These 10 Wedding Tech Trends Are Ushering in the Future

This could be the year that AI and Air Tags take over the wedding industry.
Wedding Tech Trends Ushering in the Future
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Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Dec 19, 2023

In 2015, it was hashtags. In 2019, it was Go-Pros. In 2023, it was 3D printed cakes. Wedding technology trends are right there with dresses, florals and color palettes. As trends are constantly evolving and changing, they give you another opportunity to have fun with something that feels fresh and of-the-moment. Some technology trends, like digital portraits and QR codes, are a way to add novelty to the guest experience, while others, like using AI to write your vows, are a chance to make your planning process more efficient. And some of these trends will stick around for the long haul, while others will be a nostalgic way to look back on your wedding several years ago with a, "Remember when we all did silent discos?"

Want to find the perfect vendor to bring your LED sign to life or create an augmented reality video for your grandmother who can't travel for the wedding? Check out the vendors on The Knot Vendor Marketplace to make your dream wedding technology a reality, and start by exploring a few of these 10 expert-recommended technology trends we'll see in 2024.

Ready to learn more about the top technology trends you'll likely soon see at a wedding near you? Here are the top trends, according to pros.

1. Couple AirTags

"On the wedding day, couples prefer not to be burdened by constantly carrying their phones," says Emily Coyne, wedding planner and founder of Emily Coyne Events. However, that doesn't mean they should be inaccessible—you never know when there's a photo that has to be taken or a decision that needs to be made. The easiest way to do that, without forcing them to carry a phone, is to give them an AirTag.

Coyne explains, "With Apple AirTags, our planning team has an efficient way to keep track of their whereabouts, ensuring we can locate them accurately in case they stray from the planned arrangements!"

2. Wedding Content Creators

It may sound over the top, but more people, especially Gen Zers, are hiring wedding content creators, in addition to a photographer. "Wedding content creation is a service we're seeing accelerate in popularity," says Sarah Klingman, CEO and Founder of Gather. "The service is supplemental to a professional photographer or videographer, with the sole purpose of providing you real time coverage of your big day, so you can put your phone down, but also have the perfect TikTok or Instagram to post the next day." Is there any easier way to get the perfect reel?

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3. QR Codes for Guest Photo Uploads

Hashtags have had their moment, but it's time for something even better to take its place. Anna Lucia Richardson, Owner of Anna Lucia Events, says, "Instead of the wedding hashtag, opt for QR codes like Confetti."

This allows guests to scan the QR code, which is strategically placed throughout the venue, and it takes them to a site where they can upload the photos they take throughout the celebration in real time. "The couple can go through the pictures the next morning to laugh and reminisce on all the memories guests have uploaded," says Richardson.

4. Digital Portrait Artists

"Bring in digital portrait artists for permanent, memorable and shareable keepsakes for guests," says Richardson. Think of these as the modern day take on the caricature. It's something that's fun and quirky, and guests will love sharing them on social media.

5. Post-Wedding Virtual Reality Experiences

"A new trend in wedding photography is for companies to film a wedding in order to create a VR experience for the couple and their guests, including those who couldn't attend. This allows them to experience the wedding afterwards, as if they were really there," explains Carolyn Holmes, Celebrant at Rites of Way. Think of this as live streaming taken to another level, immersing the guest in the experience rather than simply showing them a video. Plus, you can relive your wedding every year on your anniversary, diving right back into the moment.

6. Silent Discos

Silent discos first appeared on the event scene nearly a decade ago, but they're having a resurgence, particularly with wedding receptions. "The silent disco is a profoundly unique experience. Guests slip on headphones and enter their own musical worlds, yet they're all together, dancing or simply moving in the same space," says Heidi Perrone, wedding planner and owner of Black Orchid Events.

She suggests both partners creating a playlist and then mixing it together as a powerful symbol for marriage. "This is two people, each with their own rhythm, moving together in a shared life's dance," says Perrone.

7. Follow-Up Software for Planning

Sometimes the technology comes before the wedding. "Wedding planning involves extensive email communication and constant follow-up with vendors and clients, and we use Boomerang for every email we send that requires a response," explains Emily Coyne, wedding planner and founder of Emily Coyne Events. This brings emails back to her inbox after a designated period of time, which means critical information never gets lost in the shuffle.

8. Invitations With Augmented Reality

"We've had a couple recently ask for augmented reality in their invitations," says Klingman. "We definitely see elements of augmented reality throughout the experience becoming more popular this year."

This could look like giving guests a preview of the wedding weekend experience through augmented reality that showcases the location, menu, or venue.

9. AI-Written Vows

Steven Greitzer, CEO and Founder of Provenance, suggests turning to AI when you're faced with writer's block or nerves over your wedding vows. "It helps transform all of your swirling thoughts and feelings into a coherent, impressive first draft," explains Greitzer. You can input prompts into the AI tool to make sure you and your partner are generally aligned in length and tone, ensuring there's not that awkward moment where one partner recites a beautifully crafted sonnet, only to be followed up with an, "Umm, I'm super excited we're getting married!"

10. LED Screens

"Oversized LED screens for a high-tech ceremony or an over-the-top backdrop to the wedding band is one big way to wow your wedding guests in 2024," says Rebecca Grinnals, Co-Founder of Engage! Summits. These large-scale LED screens can sync up to the band or DJ, project imagery that becomes part of an immersive experience, or feature art that is meaningful to the couple.

"This creates a completely visual and magnified sensory experience that feels more like a rock concert than a wedding. It takes a certain budget to pull off but the impact is a memory guests will remember forever" adds Grinnals.

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