7 Ways to Dress Your Wedding Dog

  1. Wedding Dogs: Add a Floral Lei

    Photo by Julie Mikos Photographer
    An easy way to dress up a larger dog like this big guy is to put a floral wreath around his neck. Attach a leash to his collar so your attendant can walk him down the aisle.

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  2. Wedding Dog Ideas: Add a Clip-on Tie

    Photo by Kelly Moore Photography
    A clip-on tie from the kids' section of your nearest department store makes a cute addition to a smaller dog's collar. Find one that matches the bridesmaid dresses and add a couple fresh flowers to finish it off.

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  3. Wedding Dog Idea: A Custom Tux!

    Photo by Brian Phillips Photography
    We know, it's a little over-the-top, but if you're having a formal wedding, a made-for-dogs tux is the right idea.
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  4. Wedding Dog Idea: Coordinating Collars

    Photo by Brooke Mayo Photography
    Your wedding dog doesn't need flowers or a tux to fit in -- wrap their collars with extra fabric or ribbons and they'll be ready for the show in no time.
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  5. Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Faux Pearl Necklace

    Photo by Rose Lion Photography
    Make her feel like a princess with a simple beaded necklace tied off with a bow in the back. Buy an oversized fake pearl necklace like this one in the children's aisle of a party or toy store.

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  6. Wedding Dog Idea: Give Him the Ring Pillow

    Photo by Nashan Photographers
    If you think your dog is up to the challenge, appoint him ring bearer and tie a light pillow around his collar. Just make sure a dog-loving bridal party attendant is there to walk him down the aisle!
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  7. Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Bow Tie

    Photo by Eclectic Images Photography
    Similar to the clip-on tie idea, get a bow tie (that coordinates with the groomsman attire) for your dog. All the better if he'll sit still for portraits.

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