15 Different Ways to Style a Veil With a Flower Crown

This is how you get the best of both worlds.
by Andrea Fowler

If you happened to take our wedding style quiz and got stuck deciding between whimsical boho details and classic bridal elements, you might also be stuck deciding between a traditional veil and a flower crown. Don't worry—you can have both! Here are 15 different flower crown and wedding veil styles to inspire your own wedding day look. 

  1. 1. Oversized Flower Crown With Loose Curls

    Maroon peony flower crown with a short hairstyle and veil
    JR Magat Photography
  2. 2. Rustic Flower Crown With an Elbow-Length Veil

    Rustic flower crown with an elbow-length veil
    April B Photography
  3. 3. Wildflower Flower Crown With Loose Curls

    Long, loose curls with a wildflower wedding crown and veil
    Amber Vickery Photography
  4. 4. Boho Flower Crown With a Simple Veil

    Boho hairstyle and flower crown with a simple veil
    Rachel Jane Photography
  5. 5. Romantic Floral Hair Accessory and Sideswept Curls

    Curled wedding hairstyle with a floral hair accessory and veil
    La Candella Weddings
  6. 6. Boho Gold Flower Embellished Halo Accessory

    Gold halo crown with embellished flowers and an elbow-length veil
    Mariel Hannah
  7. 7. Flower Crown Made With Greenery and a Tulle Veil

    Simple greenery flower crown and curly hairstlye bangs
    Redfield Photography
  8. 8. Bright Boho Flower Crown With a Loose Low Bun

    Bright flower crown with an off-white veil
    Ian Joseph Jones
  9. 9. White Flower Crown With a Blusher Veil

    White flower crown with a blusher veil
    Nicole Ryan Photography
  10. 10. Silk Rose Flower Crown With a Long Veil

    Dramatic wedding veil style with a silk rose flowercrown
    Liz Banfield Photography
  11. 11. Baby's Breath and Fern Flower Crown With a Veil

    Baby's breath and fern flower crown with a simple veil
    Krista Esterling Photography
  12. 12. Pink Flower Crown With a Floor-Length Veil

    Pink flower crown with a long floor-length veil
    Braedon Photography
  13. 13. Small Flower Crown With a Mantilla Lace Veil

    Mantilla lace veil with flower crown
    Mel Barlow & Co
  14. 14. Blushing Bride Flower Crown With a Long Veil

    Blushing bride flower crown with a long wedding veil
    Leah Fisher Photography
  15. 15. Loose Updo With a White Flower Crown

    White flower crown with a floor-length veil
    Magnolia Photography
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