Everything You Need to Pull Off a Rad Camping Bachelorette Weekend

Just add marshmallows for the perfect party.
Camping bachelorette party ideas including tshirts and mugs
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Updated Dec 08, 2023
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Whether all the bridesmaids met at summer camp or the to-be-wed just adores the woods, it seems a camping bachelorette party is in your future. From decorations and ideas to games and matching shirts, planning a bachelorette is no easy feat. This is why we've found all the best glamping bachelorette party ideas to make sure your weekend is lit.

The Ultimate Guide to a Camping Bachelorette: Ideas | Decorations | Games | Shirts | Welcome Bag Accessories | Additional Supplies

Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas

With hundreds of bachelorette party ideas to choose from, it's hard to decide which one will fit the to-be-wed and her friends best. If you have an outdoorsy nearlywed, consider these themes and party ideas for your weekend away.

Last Trail Before the Veil

If your to-be-wed loves a good hike, your camp bachelorette theme should be "Last Trail Before the Veil." Choose a hike with an unbeatable photo op as your main activity and plan the glamping weekend around that.

Flannel Fling

We love a good flannel on chilly nights. Lean into this aesthetic with matching flannel shirts, retro sleeping bags and some cozy mugs of hot chocolate. Whether you end up in someone's backyard or out in the backcountry, this camp-themed bachelorette is the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Retro Camping Weekend

Bring back the best things about childhood campouts and summer camp (think: 1998 version of The Parent Trap) as the theme of your summer camp bachelorette party. Include friendship bracelets, canoeing on a pond and maybe even a prank or two on the bachelor party happening nearby.

Mountains and Mimosas

Picture this: an adorable A-frame cabin with a hot tub, pine trees and an endless mimosa bar. That could all be yours at a mountain bachelorette party. If you have an outdoorsy crowd, add in a guided rock climb, mountain biking or even a day at the slopes. Whatever you choose, the mountains are one of our favorite camping bachelorette party locations

Camping Bachelorette Party Decorations

While nature does its fair share of decorating between snow, autumn leaves and spring flowers, it'll be helpful to add a few fun bachelorette party decorations to the mix. Just a little bit of glitter and glam goes a long way to setting the party mood and ensuring the bride feels celebrated.

Bright Balloon Mountain Bash Banner

Wild in the woods camping bachelorette banner
Photo: Party Eight

Nothing says bachelorette quite like a personalized balloon banner. Available in six different colors with an engagement ring balloon, this budget-friendly banner is easy to hang and announces the party can get started.

Flannel Fling Photo Booth Props

Flannel Fling Bachelorette Photo Booth Props
Photo: Macy's

A camping bachelorette party didn't happen unless there are pictures to prove it. Spice up your photo booth with these spunky and sparkly photo booth props.

Retro Welcome to Camp Bride Banner

Welcome to Camp Bride Banner
Photo: Charmlish

This retro tapestry is just begging to welcome guests to a glamping bachelorette party. Hang it up inside your canvas tent under some twinkle lights and you're good to go.

Bachelorette Party Napkins

Camping bachelorette party napkins
Photo: Zoey Christina

Cute and classy is the name of the game for these bachelorette camping napkins. Add on the other matching, high-quality decor items to have the prettiest brunch table in the woods.

Mountains and Mimosas Confetti

Camping bachelorette confetti
Photo: Shes Thoughtful

Sometimes just a little sprinkle of glitter is what a party needs. This confetti includes glittering champagne glasses, bold mountains and fir trees to add the right amount of festivity to your camping bachelorette party.

Camping Bachelorette Party Games

While you don't want to over-plan a weekend, it's always important to have a few things teed up and ready to go. Whether you think your group will like printable bachelorette party games or more involved bachelorette party games, one of these products below should help kickstart some fun.

The Hella Awkward Game

Hella awkward card game for bachelorette party
Photo: Target

This Black & Asian-owned game focuses on building connections while covering dating, sex and relationships. Use this to kickstart your bachelorette party weekend just like the silly games on the first night of summer camp.

Printable Camp Boozey Board Game

Camp Boozey bachelorette party board game
Photo: Party To The People Co

This adult version of Chutes and Ladders will help any summer camp bachelorette party get off on the right foot. With plenty of opportunities to drink, laugh and learn about the bride, you're sure to have a night you won't forget with this.

Good Company Games' Girl Code

girl code bachelorette party card game
Photo: Target

A night under the stars has the magic ability to jump-start deep conversations and hilarious moments. This game will help get that started, especially if some of your bachelorette guests are still getting to know one another. With 350 different cards to use, you can play multiple times without feeling repetitive.

Retro Cornhole Game

Retro Personalized Cornhole Camping Bachelorette Game
Photo: Zazzle

Camping and cornhole go together almost as well as hot chocolate and marshmallows. When the cornhole game is retro-themed, well, it's a no-brainer to bring to your weekend in the woods.

Camping Bachelorette Party Shirts

When brainstorming bachelorette camping party ideas, matching shirts should be at the top of your list. Not only do they come with fun bachelorette sayings, but they'll ensure everyone around you knows just where the party is at.

Customizable Parent Trap Bachelorette Party Shirt

Parent trap inspired camping bachelorette party shirts
Photo: Be Everthine

For your nostalgic, '90s-loving to-be-wed, grab these customizable bachelorette shirts designed after the ones seen in The Parent Trap. They're so cute you'll want to wear them again and again.

Wild & Free Camping Bachelorette T-Shirts

Wild & Free Camping Bachelorette T-Shirts
Photo: Brilliant Bridal Shop

Get your bridal squad ready for a fit-check with these matching t-shirts. With a separate color and phrase for the bride-to-be, you'll be ready to take on a small mountain town together.

Bride Tribe Flannel

Bride camping bachelorette flannel
Photo: Bubbly And Bash

Nothing says a weekend in the woods quite like a cozy flannel. These matching button-ups pair perfectly with a pair of black leggings or hiking pants.

Retro Bachelorette Sweatshirt

Retro 'Camp Bach' Bachelorette Sweatshirt
Photo: Endeavor Goods

These retro sweatshirts can be customized with the newlywed's name and location of the bachelorette party. Available in six colors, these will give your girls a glow-up.

Camping Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag Accessories

Make your welcome bags gifts to remember. All keeping with the camping theme, even the most avid city girl will feel at home in the woods with these accessories.

Camp Bride Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Camp Bride Tats
Photo: xo, Fetti

Get your squad ready to party with these camp bachelorette temporary tattoos. With paddles, swimsuits, bucket hats and pennant flags, you'll be the best dressed at the campsite.

Wild and Free With the Bride To Be Keychain

Wild and Free With the Bride To Be Keychain
Photo: Zazzle

Give your guests something to remember with this cute keychain. Attach it to their welcome bag or cabin key to add a little sparkle to their life.

Extendable S'more Sticks

Extendable S'more Sticks for camping bachelorette trips
Photo: Amazon

A camp-themed bachelorette party isn't complete without smore, which means everyone needs something to roast their marshmallow on. These extendable sticks can be used time and time again, so make sure to include hot dogs on your bonfire prep list too.

Bachelorette Camp-Themed Hair Ties

Bachelorette Camp-Themed Hair Ties
Photo: Love Mia Co

If your bachelorette troop is heading to the woods, they're gonna have to put their hair up once or twice. These high-quality hair ties are the perfect addition to the girls' goodie bags.

Additional Camping Bachelorette Supplies: Editor's Picks

To round out our favorite camp bachelorette ideas, we've picked the best of the best for these editor's picks. From things to hold your drinks to ensuring you're not too red at the end of the weekend, take care of your squad with these camping bachelorette supplies.

All Good In the Woods Wine Tumbler

All Good In the Woods Wine Tumbler
Photo: Hand To Heart Bridal

Sustainable drinkware and an adorable design? Count us in! These wine tumblers are ready to take on the trail after they're customized with the bride's name, guest's names, party date and location.

Bridal Squad Bucket Hats

Bridal Squad Bucket Hats
Photo: Amazon

Finish off everyone's camping fit with these 100% cotton bucket hats. With one for the bride and five for the rest, you'll be safe from the sun wherever you end up.

Personalized Camp Bride Mug

Personalized Camp Bride Mug
Photo: ODYSEA store

You'll need coffee in the morning and hot chocolate in the evening, so these campy mugs are a must-have as one of your camping bachelorette party favors.

Camp Bachelorette Weekend Invitation

Camp Bachelorette Weekend Invitation
Photo: Zazzle

These stunning watercolor-inspired camping bachelorette party invitations tell your squad all they need to know about what's going down for the weekend. Zazzle will print them for you or download the template to print yourself.

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