The Guadeloupe Honeymoon Guide for the Best Resorts & Things to Do

Pink beaches and luxurious nature await on this under-the-radar island group.
View of Guadeloupe's beaches
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J.Q. Louise
by J.Q. Louise
Updated Oct 30, 2023
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Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes, and nowadays, anything really does go. But for those still looking to plan a honeymoon with the "wow" factor, destination is key, which is why we're talking all about planning the perfect Guadeloupe honeymoon. While there are many beautiful spots in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is arguably one of the most special and unique honeymoon destinations—it's an archipelago of over a dozen heavenly islands serving up stunning beaches, tropical rainforests and lush jungle in equal measure. Even more poetic, the country's two main islands, which are joined together by just a couple of bridges, look like the wings of a butterfly.

Positioned where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets the western Atlantic Ocean, Guadeloupe is in the southern Caribbean Sea, meaning it's most easily accessible from Miami (MIA) and New York (JFK). An overseas territory rich in history, Guadeloupe is rugged but still firmly established thanks to its celebration of cuisine, lively festivals and French colonial architecture.

Guadeloupe Honeymoon Tips in This Article:

    Is Guadeloupe Good for a Honeymoon?

    Aerial view of Guadeloupe
    Photo: Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

    It's no secret that Guadeloupe is less refined than some of its Caribbean counterparts, but don't let that put you off. An ever-growing popular choice for couples and honeymooners alike, Guadeloupe has all the necessary ingredients to make it a dreamy honeymoon destination—especially for those who enjoy the outdoors and adventure. Those looking to explore can head to Guadeloupe National Park on Basse-Terre to enjoy more than 74,000 acres of rainforest, hot springs, waterfalls and the summit of the La Soufriere volcano. Then there's Guadeloupe's many beaches of golden and pink sand—yes, we said pink.

    Pros of a Honeymoon in Guadeloupe

    Guadeloupe is often compared to St. Lucia thanks to its beaches and lush volcanic hills, but it's praised for having significantly fewer tourists. With a massive 270+ miles of coastline, it's perfect for enjoying lazy days by the sea, catching some rays and enjoying the many water-based activities available. Spread across five main islands, each is easily accessible by boat. Even with just a week in the area, honeymooners can easily fit in visits to each with ferries traveling back and forth between them several times a day.

    Cons of a Honeymoon in Guadeloupe

    While there are good flight paths from New York and Miami, traveling from other areas of the US might require multiple flights to reach this archipelagic paradise. English is also not widely spoken outside of regular tourist spots—even those comfortable speaking Guadeloupe's official language of French might encounter some language barriers as many Guadeloupeans speak French Creole.

    The Best Times to Honeymoon in Guadeloupe

    Clear grapes Beach in Guadeloupe
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    Guadeloupe is perfect for some winter sun, with December kicking off the tourist season in the region, which ends around April. Temperatures sit at a balmy 75 to 85 degrees, perfect for enjoying a spot of hiking, sunbathing or swimming.

    Guadeloupe Honeymoon Travel Tips

    Guadeloupe is packed with beautiful all-inclusive resorts and hotels to stay in, some of which we'll share below. Currency is the euro, and the region runs on Atlantic Standard Time. While considered a generally safe place, people are still encouraged to keep an eye on their belongings and avoid walking in quiet, unpopulated areas after dark. With this in mind, we're sharing some of the best places to visit, things to do and ways to enjoy your time as a couple in Guadeloupe.

    Best Things to Do in Guadeloupe

    Buckle up for an adventurous and unique honeymoon that you'll be talking about for years to come.

    Visit Zoo De Guadeloupe Au Parc Des Mamelles

    On the edge of Guadeloupe National Park in the heart of Basse-Terre lies more than two hectares of lush tropical forest dedicated to the care and conservation of rare and endangered animals. With over 85 species of animals—including reptiles, mammals, birds and arthropods—the Parc des Mamelles is a site to behold.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Dine at La Playa

    A beachfront spot, La Playa is at Capesterre of Marie-Galante, and it serves delicious plates of seafood fit for a king or queen. We recommend the tuna steak with porcini mushroom sauce and foie gras.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Go Chasing Waterfalls

    Guadeloupe has waterfalls aplenty, but each is as spectacular as the next and very much worth a visit. Two of the best can be found in Basse-Terre; Cascade aux Ecrevisses—an easy to reach (even by swimming at certain times of day) natural basin of the Corossol River—and Carbet Falls, which is set amongst the breathtakingly beautiful tropical rainforest on the lower slopes of the La Soufrière volcano.

    The Best Guadeloupe Honeymoon Hotels and Resorts

    TropicAngel Ecolodge in Guadeloupe
    Photo: TropicAngel Ecolodge

    From ecolodges in the jungle to waterfront hotels with countless amenities, there's something for everyone here.

    Le Jardin Malanga Hotel

    A real treat for those wanting to feel fully immersed in jungle life, Le Jardin Malanga Hotel sits in the middle of six hectares of tropical gardens that have banana, orange, lemon, coffee, cocoa and grapefruit plants. Overlooking the rainforest and the Les Saintes islands, this hotel offers elegant indoor-outdoor living in a wholesome, home-away-from-home style.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    TropicAngel Ecolodge

    A firm favorite among couples, TropicAngel Ecolodge is a spot to check out. Located not far from Marigot Beach, guests can look forward to kicking back in a sublime setting comprising a peaceful outdoor swimming pool, an enviable spa and luscious gardens. The rooms have beautiful patio space where guests can wile away the day soaking in the mountain views.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Au Jardin Des Colibris

    It doesn't get much better than waking up surrounded by views and views of tropical gardens. Located next to a botanical garden and just moments from some of Guadeloupe's most beautiful beaches, Au Jardin Des Colibris is a site to behold. An eco-resort, every element of this hotel has been carefully thought out to bring guests closer to nature.

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    Les Bananes Vertes

    Calling all outdoorsy types, Les Bananes Vertes is perfectly positioned for those looking to get out and about hiking and exploring during their honeymoon. Close to the national park in Saint Claude, four ecolodges are nestled in a tropical garden. Featuring a large swimming pool and a private spa, and located just a stone's throw away from the ferry station, this accommodation is ideal for anyone planning to get out and explore.

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    Gite Mayo and Hylode's Song

    Though the name is a bit peculiar, this is without a doubt one of the best hotels in Guadeloupe for a honeymoon. Rated five stars on TripAdvisor, it's not hard to see why. Gite Mayo and Hylode's Song is in Bouillante and offers snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking. There are also views to die for, plus restaurants, supermarkets and dive shops within walking distance. You certainly won't be short of things to do here.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    What to Pack for a Guadeloupe Honeymoon

    Guadeloupe Beach Honeymoon
    Photo: Lepretre Pierre / Getty Images

    It's your honeymoon and you're in a tropical paradise—less is more. Leave your expensive jewelry at home and opt for casual looks instead. Comfortable, airy clothing that keeps you protected from the sun is smart. Watersports are also a popular activity in the region, so a good selection of swimwear (some practical, some sexy), is also a must.

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