12 Gorgeous Locations to Take Charleston Engagement Photos

Take your first official pics as an engaged couple at one of the most beautiful spots in Charleston.
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Updated Jun 03, 2024

So, you're engaged. Now what? You already know there's a lot of planning to be done before the big day, but first, you want to take a beat and revel in the moment. Finding the perfect place to take your Charleston engagement photos should be at the top of your list. After all, you want to capture the joy and happiness you feel now that you know you have a partner to walk beside you forever.

While finding a place on your own in a romantic city like Charleston isn't too difficult, you'll want to bring in an expert to help choose the most photogenic place. Pick a professional wedding photographer from The Knot Vendor Marketplace and have them assist you in your decision. They can not only guide you to the best spot, but one that will have the perfect backdrop, lighting and variety. Your photographer can even suggest ideas about outfits that will look perfect for the shoot. We've gathered 12 of the best locations in the city for engagement photos to get you started.

White Point Garden

You'll find a magical background for your engagement photos at White Point Garden, where the elegance of southern charm and the rugged beauty of nature come together. This park is an excellent area for taking photos at almost any time of day. The shading from the towering oaks will provide a dappled sunlight effect or just enough light to give your photos a cozy feeling without the risk of too much sun. Plus, the park is dog friendly, so you can bring your fur baby along to participate in the most magical photoshoot of your life!

Colonial Lake

Colonial Lake in Charleston, South Carolina
Photo: Daniela Duncan / Getty Images

If you want to add an aquatic element to your engagement photos, Colonial Lake may just be the perfect spot for you! The shimmer of the water will make a perfect backdrop, with beautiful thriving foliage surrounding the lake itself in warmer months. Plus, there's plenty of open green space nearby that would allow your photographer to capture the wonders of the surroundings in the background. Beach houses, palm trees and vintage street lights await!

Rainbow Row

Want to break free from bland, beige backdrops? Rainbow Row is the perfect place to add not just a dollop, but a whole rainbow's portion of color to your photos! This historic, vivid spot in Charleston offers up 13 pastel-colored houses and incredible architecture, with each home offering its own unique history and dimension. This popular spot is a top pick for engagement photos because you and your future spouse can come back to this bright spot in the city time and time again to relive your happiest moments together.

South of Broad

South of Broad, known for being exclusive with a capital E, is the perfect spot to take up-scale, elegant photos without leaving behind all of the southern charm the rest of Charleston has to offer. The quiet streets, peppered with breathtaking structures, wrought iron accents and window boxes full of flowers are perfect for any happy couple's engagement photos and only a short walk away from some of Charleston's finest restaurants and entertainment. So, whether you're looking for luxurious backdrops or a lively scene for your photos, you know you can find the best of both worlds at South of Broad.

Cannon Green

If you're looking for a place where you can take indoor and outdoor engagement shots, consider one of the most unique venues in Charleston—Cannon Green. Indoors you'll find big windows, a crisp and modern interior design, and a curved staircase that would make for stunning pictures. The courtyard outside has a lovely garden with flowers and trees all around that would make a beautiful backdrop for you and your love. The space encompasses the romance and allure of Charleston in one area.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach engagement spot in Charleston
Photo: brianjhudson / Getty Images

It's hard to think about Charleston without considering having your engagement pictures taken by the ocean. Folly Beach offers stunning white sandy beaches and a pier that can add dimension to your photos. Consider taking your photos during the golden hour by the water or at sunset when the sky turns shades of orange, yellow and pink. With the breeze coming off the water captured in these pics, you'll relive that moment every time you look at them. Tides Folly Beach is also there, giving you more options for your backdrop.

Angel Oak Park

Angel Oak Park is one of Charleston's public parks containing the largest Live Oak Trees on the eastern seaboard—about 300 to 400 years old. While a permit is required for an engagement photoshoot, the location won't disappoint if you want to incorporate nature and history into your photographs. The oaks are an iconic symbol of the South, and the sprawling branches would make a playful backdrop your photographer can work with. They could use the dappled sunlight shining through the branches to create beautifully romantic photos.

Pitt Street Bridge

What once was the only way to cross the Charleston harbor is now a coastal passive for strolls across the water. The Pitt Street Bridge is a planked structure originally built on barrels before the Revolutionary War, so if you're a history buff, this might be the perfect spot for your engagement photo shoot. The setting consists of palm trees and reeds growing out of the water with wispy South Carolina clouds in a bright blue sky. You might even get a pelican or two in the shots. How cool!

Dock Street Theatre

The Dock Street Theatre has a long history in Charleston, dating back hundreds of years. The building that stands today is the third rendition of the original structure but still holds all the charm of the original performance venue with modern touches. For those who love architecture, this could be the spot for you. The exposed brick, columns and vintage street lamps will add personality to your engagement pics, and the building has a balcony that could add a dramatic yet romantic flair. Period costumes could be a fun idea!

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is for couples want the beach vibe with views of the downtown skyline. The venue has a private beach that would be great for seaside pictures and a dock for a shoot out on the water, with sailboats, the water and the city in the background. The Harborside Beach on the property is peppered with palm trees and native shrubs, and has a beautiful view of the harbor that will make your engagement photos in the Low Country postcard-worthy.

French Quarter

Charleston's French Quarter has so many hidden gems that it's going to be difficult to choose just one place to have your engagement photoshoot. Here you'll find unique buildings, intricately crafted wrought iron gates, vivid colors, cobblestone streets and classic blue southern skies that all come together to create an interesting scene for you and your spouse-to-be. Plus, this part of Charleston is home to a handful of luxury hotels so you can choose between indoor and outdoor shoots. The Vendue is an especially stunning photo spot.

Grand Bohemian Charleston

Want unforgettable views as your backdrop? If the city is your scene, you're going to love overlooking the historic town from the Grand Bohemian Charleston—up close. There are also plenty of photo spots inside as well! Both options will take your breath away—and make stunning photos. The inside of the venue gives a French feel, offering luxurious decor, color and lighting that will make each pic unique. Outside you'll find a secret garden on the rooftop with an unobstructed view of the sky and the city down below. When you're done, make an evening of it by enjoying a botanical cocktail and French cuisine.

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