Organizer
Vanity Case
Laundry Bag
Laundry Sheets
Extra Bag
Beauty Items
Makeup Case
Mosquito Repellent Wipes

what to pack for your honeymoon essentials to check in luggage
Design: Natalie Romine

    Honeymoon Clothes and Outfits to Consider

    To be clear: there's a difference between St. Moritz and St. Barts. Depending on where you choose to travel, your honeymoon packing list will vary. Sub resortwear for skiwear if you're planning on an Aspen minimoon or replace the Patagonia-friendly hiking boots pair of versatile and stylish sandals in the Caribbean. It doesn't stop there. We've compiled the best vacation wardrobe retailers so you can stock up on honeymoon outfits ASAP.

    Ski Gear
    Dress Sandals and Shoes
    Resort Tote or Bag
    Evening Bag

    Check list of what clothes to pack for your honeymoon
    Design: Natalie Romine

    Free Printable Honeymoon Packing Checklist

    For your convenienece, we've put together this free printable honeymoon packing list for you to download and keep track of everything while your packing so you don't forget a thing.

    Checklist of what to pack on your honeymoon
    Design: Natalie Romine

    Expert Honeymoon Packing Tips

    Along with our checklist items above, we've consulted experts to help you with your honeymoon packing list. Follow our tips and you'll be in great shape. (Oh–and don't forget to leave room in your luggage for mementos.)

    1. Consolidate and remove unnecessary items

      Whether it's a joint packing checklist or a spreadsheet broken down categorically (think: travel essentials, outfits, and accessories), you'll want to take stock of what to bring. We suggest breaking it down by section depending on the nature of the trip. Prepping for a honeymoon also means narrowing down essentials. "Newlyweds should look into the amenities provided at their hotels so they don't duplicate items they may not need," says Jen Avey of Destination Weddings Travel Group. For instance, many luxury resorts provide hair dryers, while most five-star European hotels offer adapters or USB outlets.

      2. Pack a modest amount of clothing

        "I think the old adage to remove half the clothes and bring twice the money is especially pertinent to honeymoon travel," says O'Hara. "It is so easy to go overboard because it is almost a given that the couple will be participating in a lot of activities, so it might be tempting to pack for every possibility." Yet, since you can often do laundry (or have laundry done for you) at your destination, O'Hara recommends packing enough clothes for about five days for a week-long vacation.

        3. Limit shoes and books

          Since shoes and books tend to be heavy and bulky, it's best to pare down your list. Consider three pairs of kicks, suggests O'Hara: comfortable walking shoes, dress shoes and flip-flops or water shoes. Plus, hiking boots for a trip featuring hiking. "Water shoes usually pack flat, and can be expensive or hard to find in certain destinations," she notes. If you're packing boots, wear your bulkiest items on the plane to cut down on heavy luggage. If you're heading to a cold climate, toss on multiple layers.

          4. Don't forget key toiletries and meds

            Double- or triple-check that you've packed essential toiletries, counsels O'Hara. For instance, don't neglect basics like contact lenses and solution (if you rely on them), as well as band-aids, and medications for motion sickness or stomach issues. Other recommended items include antacids, antihistamines, alcohol cleansing wipes, hand sanitizer, cough drops and condoms. Before your departure, make a list of medications in case of emergencies. "Ask your doctors for documentation should you get in a bind," says Avey.

            5. Tote those tech essentials

              If you're headed to Botswana on safari or Egypt for sightseeing, opt for a universal adapter and converter. Also, tote a portable charger for your cell phone; and consider signing up for a VPN prior to traveling. "There are so many dangers when connecting to unsecured WiFi," says says honeymoon specialist, Tammy O'Hara, who adds that, with a VPN, you can watch U.S.-based TV shows.

              6. Have digital and paper copies of key documents

                "Most travel documents can be stored electronically, but I always recommend having two backups (paper and screenshot)," says O'Hara. Follow this advice for boarding passes, passports, driver's licenses, vaccination cards, travel insurance information or QR codes, and more. "If there are any issues with reading your phone, you'll have the paper backups to prevent delays."

                7. Prepare local currency and the right cards for travel.

                  Bring some local currency with you, especially if you're traveling to Europe, Asia, or rural areas, suggests O'Hara. That way, "you can haggle better, and won't be at the whim of shifting currency conversation rates." Cash is also a must especially when tipping staff, for instance at resorts in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Some staffers prefer US dollars, so call the resort in advance for exact details. When it comes to debit and credit cards, check with your bank in advance to find out if they charge foreign transaction fees.

                  8. Leave essential info with loved ones

                    She also suggests leaving a copy of your travel documents (including your passport and any visas) with emergency contacts, such as trusted friends or family members. "If you lose your passport, being able to access a copy will make issuing an emergency passport easier."

                    Overall, enjoy the experience of packing for the honeymoon. It's part of the fun as you anticipate your well-deserved romantic getaway with your partner. The best is yet to come.

                    –Dina Cheney contributed to this article.

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