How to Create a Fun Flower Crown Station at a Bridal Shower

Floral stylist Kirstie Pence has the tips you need to make every beauty at the bridal shower bloom.
by Carrie Anton
Flower crown display
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When it comes to bridal showers, games are great, but to really take the day's activities above what's expected, set up a floral crown station too. While a bride and her bridesmaids may get to wear the bountiful head topper on the day-of, in the festivities leading up to the wedding, guests can feel like Mother Nature royalty too.

"The flower crown fits the bride who wants a more informal, relaxed event," says Kirstie Pence, Owner and Floral Stylist with KP Designs. "The floral crown station is a great activity for guests to do, helping them to feel more a part of the party with a little floral accessory of their own to wear."

If budget isn't an issue for the shower you're planning, hire a floral designer to lead the crafting, bringing along all of the supplies and florals needed for the guests. However, for a more cost-friendly approach, a DIY station can be just as fun. Pence recommends the following supplies:

●Floral wire (available at craft stores)
●Floral tape

"I'd suggest some simple greens, some filler like baby's breath, and maybe some daisies or spray roses," says Pence, who says to search online for inspiration. Then, print and display instructions with images at the station for guests to easily use.

Not only is crafting a fun focal activity of the event, it's a great conversation starter and a nice way for solo guests to get to know the bride's other friends and family members.

@kpdesignsmadison; Laura Zastrow Photography

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