Wedding Family Matters: Don't Want to Invite Groom's Brother to Wedding!


I had a huge falling-out with my future brother-in-law. I really don't want him in or at our wedding. How do I approach my fiance (if I do) about the idea of not inviting his brother? And if I have no choice, how can I deal with his brother being there?


No one wants someone they don't like attending (much less participating in) their wedding. But no matter how much you don't like him, he's your fiance's brother, and you will be related to him soon. So you probably shouldn't suggest barring this guy from the wedding -- it would only make things tense. Besides, if you and his brother one day resolve your differences, you might regret not inviting him. It's fine to let your fiance know how you feel about what happened between you and his bro, but the best thing to do is to not focus on the problem -- dismiss it. There will be plenty of people at your wedding who you'll want to hug, kiss, and lavish with attention. Focus on them and put his brother out of your mind.

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