10 Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas We Love

Want to turn heads with your engagement photos? Zombies should do the trick.
by Maggie Seaver

Let's face it, there are few moments more exciting than saying "yes" to the love of your life. And although taking engagement photos obviously isn't mandatory, it's a fun way to announce your happy news, show off that ring and get some gorgeous snapshots of you and your partner! Traditional engagement photos are always lovely, but if you really want to let your personality as a couple shine, this is the time to go for it. Get inspired by these 10 unique engagement photo sessions from real couples.

  1. 1. This Acro Yoga Engagement Session

    Acro yoga engagement photography
    Rayna McGinnis Photography

    ​Feel free to bend tradition—Christina and Matthew sure did! The couple opted for a dramatic mountaintop setting while doing what they love most: staying active and balanced together.

  2. 2. This Rustic Arizona Ranch Series

    Arizona Cowboy Engagement Photo Session
    Courtney Sargent Photography

    ​For rodeo competitors Kellie and Derek, having their engagement photography session under the open sky of Wickenburg, Arizona, was an absolute must. Both grew up in the country surrounded by rolling pastures and grazing horses and cattle, so it was only fitting that their special album featured the rustic landscape they know and love.

  3. 3. This Spook-tacular Zombie Love Story

    Walking Dead Zombie Engagement Photo Session
    Uncorked Studios

    ​Danielle and Matt are such big fans of AMC's The Walking Dead that the decision to make their engagement album a full-on zombie saga was a no-brainer (literally!). Uncorked Studios provided the props, makeup and costumes and shot the ghoulish fantasy at Colonial Gardens's haunted hayride location in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

  4. 4. This Whimsical Disneyland Photo Shoot

    Disneyland Teacups Engagement Photo Session
    White August Photography

    ​What better setting for engagement photos than the place where dreams come true? That's right, Crystal and Chris posed all over Disneyland to celebrate their big news. Balloons, cotton candy, castles and, of course, Crystal's stunning ring all make an appearance. Our favorite shot? Their blissful ride on the spinning teacups!

  5. 5. This Classic Sci-Fi Throwback Pic

    Back to the Future Engagement Photo Session
    Ricky Middlesworth

    ​It's always fun to dress as your favorite movie characters! Throw it back to an old favorite, like Katherine and Alec's Back to the Future–inspired session. This kind of theme shows your sense of humor and is always memorable.

  6. 6. This Romantic Fire Station Session

    Firefighter and Fiance Engagement Photo Session
    Kasey Jean Rajotte of Studio Twelve:52

    ​Andrea and Treyner's love is literally on fire. The couple wanted to incorporate the most important aspects of their lives into their engagement album, and since Treyner is a volunteer firefighter in Rosemount, Minnesota, the lovebirds took a ton of photos at the fire station and donned some of Treyner's gear. So sweet, right?

  7. 7. This Athletic Love Affair

    Crossfit Gym Engagement Photo Session
    Emotive Photo

    ​Kaitlynn and Justin took their shoot to the gym. And the bride-to-be's left hand wasn't the only thing sporting a ring, since the CrossFit cuties worked it out for the special session.

  8. 8. This Star Wars–Themed Power Session

    Star Wars Light saber Engagement Photo Session
    Michael Novo Photography

    How awesome is Katie and Paul's lightsaber-of-love shot? Acting out your favorite film scene for a dramatic engagement reveal is fun—especially when it involves a full-on battle!

  9. 9. This Mexican Holiday Tribute Session

    Day of the Dead Engagement Photo Session
    Chris Stratton Photography

    ​Jennifer and Jason took alternative to a whole new level with their Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)–themed snaps. Incredible makeup, hair and costumes (and ominous storm clouds) bring this fabulously eerie photo shoot to life.

  10. 10. This Perfect Harry Potter Re-creation

    Harry Potter Wands Engagement Photo
    Mon Petit Studio

    ​Harry Potter fanatic April got the best surprise when her boyfriend Jordan proposed with a ring at the end of a wand—oh, and with the Harry Potter–theme music in the background! Jordan didn't just stop the fun there, though: He also made sure there were two Gryffindor-colored scarves and a handful of what looks like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans to add some extra fun to the engagement shoot too. The couple also chose to integrate Harry Potter goodies throughout the entire wedding—see their full real wedding album here.

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