15 Best Places to Propose in Charleston, South Carolina

There's a reason this charming city is the backdrop of so many rom-coms.
Man proposing to woman at Laurel Hill County Park in Charleston, South Carolina
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Location: Laurel Hill County Park
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Updated Sep 12, 2023

When you're ready to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of your life by your side, you should pop the question at one of the best places to propose in Charleston, SC. This quaint city has a lot to offer, with beauty around every corner. Choosing the right spot is key to a perfect proposal, and Charleston has no shortage of places to make your moment special.

We spoke with professional wedding planner Kala Turpin, the owner of MOD Events Charleston with more than 13 years of event experience, for some insight on picking the best place to propose in Charleston. She has years of experience helping couples plan their weddings from proposal through to the big day. Turpin gave us some great tips about how to make your moment unforgettable and shared her favorite spots around the city for the perfect proposal.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Charleston

Proposing to your partner is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it's important that you choose the right place. Luckily, Charleston itself is a beautiful town, so you really can't go wrong. The key is to pick a place that has meaning to you both. If you're from the area, that might be an easy task. If not, think about the type of setting you like as a couple. Do you like the great outdoors? Would you prefer the beach? What about a hotel or restaurant proposal? Maybe an off-the-beaten-path place that reflects Charleston's charm?

Settling in on any of those factors will make your choice easier. Also, think about the setting you want to see in your pictures of the moment. That could also narrow down your choices. Be sure to check The Knot Vendor Marketplace to line up a proposal photographer to capture your proposal. Turpin highly recommended hiring a professional photographer and assured that the pros blend into the background until just the right moment.

The Best Time of the Year to Propose in Charleston

Charleston is in the south, and the summers can get unbearably hot. Even though the city is right on the water and a breeze might blow through, the heat can be too much for a comfortable proposal. Turpin recommended some specific months that would be great for a Charleston proposal: March and April or October through February.

The Best Places to Propose in Charleston

Charleston might look like a small city when looking at the map, but it's the most populous city in all of South Carolina. Given that fact, there are plenty of locations in the area to pop the question. Here, we listed three of the best places to have your moment together. A proposal planner can be a valuable resource to help you make your decision and iron out all the details.

Hampton Park

When we talked with Turpin, the first place she mentioned that would make the best Charleston proposal was Hampton Park. She described the area as really pretty, and for good reason. The 60-acre park is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by beautiful gardens, scenic views and lush greenery. A few lovely proposal spots include the walking trails, in front of the historic rose garden, or near the pond.

Pineapple Fountain

The second place the proposal expert and wedding planner mentioned was the Pineapple Fountain, nestled inside Charleston's Waterfront Park. You can probably guess how the location got its name—the fountain looks just like a pineapple! The exotic fruit is a symbol of hospitality in the region, as people used them during colonial times to welcome guests. The fountain itself makes for a beautiful backdrop for your proposal.

White Point Gardens

Another top pick for the perfect proposal location in Charleston sits at the top of the city's peninsula on the Charleston Harbor. The water is just one reason White Point Gardens stands out as an ideal place to pop the question. The location has a serene atmosphere, lovely gardens and a gazebo that could prove a prime spot for your moment.

The View at Morrison Yard

This venue is relatively new to the Charleston scene, adding a modern touch and a bit of sophistication if that's the vibe you're after. Located to the west of Town Creek, The View at Morrison Yard offers a balcony overlooking the impressive Ravenel Bridge, a large outer deck and floor-to-ceiling windows to drink it all in. The backdrop during a southern sunset makes this location a top pick.

Romantic Places to Propose in Charleston

You're proposing in Charleston, surrounded by the beach, palm trees, lovely architecture and blossoming magnolias, so the city alone will already surround you with a touch of romance. You're also bringing a bit of that feeling yourself. To help you set the mood, here are some of the best places for that little extra ambiance.

Wild Dunes Resort

Just outside of Charleston, at the Isle of Palms, you'll find the Wild Dunes Resort. Have your proposal photographer get their camera ready to capture the moment at this one-of-a-kind romantic location. Contact the resort for proposal package offerings that give you a choice of romantic settings, including on the beach, the golf course and picnic setups complete with champagne and flowers. What's more romantic than that?

Chalmers Street

When speaking with proposal and wedding planner Turpin, one of the most romantic proposal places she mentioned for a Charleston proposal was Chalmers Street. If you and your partner love history, charming architecture and cobblestone streets, this location is a perfect fit for you. Chalmers Street is in the French Quarter of Charleston and features the famous Pink House, a lovely backdrop for your proposal photos.

Scenic Places to Propose in Charleston

Choosing the best place to propose in Charleston with a scenic backdrop will make for memorable photos. Turpin said if you hire a proposal photographer to capture the moment, the pics could serve as your engagement pictures to spread the word. For that, you want a scenic view.

South Carolina Aquarium

Maybe you love the ocean, but the beach isn't your style. Consider proposing at the South Carolina Aquarium in downtown Charleston. This quaint display of sea creatures features two floor-to-ceiling fish tanks, a rainforest area and a balcony overlooking the Charleston Harbor that is teeming with wildlife. All of these scenic points around the aquarium would make for a unique proposal with lovely photos to commemorate the occasion.

Francis Marion Hotel

Located on King Street within Charleston, the Francis Marion Hotel has been a fixture of the city since 1924 and restored in 1996 to its original grandeur. While the concierge might recommend a room with views of the stunning harbor or city or a restaurant proposal, standing in front of the beautiful architecture would also make a lovely spot to get engaged.

Mills House Charleston

Like many of the locations in this charming city, The Mills House has been around for a long time—since 1853. The building itself has a pink hue with a wrought iron balcony above the street and adorable bistro tables lining the front. With the street lamps and palm trees peppering the lane, asking your question right here would be perfect. If not, the inside decor is just as lovely.

Rainbow Row

Situated on East Bay Street in the French Quarter of Charleston sits Rainbow Row, aptly named for the series of 13 colorful and historic houses located there. Although these homes are hundreds of years old, their pastel colors were restored in the 1930s and 1940s, making this strip a beautifully scenic spot to pop the question.

Tides Folly Beach

Nothing says Charleston like the beach, and we couldn't let this list go by without mentioning the location as an unforgettable proposal spot. Tides Folly Beach overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, making this location one of the most scenic places to propose in Charleston yet. Oceanfront rooms include a private Juliet balcony, the perfect setting to begin your journey through life together. Sunrise or sunset would make incredible photos.

The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

Choosing a beach spot in Charleston seems to be a no-brainer, considering its location on the Eastern shore. Luckily, you have choices. The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina offers stunning views of the Charleston Harbor and downtown skyline. With a private beach and multiple restaurants filled with windows that open to the beach air, the resort promises to make your scenic proposal dreams a reality.

The Cedar Room

A cigar factory might not be the first place you think of when choosing proposal locations in Charleston, but maybe it should be. The Cedar Room offers a setting like no other, with historic wooden columns and windows that span from the reclaimed hardwood floors to the ceiling. The venue is described as warehouse-chic with elegant scenery, including views of the Ravenel Bridge and Cooper River.

The American Theater

For movie buffs, The American Theater (notable for its inclusion in "The Notebook") in the heart of downtown might be the best fit for your proposal in Charleston. The outside of the venue lights up in the night, giving a retro feel, which would serve as a fun backdrop for your moment. Recreating a movie scene captured on film after they say yes would be perfect. Or you could move the proposal inside and let Hollywood glam set the scene.

Washington Square

Fan of the Netflix hit show Outer Banks, this Charleston proposal spot is for you. When John B and Sarah take a fictional trip to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the show actually filmed in this patch of greenspace in downtown Charleston. It is perfect for a romantic stroll under Spanish moss-draped oaks before popping the question.

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