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The day included many "happy accidents."
Brittany Snow and husband Tyler Stanaland wedding
Phil Chester / Phil Chester Photography
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Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
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Updated Jul 08, 2020

It rained on Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland's wedding day. The couple, who married in early March, hadn't prepared for the cold Pacific mist to arrive when they planned their nuptials at Cielo Farms in Malibu, but somehow, it set the mood.

"We had a first look at the venue before the wedding," Snow tells The Knot. "It was raining and a little cold, so we met for our first look under a clear umbrella." When the Pitch Perfect actress tapped Stanaland's shoulder, she had lipstick on her teeth. "Which was very much a theme of the wedding," the newlyweds laugh, as they describe the day as "imperfectly, perfect."

brittany snow wedding album
Phil Chester Photography

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Their Wedding Day & Photos

The Wedding Destination Was 'Home'

Stanaland and Snow chose a dreamy outdoor venue known as Cielo Farms, close to their home base of L.A. "Most of our family and friends are in Southern California, so we chose a location with the least amount of travel," says Snow. "Malibu was close to home and Cielo Farms has a stunning backdrop. It was the location of our dreams. We wanted something that felt intimate, warm, beautiful and scenic."

To take it further, the pair wanted to infuse a sense of home into the wedding aesthetic, as if their guests were walking into the couple's actual living room. "I wanted the décor to reflect the style we surround ourselves with," she explains. "Much of the furniture at the wedding was mirrored after our own home pieces. I like the juxtaposition of midcentury modern and timeless glamour. We didn't want anything to feel too cold or too current. We liked the warmth of rustic pieces as well yet mixed with quirky touches." This included tasking a camper photo booth business called Social Photo, which was parked near the dance floor, and adding a vintage bar cart to the layout—suitably referred to as the "Old Fashioned."

One Last-Minute Splurge Made a Big Difference

Since the weather was temperamental (the forecast called for rain that morning), the pair had to add one big, last-minute splurge to their wedding. "We got a tent as insurance, and sure enough it rained right until the ceremony started. Had we not brought in a tent, which isn't cheap, everyone would've been in the cold rain," recalls the bride. Along with the tent, the couple splurged on mood lighting to elevate the shelter.

"We wanted people to forget they were sitting under a tent," she says. "It looked so beautiful and we're very glad we went that route. It was a happy accident." It was just one upside to a rocky start to the wedding weekend. "We had quite a few things working against us [leading up to the wedding]," she recalls. "But it proved to both of us we chose the right partner."

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

Flower Girl Billie Sparkled Among the Blooms

The couple's beloved dog played a big role in their wedding ceremony. "Rather than a traditional flower girl we had Billie Jean walk down the aisle," says the couple. "She wore a flower collar that matched Brittany's bouquet."

The pair worked with their designers to narrow down an aesthetic that blended well with the scenic landscape. "We wanted to keep everything about the wedding classic, clean and timeless, so we went with all white flowers paired with lots of dark greenery," says Snow. "We used our favorite flowers, a mix of magnolias, sweet peas, Italian ruckus, roses, orchids and ranunculus. We wanted the bouquet and flowers to feel light and fresh to balance out the darker woods and rustic touches as well."

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography
brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

There Were Many Tears

What's a wedding day without multiple family moments? Stanaland, a fifth generation real estate broker, walked down the aisle alongside his mother in a custom-tailored Tommy Hilfiger tuxedo, which he stylishly paired with leather High Top Converse sneakers. If the groom had a Something Old, it was his wristwatch. "It's a vintage Rolex my great grandma originally bought for my dad," he says.

The bride was accompanied down the aisle by her father, a moment that left a sentimental and lasting impact on the stars. "My favorite moment was my dad walking me down the aisle and then giving me away to Tyler," she says. "My dad is my best friend and he's 82 years old. He started to cry as he gave me away because he was so proud and happy. We then all started to cry. I think he even took a little bow as he gave me away. It was a moment I'll never forget."

From there, Stanaland and Snow joined hands. "I got to look at Tyler, take his hands, and I've never felt more safe," she says. "I wasn't nervous at all. It was all about us talking to each other and telling each other our hearts. It was perfect."

The Couple Personalized Their Vows

Another sentimental twist on tradition was the couple's wedding vows, which they wrote themselves. "They each highlighted the moment we knew we fell in love, along with qualities and stories we appreciated about the other, and promises we were making looking forward. We kept them heartfelt and threw in a few comedic jabs," says Snow.

In fact, it was Stanaland's favorite wedding moment overall: "The most memorable thing was staring into her eyes and giving my vows," he says. "There were 100 people there watching but it felt like it was just us. We also took a moment to ourselves right after the ceremony to soak in the moment. We cried, hugged, laughed. And we had a margarita and some cocktail hour appetizers waiting for us."

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

It's All In the Details

The groom's side of the family is from Hawaii, so the couple honored this by wearing traditional Hawaiian leis at their rehearsal dinner. Their exit was a similar nod to Stanaland's family. "We rented a beautiful white 1980s Land Cruiser as our getaway vehicle," she says. "We both have an affinity for things of decades past. And given our love for the beach, it seemed like a fitting choice."

Shh… the Cake Cutting Was a Secret

The dance floor was rather lively under the tent, so Stanaland and Snow made a gametime decision to sneak away for a rather traditional moment: the cake cutting. "We didn't announce the cake cutting because we didn't want anyone to stop dancing," they say, "so we did it secretly."

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

The Takeaway

No wedding is perfect, yet the flaws created many fond memories for the pair. "We had to last minute change the location of the ceremony due to said rain," they recall. "The DJ played the wrong version of a song for the bridal party to walk out to. Britt had lipstick on her teeth during our first look." The list went on for Brittany Snow and husband Tyler Stanaland, but their love was resolute.

"Every wedding has its fair share of snafus, we just seemed to have them all come in one perfect tornado," says Snow. "At the end of the day, we came together and thanks to our beautiful friends, family and our good attitude, we made it all work. We had so much love in that tent. Love that supported us through the most insane circumstances. It made us even more grateful and somehow, even more in love. We can get through anything."

All About the Bride's Wedding Dresses (Yes, Two!)

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

Brittany Snow's Wedding Ceremony Dress

"Jonathan Simkhai, an amazing American designer and friend of mine, designed a custom gown based on how I wanted to look and feel on the big day. I wanted it to be timeless, classic and effortless," says Snow. "We worked together to create a dress that I absolutely loved. Johnathan added his signature beauty creating a timeless, lace dress that was a dream-come-true to wear."

Surprisingly, the bride flawlessly applied her own makeup, while trusted hairstylist Rick Henry fashioned a Malibu-appropriate updo for Snow that morning.

Brittany Snow's Wedding Reception Dress

One dress, of course, wasn't enough for the party ahead and Snow swapped her style into a second look. "I changed for lots of dancing into a sexy, floral, sheer corset number by Galia Lahav," she notes. "I fell in love with the off-the-shoulder, floral sleeves. It was the perfect combination of reception fun: classically-fitted and gorgeously detailed."

brittany snow husband wedding
Phil Chester Photography

Brittany and Tyler's Wedding Vendors

With a very specific style in mind, the couple had to narrow down vendors who could execute their exact vision, while grasping their personalities and the overall vibe of the party. "I gravitate towards an equal bit of timeless glamour, along with modern and classic colors," explains Snow. "I love the contrast between dark wood and whites. Plus, pops of gold to create an Old Hollywood-yet-almost mid-century modern feel. We stuck to nude, dark brown, white, gold and black."

With such specifics in mind, Snow and Stanaland found solace after chatting with planning and design team Hello Gem, hired months before they wed. "We both felt it was important to plan the whole wedding together as a couple," explains Snow. "Luckily [the team] shared very similar visions for the big day, so planning was seamless bringing us even closer together… We also wanted it to look simple, classic and timeless. We kept things clean and true to our style from start to finish."

brittany snow
Phil Chester Photography

The Vendors:

Venue: Cielo Farms | Planning and Design: Hello Gem Events | Photography: Phil Chester | Ceremony Dress: Jonathan Simkhai | Reception Dress: Galia Lahav | Wedding Bands: Tacori | Florals: Hello Gem Events | Videographer: Calvin Mussee | Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux | Cake: Big Sugar Bakeshop | Rentals: Premiere Party Rents, Found Vintage Rentals, La Tavola Fine Linen Rentals | Photobooth: Social Photo Camper | Transportation: Swoop Concierge | Music: Dart Collective | Catering: Tres L.A., The Old Fashioned | Registry: The Knot Registry

Their Love Story & How They Met

The now-spouses first met in what they describe as "the most millennial way." While they knew of each other through mutual friends, Stanaland was required to show a bit of courage on social media. "I knew of Britt for obvious reasons, but she was my unattainable crush forever," he says. "As a man, I used to watch 'Pitch Perfect' with friends and, 'Brittany Snow… One day.' But never thinking it would ever happen."

"I saw his Instagram and knew of him," Snow adds. "And was like, 'That is the best looking man ever.' I always knew of him and was like, 'I'll never meet him.' My girlfriends and I had an inside joke where my one best friend referred to him as my 'dream boyfriend who lives in Orange County,' but I was never gonna meet him. And then one day I realized he was following me on Instagram. I got really excited."

Stanaland, most certainly, slid into her DMs. "I sent a direct message with the most embarrassing pickup line. A dad joke," he adds, while she laughs: "If it wasn't that I had a crush on him for years and years…" Ultimately, said pickup line worked in their favor. Read up on all their wedding details below.

brittany snow wedding
Phil Chester Photography

Stanaland and Snow were rather private about their relationship at first. What's clear is that they come from different backgrounds, so work was not a commonality for how they first met. (The actress is best known for her recurring role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, as well as her starring appearances in John Tucker Must Die and Fox's recent series Almost Family. Stanaland works in real estate and enjoys surfing in Malibu—even to a competitive degree.) Presumably, the couple fell in love throughout 2018. However, the more often-private-than-not actress surprised her fans when she publicly declared she was "in love" with Stanaland in an interview that September.

Their Engagement and Brittany Snow's Ring

In February 2019, the couple revealed they're engaged. "The proposal happened in our kitchen," Snow recalls. "Which was the same place we had our first kiss. Tyler, then, had organized a secret engagement party at our favorite restaurant with all our closest friends and family waiting."

Ever the attentive husband, Stanaland picked up on subtle comments made by Snow about her preferred engagement ring. "I didn't even know that he was paying close attention but at one point, I told him that I liked this ring and then I guess I had shared a picture of it with a friend and he got the picture from her," she says. The winner was a two-carat, round brilliant diamond engagement ring.

Planning, in and of itself, was a wonderful process. "It's great to see how we work together as a team. I'm a creative person but not a pen-to-paper person," Snow adds. "I'll spew ideas and he'll put them to life in an eloquent way. I lead with my heart and I don't know how to formulate that in a sentence and he'll make it sound beautiful. We work well as a team. When we send emails, people know how to respond."

The Wedding Bands

Tacori was tasked with helping elegantly combine Snow's engagement ring with a matching band. The couple went with custom pieces, both white gold, including nuanced crescent details. Snow's ring features marquise-shape design detail against Stanaland's mixed finish piece, which pairs terrifically with her custom ring.

tacori brittany snow wedding band
Courtesy of Tacori

Inside Their Wedding Registry

Yes, Tyler Stanaland recently became Brittany Snow's husband. Leading up to the wedding day, the couple registered on The Knot, where they requested everything from household items that now fill their newlywed nest to experiences that'll enhance their marriage on the West Coast.

"Our favorite registry item was probably the Billie diabetes fund," says Snow. "We care about that little girl more than anything. Her health and her life is and will always be the most important thing. Our friends and family know this, so it was touching when they wanted to help in that way. Knowing it would be used for our number one family member."

Since Stanaland is an avid surfer, the couple added a donation to the Surfrider Foundation on their curated registry. Plus, they registered for products that would benefit any beach day, like a stainless steel water bottle to stay hydrated in the sun, a Yeti Cooler from REI and a snorkel set from the same outdoor sporting company.

The pair also registered for an espresso maker. Snow's work schedule leaned heavily into the East Coast in 2019, so the two moved to the Big Apple from California, which happened to be a huge lifestyle pivot for both. In New York, costs add up and the lifestyle made the couple aware of a need if they had remained on the East Coast. "We thought about not just having a Keurig," says Snow. "We wanted a built-in latte maker. An espresso maker… I feel like the amount of money we spent getting coffee in New York was the same amount of getting an espresso bar. That's what I would have wanted to put on our registry."

Stanaland adorably adds, "We would learn how to barista [for each other] every morning." Check out the couple's full registry on The Knot here.

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