10 Most Popular Holiday Marriage Proposals

December is the most popular time of the year to get engaged and for good reason: There are decorations, champagne and sparkly lights everywhere, plus plenty of gatherings with family and friends. These are the holiday marriage proposals that we’ve seen a time or two or three before.
  1. At the Top of the Rock

    Rockefeller Center's observation deck has been the site of many NYC proposals. If it's a view of the city you want, just know you'll have to compete with a crowd before you can get down on one knee.

  2. At the Stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve

    Keep in mind that when the clock strikes 12, everyone around you will be going wild and your words might not even be heard by your significant other!

  3. Underneath the Mistletoe

    Kissing under mistletoe is a long-standing holiday tradition, but it doesn’t have a lot to do with engagement rings or proposals.

  4. On Ice

    Engagements on ice are fairly common once the weather turns chilly. Just be sure you know how to skate before you decide to publicly propose at an ice rink!

  5. At Christmas (or a Hanukkah) Dinner

    Do you really want your entire family there the moment your significant other pops the question?

  6. On Santa's Lap

    There's nothing cute about your significant other donning a Santa suit and ho-ho-hoing his way through a proposal.

  7. As the Present Under the Tree

    Hiding a ring under the Christmas tree is sweet...but not exactly original.

  8. On a Horse and Buggy Ride

    You may feel like you've met your Prince Charming if he proposes in this old-fashioned way -- but you wouldn’t be the first to get engaged like this.

  9. With a Puppy as the Present

    Your significant other might be so caught up in cute that they miss the meaning behind your words. And once you pop the question, you have to immediately talk puppy day care!

  10. In the Chocolate Dessert on Valentine’s Day

    Chocolate-covered strawberries are one thing, but a chocolate-covered engagement ring just sounds messy!