22 Fall Engagement Party Ideas for a Bountiful Celebration of Love

You'll fall in love with these engagement party ideas.
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Updated Apr 04, 2024

If you're planning your fall engagement party and are looking for fall engagement party ideas, you've come to the right place. What's great about fall is that there are many ways to incorporate the feel of the season into any engagement celebration whether you plan on celebrating at home or an an outdoor venue (many of which are featured on The Knot Vendor Marketplace)

From DIY video booths to mason jars filled with s'mores, read on for some of our best fall engagement party ideas–you can thank us later.

Colors for a Fall Engagement Party

Although the colors used at a fall engagement party can vary depending on your preferences, many couples stick to color schemes containing reds, oranges and yellows. Color schemes containing shades of brown, deep purple and pastel colors are also popular for fall engagement parties.

1. Vintage Book and Baby Pumpkin Decor

Vintage book and baby pumpkin decor at fall engagement party
Photo: Rhae Anne Photography

Spruce up the tables at your autumn engagement party by placing baby pumpkins on top of a stack of vintage books at the center of each table. These centerpieces will provide your celebration with a subtle ode to fall without being too over the top.

2. DIY Rustic Video Booth

DIY rustic video booth at fall engagement party
Photo: Bridget Sharp Photography

Give your friends and family a space to videotape their kind words and wishes for you and your partner from a rustic photo booth. Since this is a DIY area, you can add a couple of haystacks, pumpkins, scarecrows or whatever you feel fits into the theme of your fall engagement party.

3. Wooden Logs and Candles

Looking for fall engagement party decoration ideas for an at-home celebration? Consider adding some wooden logs with candles on top.

4. Costume Fall Engagement Party

If you want to take your fall engagement party to the next level, invite your guests to wear a Halloween costume. You can request costumes from your favorite fall film or simply request everyone dress in whatever costume in which they feel their best. Regardless of which you choose, just make sure that you and your partner wear costumes, too.

5. DIY Candy Corn and Fall Leaf Centerpieces

DIY candy corn and fall leaf centerpiece at fall engagement party
Photo: Eden Bliss Weddings

Place mason jars filled with candy corn on top of each of the tables at your fall engagement party. In addition to serving as eye-catching additions to your fall engagement party decor, they can serve as snacks (well, candy corn) for your guests until it is time to enjoy the main course.

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6. Flannel Fall Engagement Party

Whether you fill your venue with flannel decorations or ask your guests to wear flannel, incorporating flannel into your celebration is a great way to capture the essence of the season.

7. Minimal Place Setting With Low Autumnal Centerpiece in Pale Colors

For a minimalist fall engagement party, add a low autumnal floral centerpiece in pale colors to the tables. Although we like the pale orange, blush and coral flowers used in this display, you can ask your florist to swap the colors as you see fit with the rest of your decor.

8. Corn Maze Fall Engagement Party

If you're looking for fall outdoor engagement party ideas, head to a corn maze. Whether you choose to host your entire event at a corn maze or incorporate a corn maze challenge for you and your guests to participate in is up to you–you'll have an a-maze-ing time.

9. Fall Engagement Party at a Farm

Fall engagement party at a barn
Photo: Jacquie Rives Photography

Celebrate your engagement at a farm. Set tables up in the lush green areas outside of the physical barn or place some inside (space and venue permitting) for a great time.

10. Maple Syrup Favors

Send your guests home with maple syrup favors. Add a monogram of you and your partner's initials onto each bottle for a personalized touch.

11. Miniature Pie Caddy

Miniature pie caddy at fall engagement party
Photo: Chicks with Cameras LLC

End your celebration with a caddy filled with miniature pies. Although you can offer one flavor, we'd recommend having different flavors to suit your guests' palettes. If you'd like your pie to be served a la mode, request your caterer bring a tub of ice cream to your party–just make sure there's a freezer readily available for storing it until it's time for dessert.

12. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Roasted sweet potato salad at fall engagement party
Photo: Abby Anderson
Caterer: Mosaic Foods

Whether served as an appetizer or a side dish, adding a roasted sweet potato salad to your engagement party food ideas list is a great idea and will be sure to bring some extra sweetness to your celebration.

13. Football-Themed Fall Engagement Party

If you and your partner are big football fans, host your fall engagement party on a Sunday during game time. You can set up a table filled with your favorite party foods to share with your loved ones while you watch a game and celebrate your love.

14. Autumn Heart Wreath

Autumn heart wreath at fall engagement party

If you're looking for ideas to make your fall engagement party at-home one to remember, you can start by adding an autumn heart wreath to your front door. This piece of themed decor will help you set the tone of your celebration from the moment your guests arrive to the moment they leave.

15. Birch Bark Cake With Rustic Decor

End your fall engagement party with a birch bark-inspired engagement party cake. It's the perfect way to celebrate falling in love in the fall.

16. Apple Orchard Fall Engagement Party

Don't rule out an apple orchard fall engagement party. Apple orchards typically have lots of space and can sometimes be rented out for special events like engagement parties. Make sure to carve some time into your festivities for your guests to pick some apples–after all, you'll be in the presence of hundreds.

17. S'mores in Glass Mason Jars

There's something nostalgic about having s'mores during a celebration, but especially an engagement party. You can make them in single-serve mason jars, or ask your caterer to do so–just make sure you don't forget the spoons.

18. Haunted House Fall Engagement Party

Take your fall engagement party to your favorite haunted house. Although this may seem like an unconventional idea, it will be one that your guests will remember forever.

19. Pumpkin Carving Fall Engagement Party

Celebrate your love while carving pumpkins with your loved ones. We'd recommend buying some stencils and carving utensils ahead of your celebration so you can get straight to carving.

20. Rustic Wooden Slab Platters and Vintage Cake Stands

Serve your party cakes on rustic wooden slab platters and vintage cake stands. Although subtle, these decor pieces will add a rustic touch to your special event.

21. Apple Cider and Cider Donuts

Apple cider and cider donuts are a fall staple. That said, it's hard to go wrong incorporating them into your fall engagement party.

22. Haystack Lounge

A haystack lounge will elevate any fall engagement party. Throw on a couple of pillows and a blanket and it'll be ready for your guests to kick back and relax.

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