5 Tips for Getting Your Hair Wedding Ready (No Matter Your Hair Type)

Here’s how to make sure your hair is shiny, bouncy and beautiful before your wedding day.

Whether your hair is curly and thick or fine and straight, some hair care rules are universal. Here’s how to make sure your mane—no matter what your hair type—looks as luscious as possible on your wedding day. (And your hairstylist will take care of the rest.)

1. Get a trim.

We all have dried-up split ends (especially in the colder months)—so make sure to get them snipped off before your wedding day so your hair looks and feels as healthy as possible.

Also, getting a trim encourages hair growth too—so if you’re aiming for a long hairstyle on your wedding day, a trim is probably exactly what you need (as counterintuitive as that sounds). Other pros of haircuts? They create hair volume, decrease hair breakage and help detangle textured curls. Basically, you should be making an appointment as we speak.

2. There’s a right way to shampoo.

Non-sulfate shampoos are best, since sulfates can strip your strands and scalp of their natural oils. And when you’re applying your shampoo of choice, remember to massage your scalp with your fingers—it increases the flow of blood, stimulates hair follicles and relieves stress. Plus, it feels great.

3. Hydrate your hair.

Never. Stop. Hydrating. And sometimes, that means going beyond regular conditioners. Hair masks (like this one) or deep moisturizers (like this one) will give your hair the extra dose of hydration and nutrients it needs before your wedding day.

4. Never go to bed without brushing it.

Speaking of conditioner—there’s nothing worse for your hair than a head full of matted knots. Make sure you’re detangling often (as in, every night before bed) to prevent breakage—and avoid the possibility of waking up with an even worse rat’s nest. We’ve all been there.

5. Learn how to transition your hair between seasons.

Different climates require different hair care. It’s okay to use a heavier conditioner in the dry-as-bone winter months, but during the humid warmer months, you’ll likely want something more lightweight that doesn’t weigh your hair down, but still restores moisture balance and softens texture.

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