A Norway Honeymoon Full of Spectacular Views and Arctic Adventures

Voyage to the Land of the Midnight Sun, a playground for the Northern Lights.
Aurora borealis in Norway
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Beth Ann Mayer - The Knot Contributor.
Beth Ann Mayer
Beth Ann Mayer - The Knot Contributor.
Beth Ann Mayer
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Updated Apr 18, 2024
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A Norway honeymoon is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples who crave adventure. It's a romantic getaway in northwestern Europe that is full of unique and adventurous experiences, including the chance to see the Northern Lights.

As for the scenery, it's absolutely stunning. Every adventure is Instagram-worthy. While sightseeing, newlyweds will take in views of glaciers, mountains and deep coastal Norwegian fjords. Oslo, the capital, seamlessly blends miles of picturesque green space with museums highlighting the area's Viking history.

When it comes to planning a honeymoon in Norway, let us be your guide. From the best time to visit to the top hotels and things to do, use our expert tips to plan your Norwegian honeymoon itinerary.

Norway Honeymoon Tips in this Article:

    Cruise Ship, Norway
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    Best Time to Honeymoon in Norway

    Like much of Scandinavia, Norway is home to four seasons, so you can expect polar nights in the winter and sunny days come summer. It's gorgeous year-round, but the best time to visit Norway for good weather is between May and October. During this time, honeymooners in Norway will likely see why they call Norway the Land of the Midnight Sun. In various parts of the country, the sun doesn't set from April through August.

    Best weather: May to October.
    Festival highlights: The Bergen International Festival in May and June, which showcases music, dance and theater; the Oslo Jazz Festival in August; the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø in January, celebrating music under the aurora borealis.

    Norway Honeymoon Planning Tips

    The trip to Norway is a long one from anywhere in the US. New Yorkers will have one of the easier treks—it's about eight hours to Oslo. People flying from areas like Dallas or San Francisco should plan on at least a 13-hour flight with potential layovers.

    Norway is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, and couples can cross several items off their bucket list during the trip. In addition to the aurora borealis, honeymooners can take a fjords cruise and try Nordic skiing. Although Norway is a long flight from anywhere in the US, it's not difficult to navigate once you're there. Many honeymooners turn it into a road trip, taking one of the 18—yes, 18—Nordic scenic routes. Even train rides, like those on the Flam Railway, provide breathtaking views.

    If it seems like every local has a smile on their face, you may not be dreaming. Norway has been hailed as the happiest place to live in recent years.

    Norway is best for honeymooners who are up for an adventure. You'll be doing a ton of sightseeing. If you need to sit back and relax after your wedding, that's understandable. But you'll likely want to book flights elsewhere.

    Entry requirements: A US passport that is valid for at least 6 months. Starting in 2025, US citizens will need to have an ETIAS for travel to Norway.
    Norwegian is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood.
    Location: Norway is located in Northern Europe, occupying the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula.
    Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK).
    Flight time to Destination: From New York City, direct flights to Oslo are around 8 hours.
    Getting around: Norway has an efficient public transport system including buses, trains and ferries, which are ideal for exploring the major cities as well as more remote areas. Renting a car provides flexibility for visiting secluded spots, and scenic routes like the Atlantic Road or Trollstigen offer breathtaking drives.

    Pro tip: Invite a honeymoon planning expert to join your vendor team. Browse travel agents near you on The Knot Marketplace for Norway honeymoon expertise, reviews, testimonials and more.

    Best Norway Honeymoon Hotels and Resorts

    For a honeymoon, many couples opt for boutique hotels or romantic cabins with views of fjords or the northern lights. Here are a few recommendations to kickstart your research.

    Flåmsbrygga Hotel
    Photo: Philippa Taylor | Shutterstock

    Grande Fjord Hotel

    The breathtaking vistas of Geirangerfjord and the mountains serve as Grande Fjord Hotel's crown jewels. Unpretentious rooms offer private balconies and comfortable beds, and a buffet-style breakfast is on the house.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Snowhotel Kirkenes

    Located in northern Norway, a stay at Snowhotel Kirkenes is a unique experience. Winter honeymooners can choose Arctic-style snow suites, which come with cozy sleeping bags and detailed snow sculptures. The rustic-chic wooden cottages are available year-round. Guests can also enjoy a restaurant and sauna, and book husky rides, Northern Lights tours and snowmobiling through the hotel.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Britannia Hotel

    Britannia is a Trondheim hotel that dates back to 1870 and is still brimming with charm. The rooms are bright, with carefully selected decor like intricate mirrors and sitting areas with chandeliers. There's also a spa and four dining options. Guests can get to Nidaros Cathedral in less than 10 minutes by foot.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Flamsbrygga Hotel

    Flamsbrygga Hotel boasts a cozy-but-sophisticated ambiance. Expect plenty of exposed wood and beds made for resting tired legs after your many Norwegian adventures. The hotel is steps away from Flam Railway, which you'll want to hop aboard. You'll also want to spend some time at the on-site microbrewery, which opened in 2007 and has already medaled in international competitions.

    4.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Pro tip: If you're looking for Norway honeymoon accommodations that may provide a little more privacy, lower prices or unique experiences, consider booking a romantic Airbnb or VRBO.

    Norway Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

    Whether it's chasing the northern lights, hiking in national parks or exploring historic sites, a honeymoon in Norway has a lot to offer. Booking activities in advance is recommended, especially if you're traveling during peak tourist seasons or want to participate in guided tours or excursions. Here are a few ideas to consider before solidifying your European honeymoon itinerary.

    Woman kayaking in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
    Photo: Glenn Pettersen | Getty

    Experience Oslo

    The capital of Norway boasts sprawling green spaces and numerous museums, opening the door for outdoor and indoor exploration. Sail back in time at the Fram Museum to learn about the country's seafaring history.

    Oslo Fjord sightseeing cruises allow honeymooners to discover the Nordic capital by sea. If time allows, a two-hour road trip to Lillehammer is in order. The ski resort town was the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics, and honeymooners can still tour the Olympic Park.

    Take in the Stunning Views

    Venturing to the Geirangerfjord area feels a bit like stepping into the wild. It's narrow with steep cliffs, no shoreline and dramatic cascading waterfalls, like the famous Seven Sisters. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ideal location for outdoor sightseeing. Tour the area on fjord cruises and glacier and kayaking tours. Couples who prefer to stay landlocked can take a guided hike to see the Seven Sisters waterfall. The small village of Geiranger, located just east of Seven Sisters, offers some of the best views of fjords and mountains in western Norway.

    Go Island-Hopping

    The Lofoten Islands' gorgeous scenery—replete with snow-capped peaks, open sea and untouched land—isn't just for admiring. The islands in Northern Norway are an ideal place for outdoor excursions. Go for a sail, launch a kayak or catch a fish. The Lofoten Islands are also a prime location for viewing the Northern Lights, and they experience the Midnight Sun from the end of May to mid-July.

    Whale Watch in Tromsø

    A city in the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is a playground for the Northern Lights, as well as humpback and killer whales. Spot the latter on a whale-watching cruise. You can also have a Christmas-style experience by visiting with reindeer. The Midnight Sun hits the area from mid-May to mid-July, bringing extra daylight with it.

    Visit Trondheim

    Situated on Trondheim Fjord, Trondheim is known as Norway's capital of technology. But one of the most popular places to visit there is considerably older than your iPhone. The Nidaros Cathedral, built in the 11th century, is a Gothic beauty. Gamle Bybro (The Old Town Bridge) offers unique views of the Nidelva River and the 18th-century wharves surrounding it. Historic Bakklandet also exudes a throwback charm, with colorful homes and cozy restaurants serving plenty of hot chocolate.

    Dogsled in North Cape

    The North Cape, Europe's northernmost point, is a great spot to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Come winter, it's also a place to say "mush" and go dogsledding. In the summer, expect hours and hours of daylight. The Midnight Sun comes to North Cape from mid-May to the end of July.

    Explore Svalbard

    No place on Earth experiences the Midnight Sun quite like Svalbard. It lasts from about April 20 through August 22—the longest stretch in the country. Summer is also prime time for bird-watching, and small-group excursions can help you catch glimpses of snow buntings, Auks (the penguins of the Northern Hemisphere) and more. Take a full day to explore glaciers and ice caves while dogsledding.

    Boat Tour in Bergen

    Bergen, a city on the southwest coast, is home to the country's longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord. Honeymooners can tour it by boat. Although fires ravaged the buildings that were crucial to Bergen's trading empire in the 14th century, architects and engineers have reconstructed them using old methods. You can get a view of the colorful, historical relics from Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf.

    Pro tip: Add Norway honeymoon experiences to your gift registry so your family and friends can pitch in on the fun. Make sure to post a few photos to your wedding website—this way all of your guests (including those without social media accounts) will be able to see what you're up to.

    What to Pack for a Norway Honeymoon

    Trondheim old town, Norway
    Photo: Saiko3p | Shutterstock

    You'll likely experience a range of weather conditions during your romantic honeymoon in Norway, so you'll want to be prepared for anything. Hats, gloves, wool socks and down jackets will keep you warm. Your packing checklist should also include bathing suits for hotel pools and hot tubs. Rain gear, including a waterproof jacket, boots and an umbrella, will keep you dry.

    Pack for outdoor adventures by stashing hiking boots, pants, T-shirts and thermal tops for layering in your honeymoon luggage.

    A backpack to hold guidebooks, water bottles, sunscreen and layers will also come in handy.

    Brittany Barber contributed to this article.

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